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The Times
Contributed by Mary Heaphy

Dublin May 26th. 1908

Disturbances in a Tipperary Town
Strange Scenes are reported to have taken place in Thurles, Co. Tipperary,
on Sunday evening in connection with an eviction which was carried out on
the previous Friday. Mr. Richard Burke, who kept a large licensed and bakery
establishment in New-Street, was some time ago adjudicated a bankrupt. The
place was advertised for sale, but no offers of purchase were forth-coming.
Finally a private offer of £2000 from Mr. Coady, a trader in the town was
accepted. Meantime the bankrupt who had refused to give up possession, was
evicted by the Sub-Sheriff. On Sunday evening a large crowd of men and
youths, headed by a band, marched to the evicted tenant's former home, the
windows of which they smashed with sticks, stones, and bottles. Mr. Coadys
bakery shop was next attacked, and then the National Bank, which had
proceeded against Burke during the bankruptcy Proceedings. Afterwards the
windows in the offices of Mr. Ryan, a solicitor, and the dwellings of Mr.
Coady and his mother-in-law were smashed. The mob finally made a second
attack on the bank, and some constables were injured with stones in trying
to protect the building. The crowd afterwards paraded the streets until 11