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The Times
Contributed by Mary Heaphy


Jan. 2nd

To the editor of the times.

Sir, As at the present moment, the Property Defence Association of Ireland
is before the public, it may not be out of place to mention what they have
done in my individual case. I am a landlord, resident since I inherited now
over 40 years, and hold in my own hands 1,500 acres of land. On the 5th of
November last, notices were posted up warning my farm labourers to cease
working for me the following day. This order 29 out of 35 obeyed. I was at
the time engaged in saving my root crops, and not prepared in other ways for
the winter storms. I kept the stock fed during the following week with my
reduced staff, thinking that the others might see the error of their ways
and return, as most of them lived in my cottages rent free, and possessed
other advantages.
On the 11th of November I applied to the Assocation for assistance in men
and on the 14th of that month, 10 men and an overlooker reached me. With
their help, I have saved my root crops, thatched my corn stacks, shod my
horses, and repaired wilfully broken fences, and am in a fair way to weather
the rest of the winter. I pay the Association large wages for the use of the
men, but in my own district I might have offered 10s. a day and not got men.
Almost everything has to come from Dublin, 80 miles away, and I cannot
dispose of the produce of my farm locally. Without the help of the
Association I should probably have lost most of my root crops and some of
the stock through want of attention. And not only have I been benifited by
the action of the Association, but other residents whose labourers were
wavering in their allegiance have had their hands strengthened by the
misfortunes under which my late labourers are suffering, being out of their
homes, and only allowed a small pittance by the Ladies Land League. Any of
your readers who are doubtful of the usefulness, non sectarian, and non
political character of the Property Defence association, can obtain from me,
further information.
I am, Sir,
Faithfully Yours.
John Trant.
Dovea, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.