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The Times
Contributed by Mary Heaphy

Times 1861

28-12-1861 From the Times.
Some members of the constabulary have been behaving ill in Tipperary. The
following is supplied by a correspondent of the Daily express.
"A court inquiry, consisting of Sun-Inspectors Bradshaw, Thurles Station;
Mullarkey, Borrisoleigh Station, and Nowlan, of Templemore Station,
assembled at Drum station in the Borrisoleigh district during the past week
by order of the Inspector-General, Sir H.J. Brownrigg. C.B. to try the
following Sub-constables-Edmond Foley, Joseph Keenan, James Duggan, and John
Hooks, all first class, on the serious charges of conspiracy, disobedience
of orders, and general insubordination, preffered against them by the
constable in command of the station, H. maguire. The charges have been
substantiated and the same reported to the Inspector-General, he immediately
ordered the dismissal from the Constabulary of first class sub-constable
Foley, and the reduction from the rank of first to that of second class of
J. Keenan for 14 months, with the deprivation of two years service: of James
Duggan for 14 months,; and of John Hooks for 6 months.