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The Times
Contributed by Mary Heaphy


January 3, 1815

Murder Cashel Dec. 23rd. 1814
This day, at noon, Hardy, a tithe farmer was murdered at the gate of Monagee
about one mile from the city. Hardy, after enforcing the payment of some
tithes, left Cashel on his return to Newport, accompanied by two other
procters, who had been here on similar errands.
They were met by two men, supposed to be from Newport, who produced
blunderbusses, ordered the two proctors to return to Cashel, and detained
Hardy, the most obnoxious. They then fired three shots at Hardy, and left
him for dead. A surgeon and other persons came out directly from Cashel and
afforded every aid, but the proctor died within three hours. He had
sufficient strength to relate the particulars, and name the murderers who
were well known to him. Pursuit was made, but, for the moment they have

October 3 1815 The Times

Clonmel Sept 27th-A proclamation has been issued, and was posted a few
nights ago on the Bridge of Clonmel, commanding the Irish People to abolish
all the little mischievous distinctions and party feuds of the Caravats and
Shanavests, at the peril of their lives, and to stick to the one great
cause, to cut down the Tythe Proctors, and those who gain by the Tythes.
"Lieutenant Derenzy of the Wexford Militia, and one of the soldiers under
his command, were wounded, on the night of Saturday last, by a shot fired
from the house of Mr. Ellard, near Littleton, Co. Tipperary. It was
understood that an attack was to have been made upon those in th house, and
the military party were hastening to their support.