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Dublin Post
Contributed by Mary Heaphy


5th August

On Wednesday and Thursday last, the Rev Dr. Butler, Thurles visited the
parishes of Holycross & Moycarkey and convened the parishioners for the
purpose of exhorting them against joining in the unhappy rising of the White
Boys, or taking the Oaths administered by them. Those of the parishes, who
met on the occasion, pledged themselves to each other to exert their
endeavours for carrying his laudable admonition into execution. The
Whiteboys in defiance, fixed same day for swearing in the parishioners. Mr
John Mannion of Shanbally with those loyal to AB. proceeded to White Boys
rendezvous at 5 a.m. and sought to persuade the 1000 or more gathered there
to refuse the Oath, but White Boys carried on swearing in of members, and
ordered Mannin and his companions to swear also. They refused. "They fired
on him and threw several stones at him and the people with him immediately
surrounded and disarmed them....".