Newspaper articles

Nenagh Guardian
Contributed by Mary Heaphy

August 15, 1843

Thursday the Sub-Sheriff of this County having occasion to execute an habere
on the lands of Annagh, at the suit of "Kilban? V. O'Brien" and having
proceeded thither, was informed that a large force of about five thousand
men were determined to oppose the process of the law. The Sheriff drove into
Birr, and in a short time returned to the spot, accompanied by almost the
full force of the 5th Fusiliers stationed in that Town, amounting to 250
men, under their commanding officer-also a strong police force of about 70
men. A collision would certainly have taken place, and lives lost were it
not for the kind interposition of Mr. J.W.Walsh, Justice of the peace, who
was known to and highly regarded by the peasantry of the neighbourhood. Mr.
Walsh remonstrated with the leaders, and his advice was respectfully
attended to, for they all departed quietly, and the Sheriff was enabled to
perform his duty. "The opposition on the part of the people was owing, we
learn, to their Roman Catholic Clergyman being one of the parties evicted".