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The Nenagh Guardian
Contributed by Mary Heaphy

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The Nenagh Guardian which has reached us today announces that the disturbed
districts of the northern part of the County are now nightly patolled by the
17th Lancers, accompanied by a party of the constabulary, whilst the
neighbourhoods of Puccawn, Toomevara, and the Silver Mines,are occupied by
detachments of the 20th Regiment. The same journal publishes a long list of
additional Rockite notices, two attempts to murder, in one of which a father
and son were dragged out of bed and beaten in a cruel and unmerciful manner
with sticks and fire arms. A Coroners inquest has been held on the bodies of
the two men named Gleeson and Tierney, the account of whose murders have
already appeared in The Times. It appears that the unhappy men have had a
dispute with the three persons named. Needham, relative to an encroachment
on some grass land, words led to blows, and that finally Gleeson and Tierney
were knocked down by stones by the Needhams, and only survived 5 to 6 hours
afterwards. The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the evidence. The
assassins have for the present eluded the hands of justice. The deceased
were both comfortable farmers holding from 35 to 40 acres of land. One of
the murderers was a brother-in-law of Tierney. Government has offered a
reward of 100s for the discovery of the murderers of Hayes one of the late
victims to the conspiracy.