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Nenagh Guardian
Contributed by Mary Heaphy

State of the Country. 7-3-1839

To the Editor of the Nenagh Guardian. Borrisokane May 2nd.1839.

Sir,- in consequence of an article which appeared in the Dublin Evening
Post of the 30th. April boasting of the lack of outrage in the Northern part
of Tipperary, I beg you will give insertion to the following.:

Taking of Fire arms by day

Four men entered the house of a man named Lyons, at Terryglass, at noon-day,
and having searched the house for fire-arms, they found only a loaded
fowling piece, which as of a matter of course, they took possession of.
Men armed with faces blackened.

In the same neighbourhood, five or six armed men, with their faces
blackened, entered the house of a man named Corcoran, and searched it for
fire-arms and money.

Assault and tendering an illegal oath.
The house of Andrew Harty of Kilbarron, was broken into by a party of men,
and after beating him unmercifully, they put him on his knees, and swore him
to give up the land held from Lord Moss.

A similar outrage.
A large party of armed men broke into the house of William Hogan of
Moderreny and swore him to give up what land he held.

On the night of the 24th,. Of April, there was a house maliciously burned at

Serious assault.
A man named Kelly was waylaid and pelted with stones, in the Parish of
Lorrha, that most tranquil part of all "North Munster".
Threatening Notice.

In the middle of noon-day, and in his own garden, at Ardcroney, Walter
Hacket was served a notice by a party of armed men. On their departure they
fired some warning shots.
Tendering illegal oaths.
A few days after the above occurance, a number of armed men visited the same
person, while in his own house, and putting him on his knees swore him not
to work on some disputed land.
Precursor Leglisation.

The house of the caretaker of Kilerue- wood, was entered a few days ago, by
four armed men, who made no secret of their murderous intentions,
Fortunately for the man he was not in the way at the time. They departed
vowing vengeance Against him if he did not quit the place entirely.
Discharge of Fire-arms and Threatening notices.

On the night of the 30th, the house of John Gleeson, better known by the
name of "Jack Andrew", was attacked by a armed party. Not being able to
effect an entrance, they fired two shots and posted a threatening notice.
The substance of the notice was, that unless he gave up the land he held
from Colonel Maberly?, He might prepare his coffin.

John Gleeson alias "White Tom", from Curraghneddy, and two men of the name
of Hayden, were waylaid at Dolla, and beaten with stones on Wed. last, as
they were on their way home from the fair at Silvermines. Gleeson and one of
the Haydens received severe fractures, the other of them had four teeth
knocked out.  His mouth smashed and his face dreadfully lacerated.
Waylaid and Assault.

A man named Michael Brien was on his way home from the last Petit sessions
in Kilmore, he was overtaken by a man who collared him, drew a stone from
his pocket and beat him with it. Another man named Baynan joined in the
attack, and belaboured Brien most unmercifully, with a cudgel. Brien having
disengaged himself from his attackers, ran for his life, they followed him,
but being unable to overtake him, one of them hurled a stone at him which
tumbled him into a pool of water. The result would have been fatal to his
life, had not some people been coming in the opposite direction at the time.
Assault and Rescue.

At the market of this town (Borrisokane) on Thursday, a man named Condron
seized on three pigs, belonging to another man named Kenna, under the virtue
of a civil bill decree. Kenna rescued the pigs from Condron, knocked him
down, and leaped on him while down, not satisfied with this brutality, he
drew a claspknife, and swore he would run him through, if he ever came near
him again. Condron was raised from the ground all covered with blood.
Serious Assault.
Morgan Kennedy of Castle Otway, was waylaid by a party of men to the number
of a dozen and inhumanly beaten.
Waylaid and assault.

A man named William Star? was waylaid and beaten on his way home to Portroe,
ftom Borrisokane on the 18th. He received three serious wounds to the head.
Outrage by an armed Party.

On the night of Tuesday last, a party of armed men, with their faces
blackened, and were headed by a man dressed in women's attire, broke into
and plundered the house of John Kennedy, of Templederry, On retiring from
the scene of outrage, they smashed the windows.
John Kennedy on Wed. lodged information against a man by the name of Bryan
Kennedy, as the man who headed the gang in the dress of a woman. The accused
on hearing the charge gave himself up to the authorities here and was
admitted to bail?, on giving security of 200 shillings and two others of 100
shillings each. (Not sure if its shillings or pence as the writing is very
hard to read. Mary).
Threatening Notices.

On last wed. an incursion was made on the lands of Ballymackey by a fellow
called John Hassett and his party, for the purpose of taking possession and
tilling a farm, claimed by another man named Michael Hassett. The latter
having remonstrated with the invader, a pistol was cocked at his head, and
he was told that if he didn't quit the land in a moment his brains would be
blown out.

A threatening notice was served on Daniel Delaney, of Ballaughkeene?
Intimating that death would be his doom if he dispossed any of the tenants
of a farm which he took lately. Two shots were fired at the door at the same

Armed Precursors administering the oath of Allegiance.
Three armed men entered the house of Paddy Bohan, of Annameadle, a few days
ago at noon. Bohan, not being within, they swore his servant boy to be true
to the cause, and commissioned him to serve a notice of immediate quittance
on his master.

Destroying Ploughs.
On the night of the same day, some ploughs, the property of one Carney were
smashed to bits with stones at Knockfune.

Turning up Land.
About the middle of last month, a field or two, the property of Mr. W. Ryan
of Clougher, were dug up in the open day by a party of men. A notice was
served the next night treatening him with death if he did not set the land
for 8? Per acre to the friends of the O'Connells.
Sharp Shooting.

A few nights ago shots were fired at the house of John Delany of Killeen.
The door was perforated by about 12 pellets.

There have been 7 more men arrested on suspicion of the barbarous murder of
Old Hanly at Rapla.
Kenna who had given evidence against the murderers of Hanly and who was to
prosecute them at the next assizes, but who contrived to escape from the
Nenagh Police Barracks was captured on the evening of last Saturday by Head
Constable Wess, at Knockenacre-Wood. Kenna was in the act of taking leave of
his wife previous to his departure to Liverpool. He confessed that he had
been supplied with money out of the fund" to take him to England, and that
he came from Thurles dressed in women's attire to bid farewell to his wife
and make arrangements for her to follow him.

A female infant supposed to be about 4 days old, was found in a boghole,
near Newport on the 1st. inst. An inquest was held and a verdict of "Wilful
murder" returned.

A Wedding favour.
A fellow named Stapleton from Upperchurch, had his skull severely fractured
at a friends wedding on the ist inst. He is likely to die from the wound.
Precursor Amusements.

A few nights ago some of the Precursors cut of the ears of a horse belonging
to a man named Ryan, near Newport. Of course this was done for amusement, or
by way of hurt to Ryan.

A plough was smashed and two threatening notices were served on John Molloy
near Thurles, caretaker to Mr. Val. Maher. The substance of the notices was
death if he should dare plough the lands of Ballymurreen.
Sheep Killing.

A few nights ago, a fine sheep, the property of Mr. Thomas Cantrill, of
Castle Otway, was killed on the lands of Lattera. The flesh and fleece were
taken away, but the head and entrails were left behind.

Some nights ago a quantity of corn was stolen out of the barn of Mr. Rickard
Bourke, of Curraghbeha.
Firing at a dwelling.

On the morning of the 1st. inst. Shots were fired at the cabin door of a
poor man called Bolland in the Parish of Drom. The bullets which perforated
the door were found in the dresser opposite.