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Tipperary Free Press
Contributed by Mary Heaphy


Wednesday 25 March, 1840

A widow named Connors of Bogtonrath was accidently burned to death on
Saturday night (21st). A little girl lit a sop of straw which ignited more
straw that was covering oats in a corner. Woman and child were burned to
death. Inquest held by Wm. Ryan Esq, (Coroner) assisted by B. Nagle R.M. -
Verdict accidental death.

Saturday 28 March 1840

(Faction Fighters). Nenagh Assizes Tues (24th) 7th day. Thos Hogan charged
with murder of Wm Brien of Templederry 18 Sept. 1838 when coming from the
fair of Castle Otway. This was a faction fight between the "Magpies" and
the "Black Hens". The chief people concerned were Burkes and Ryans. Not

Wednesday 25th, Philip Hayes of Upperchurch (who lived with his father in
law) and John Gleeson indicted for the murder of Andrew Burke (of Newlawn
and Clare Street, Limerick, at Cooleen, apparently between Borrisoleigh and
Castle Otway). Burke was attacked and severly beaten on the head by 4 men -
14 or 15 wounds - there on 24th Sept. and died of fracture of the skull (not
discovered till post mortem) and abcess of the brain on 19 October.

John Shouldice, rent-collector for Burke (elderly gentleman) who had ejected
some of his tenants, gave evidence that Burke stayed at his house the night
before the attack and went out with a man named John Carroll, whom Burke had
evicted but later reinstated, about making a road for Burke's tenants next
morning. About an hour later witnesse's son and servant and Carrol brought
back Burke, who was weak and covered with blood and who told that he was
severely beaten. Burke had a nephew, John Burke with whom he had a lawsuit.
The Glanbride tenants sided with John, but not the tenants of Knockakelly.

John Carroll who lived 17 or 18 years at Knockakelly swore he was with Burke
when 4 men came from a boreen and attacked him near Quinlan's house. He saw
a youth striking Burke with a stone: one of the men, Hayes, had a pistol and
ordered Carroll to lie down on his face and hands, which he did and remained
so still the men left. He identified Hayes. Witness arrested on day of
beating and in custody since he first said that a man named Murphy beat Mr.
Burke, but later withdraw that statement. Dr. Pinchin gave evidence of
attending Burke. Philip Hayes found guilty and sentenced to death; execution
to be on 30 April. John Gleeson found not guilty. Hayes then said " Praise
be to God, I am as innocent of it as my parish priest." The Jury
recommended mercy. Patk Dunne charged as an accomplice to remain in Gaol
till next Assizes when he is to stand trial.

Wednesday 1st April, 1840

North Riding Tipperary Assizes - Criminal Court Thursday - 9th Day. Edmond
Ryan of Killoskehan arraigned for murder of Ml Lanigan of Killoskehan on
24th June last (1839). The others were associated with Ryan at the murder,
Paddy Dunn, James Lacy, and James Howard (Killoskehan): the latter 2 because
approvers. The motive of the murder appears to have been robbery and land
dispute. They were arrested on 31 Dec. Edm. Ryan was Woodranger of John
Willington of Killoskehan for which he had some land rent free: Willington
dismissed him in May: the Dunnes held a commonage which Willington took from
them last May and gave to Lanigan to take care of and gave him the grass of
a horse and cow on it. Lanigan had about 11 acres of land. His dead body
was found with his head bashed in with the pole of a hatchet, near Edm.
Ryan's house: he had 26 on him the morning of the murder, but it was
missing from body. James Howard (approver) gave evidence that Ryan struck
Lanigan on poll with a hatchet and took the money: Howard admitted that he
was one of 3 charged with murder of Milo Burke (Lanigan another and one
Quirk). His wife died but he did not murder her; he has 2 children who are
with friends; he was caught at Glanaguile. Edm Ryan found not guilty.

Saturday 18 July 1840

Nenagh Quarter Sessions Tuesday (14th). Rd. Cooke, John Cooksen, Peter Cooke
and Ml Dunn indicted for riotous and unlawful assembly at Rathmoy on 20 May
and taking forciable possession of the house and land there which had been
occupied by a Mr. Phelan, deceased since Nov. 12 months. The land was got
by Phelan from Mr. Cooke. On the day Phelan died, Cooke's eldest son , John
came and knocked down part of a wall on the land. Martin Butler who with
his father, Nicholas Butler, lived as herdsmen on the land and swore that on
20 May they were put out of the house by Mr. Rd Cooke, Mr John Cooke and Ml
Dunn. They had a bayonet with them. Cooke has posssession of their acre
of potatoes. On Cooke's side, it was said that 100 armed mountaineers
assembled to drive Phelan's stock off the land and deprive Cooke of the
rent. Rd Cooke and Ml Dunn found guilty; fine 10/=.

Old Mr. John Cooke was then charged with assault on Nicholas Butler on 17th
May. For Cooke it was said that Butler was trespassing on his land and he
used no more force than necessary to put him off it. The land was that
lately held by Phelan, the rent was in arrears no stock on the land and no
representative to pay for the land and Cooke had re - possessed it. Butler
was well known to the head of a faction and very dissorderly. Judge held
that Butler was caretaker of the land for Phelan and so not a trespasser.
Cooke fined 40/=.

John Fogarty of Kilrush, Thurles, indicted for assault and causing grievous
bodily harm to John B. Fogarty, aged 10, son of W. B. Fogarty of Thurles.
The Fogartys were travelling in a gig from the fair of Borrisoleigh to
Thurles at 9 p.m. last August. About 1miles from Thurles, They met John
Fogarty who without any provocation threw a stone and hit John B. Fogarty on
the head from which he was unconscious for 4 days. Police swore that they
had a warrant for defendant's arrest for 10 months before they apprehended
him. Evidence hinged on identification. Occurence happened at a bridge.
Jury found Fogarty guilty and he was sentenced to 7 years transportation; he
still protested innocence.

A case was adjourned in which Mr. French was indicted of assaulting John
Kempston, Jun, Proprietor of the Nenagh Guardian.