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Tipperary Free Press
Contributed by Mary Heaphy


Wednesday 27 Nov. 1839

25 Nov. 1839.... "The hitherto turbulent parish of Donaskeigh within 4
miles of this town - the former scene of many an outrage and murder - yes,
Donaskeigh so memorable as being the spot where Messrs Cooper and Wayland
fell by the hands of Assassins - this parish where not long since, riot,
disorder, and crime reigned, singular to say has been the first of rural
parishes in this neighbourhood to establish within it a branch of the
Temperance Society" (Fr. Mathew's). The best and most happy results are
anticipated. It was formed by the highly talented and much esteemed Curate
Rev. P.O'B. Davern and called "The Donaskeigh and Knockavella Temperance
Society" with Fr. Davern at its first President. There will be the first
meeting on 22 December and several hundred additional members are expected
to have then taken the pledge.

Wednesday 17 April, 1839

Died at Clonoulty - 12inst in the 78th year of his age the Rev. Patrick
Moloney, the venerable and venerated Pastor of that Parish for the last 35
years.  He was in truth a man who consecrated his whole being to the service
of religion, every act of his bespoke and every sentiment of his breathed,
the mild and benevolent spirit of the Gospel.  By all classes of his own
communion he was held in the most profound respect - by his dissenting
brethern of every shade, he was looked to with the warmest admiration - by
the poor he was particularly beloved as well he might.  The combination of
these virtues with a never failing cheerfulness of disposition made him one
of the most interesting characters among the second order of the clergy.
From the primitive simplicity of his manners and his entire devotion to God.
He was called the "Patriarch" of his diocese.

Saturday 11 May 1839

A ruffian named Pierce Treacy of Ballycahill has been sent for two months to
the thread-mill by Mr Tabiteau C.M. for flinging a stone at Mr. B. Ryan,
Manager of Thurles Agricultural Bank.

Saturday 3 August, 1839

Tipperary North Riding Summer Assizes .

Thomas Davy indicated for murder of Mathew Davy at Tullo Mc James on 26 May
last (1839). James Davy son of deceased swore he was going to mass at 9 am
with deceased; Tom Davy ran at him with 2 stones and struck deceased and ran
away, but was overtaken. Dr. Bradshaw said deceased's skull was fractured
and he lived about one month. Guilty of manslaughter. 12 months
imprisonment with hard labour every 2nd month and 6 weeks solitary

Patk Cormac, a married man aged 70 of Newport - for rape of Mary Leighton,
aged 16, Newport, whose family were a "wicked set". She lived with her
grandmother who was at Castleconnel on day of the offence. Not guilty, but
got a severe lecture form the judge for his conduct.

Ml and Ger Maher, James Kelly and Thos Ryan - for grievous assault on Thos.
Ryan at Fair of Templemore on 30 March 1839. Ryan exhibited a head with
many incisions from blows of sticks and stones. Ryan started affray.
Guilty but a recommendation on account of provocation. 3 months
imprisonment with a week solitary confinement each month. Patk Nowlan and
Darby Keane- for murder of James Mara; no address given for any of the
parties, nor where the murder took place. Jury disagreed and prisoners
remanded to next Assizes.

Thurles 1st Aug.. John Bray O' Brien J.P. of Turtulla drowned. With his 2
brothers and his cousin german, John Bray Esq, went boating on R. Suir, very
swollen after recent heavy rain, on Wednesday 31 July. At bridge of Cabra,
the boat struck a concealed weir and capsized. The other 3 scrambled
ashore, but O' Brien was cast headlong into the water and drowned. He
merited high esteems and affection. Considerate and indulgent as a
landlord: friend and benefactor to all in neighbourhood: upright and
impartial as a magistrate.

On Wednesday 31st July. Constable Barber of Ballintemple station discovered
the house of Tom Ryan (Patrick) near Kilmore on fire. After rapping on the
door without success, he broke it open: 2 families were escaping and left a
man aged 95 and a woman aged 89, behind. Barber and his company at great
risk rescued them. "This Ryan is father of the plotter, and afterwards
approver in the convictions for the murder of the late Messrs Cooper and

Wednesday 28 August, 1839

Attempt to victimise Constable Heffernan of Cappawhite police.  Heffernan
investigated the case of Lieut.  Gibbons of the Revenue Police stationed at
Cappawhite who fired a shot at a man named Lahey.  At Tipperary Petty
Sessions 22 August, 1839. before Rbt. Clarke Chairman, James Scully, Edm
Crosbie Moore and Capt. M'Leod R.M.  Heffernan was charged on complaint of
Col. Purefoy with being drunk when he returned from the Assizes in Clonmel
20th July.  Gibbons gave evidence that he saw him helped from a car by Sub.
Constable Ryan, staggering, and later with hands around Mrs. Hunt's gable.
Constable Brennan said he travelled with Heffernan in same car from Dundrum
to Annacarty and he completely sober.  Ryan said he did not lift Heffernan
from the car.  Sub Constable Lamb of Cappawhite said H was sober on return.
Hugh Brady Bradshaw Esq of Phillipstown, Protestant, met H after return and
he was sober.  Rev W. Heulit, protestant Clergyman, swore same.  Fr. Hayden
PP Hospital (late of Cappawhite), Fr. Corcoran PP of Cappawhite, H.B.
Bradshaw Esq, the Parson in Cappa, and Police Inspectors gave excellent
characted to H.

Wednesday 30 October 1839

Manager of National Bank, Tipperary got a threatening notice "that he might
prepare his coffin if he was not more kind this season"

Denis Carew found guilty of assulting Thos Dwyer Pat and wrecking his house
when returning from fair of Kilfeacle on 12 July. 6 Months hard labour to
restrain his stone - throwing.

John and Mat Joy of Coolkoosane (Anacarty) prosecuted John Haffer for
assault and being of a riotous party. Guilty - 6 months hard labour, or pay
Joy 30/= and get two months.

Norry Dwyer for stealing a lodging woman's linen and pawning at Mr.
Littleton's office, Cashel. She had only 7/6 for which no Attorney would
plead for her. The "Reporter" gave her 2/6 and she chose an attorney, Mr.
P. Kirwan. Guilty - 4 months hard labour.

Pat Meagher, Wm. Cummins and Thos Ryan - rioting in Cashel town, 22 June.
Guilty 5/= or a fortnight.

Edw. Fogarty, represented as a poor man, influenced by drink, for stealing a
pair of shoes from a poor Kerry labourer. Guilty and as judge found Fogarty
was a large farmer near Tipp. - gave 4 months hard.

John Connell, Jer Dwyer and Edw. Shea - rioting at fair of Glen. Connell
and Dwyer got 3 months.

Thomas Flinn (Cappawhite) prosecuted by Lieut Gibbons of Revenue Police -
for obstruction in discharge of his duty at fair (of Cappa) where he caught
him selling Whiskey. Flinn said prosecution was in revenge for his giving
evidence against Gibbons for firing a pistol at some unoffending men.
Guilty - 1, or 1 month.

Slattery for violent assault on Thos Dwyer at Clonpet near Tipperary - 12
months hard.

Andrew Burke Esq of Newlawn and of Clare St, near Limerick, went with a man
named Carroll on 24 Sept. to lay out a passage to a bog for his tenants: a
brutal attack made on him near Castle Otway and Borrisoleigh at Cooleen, by
4 men, one who presented a pistol to his breast and the other beat him
unmercifully; 13 wounds on his head; he lingered until Saturday last and
then died; 4 fractures in his skull.

20 reward for information on armed party who on night of 7th Oct., went to
the house Pat Purcell, Wm. Smith and Ml Condon and threatned their lives if
they did not level a ditch which they built round the Commons of Brownstown,
Co. Tipp; levelled part of ditch and fired a shot.

Saturday 9 Nov. 1839

Thomas Hanrahan, waylaid on his way home from Clonmel on 20th Oct. last, was
murdered at Clonabeg midway between Cahir and Ardfinnan. Inquest by Mr.
Ryan, Wednesday last (6th).

48 employees of Mr. Bianconi left Clonmel on his cars for Cork to take the
pledge from Fr. Mathew. Nearly all Bianconi's vast number of employees
throughout Ireland are now teetotallers.

Wednesday 4 Dec. 1839

On Saturday Last. Head Constable Lodge and at a party of Police went from
Clonmel to Windgap, Co. Waterford and there arrested Thos. Casey charged
with being concerned in murder of Thos Halloran near Knocklofty; 100 reward
offered by the Government for apprehension of the perpetrators.

Saturday 7 Dec. 1839

The widowed mother of Denis Hayes, Schoolmaster, who was murdered near
Borrisokane last month, was robbed when returning home to Loughrea, of her
son's watch, which the Police had restored to her.