Newspaper articles

Tipperary Free Press
Contributed by Mary Heaphy


Wednesday 23 May 1838

£200 reward from Government and free pardon for the accomplice who within 6
months gives information leading to apprehension and conviction of persons
concerned in the shooting at and wounding Mr. John O' Keeffe when proceeding
along road at Scart, parish of Modeligo, Co. Waterford; not expected to
recover owing to his great age.

Mr. John Keeffe wounded at Scart, Modeligo, Co. Waterford on 15th May died
on Tuesday 22nd.  Before his death, he identified one, Horan from
Knockraffon, as the person who shot him.

Wednesday 30 May 1838

Nenagh May 28th  Announcing that the first number of the new newspaper The
Nenagh Guardian.  Tipperary North Riding Advertiser has unavoidably been
postponed for a week or two (advt).  It is to be a conservative organ.

Wednesday 13th June, 1838

An anti-tithe meeting for Baronies of Slievardagh and Middlethird to be held
at Market Hill, Fethard or about 24th June: another for Iffa and Offa at the
Rea of Tincurry on 29th June.