Newspaper: WEXFORD Wexford Independent, Work House Admissions, 31st October 1866
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Contributed by Mary Heaphy

Wexford Union.
The usual weekly meeting was held on last Saturday.
The Chair was taken by John Sinnott, Esq., and finally by Pierce Ryan, Esq., D.V.C.
The clerk read the minutes of last day’s proceedings, which were confirmed.

BREEN, Christina, 6, Union.
BREEN, Francis, 3, Union.
BREEN, Theresa, 10, Union.
BYRNE, Mary, 50, Wexford.
BYRNE, Matthew, 46, Union.
BYRNE, Peter, 70, Union.
CLEARY, Catherine, 60, Wexford.
COGLEY, Kate, 70, Wexford.
COLFER, Kate, 40, Wexford.
CONNORS, Anne, 1 month, Bannow.
CONNORS, Anne, 28, Bannow.
CONNORS, John, 2 ˝, Bannow.
CONNORS, Kate, 30, Wexford.
CONNORS, Patrick, 3, Wexford.
CRANE, Kate, 23, Ardcavan.
CROSBIE, Ellen, 60, Wexford.
DONOVAN, Miles, 16, Wexford.
DOYLE, Catherine, 60, Wexford.
FARRELL, James, 60, Wexford.
FURLONG, Mary, 16 months, Wexford.
FURLONG, Mary, 29, Wexford.
GORE, James, 74, Wexford.
HALL. Thomas, 60, Killurin.
KENSELAH, James, 6 months, Wexford.
KENSELAH, Jane, 30, Wexford.
LAMBERT, Davis, 15, Union.
LEARY, Johanna, 21, Drinagh.
MADDOCK, Kate, 21, Killinick.
MULCAHY, Martin, 28, Union.
MURPHY, John, 15, Wexford.
NEWTON, John, 15, Wexford.
PENDER, Kate, 35, Wexford.
PETTIT, Peter, 50, Wexford.
REDMOND, Michael, 45, Wexford.
RICHE, William, 28, Union.
ROCHE, Nicholas, 60, Wexford.
ROCHE, William, 28, Union.
RUTH, Patrick, 30, Wexford.
SINNOTT, Maryanne, 70, Wexford.
SUTTON, Johanna, 24, Lady’s Island
SUTTON, Mary, 5 weeks, Lady’s Island.
WALSH, Thomas, 60, Wexford.

ROCHE, Ellen, 60, Wexford.
KAVANAGH, Winifred, 50, Union.
BYRNE, Mary, 50, Wexford.
FARRELL, James, 60, Wexford.
BREEN, Theresa, 10, Union.
BREEN, Francis, 3, Union.
M’LOUGHLIN, Richard, 56, Bridgetown.
COLFER, Kate, 40, Wexford.