Newspaper: WEXFORD Wexford Independent, Work House Entries, 31 July
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Contributed by Mary Heaphy

Workhouse Records.
The weekly meeting of the Guardians was held on Saturday last.
Chair was taken by Colonel HATTON, J.P.

ARMSTRONG, Margaret, 17, Wexford.
CONLON, Michael, 27, Union.
CONNORS, James, 66, Union.
CULLEN, Laurence, 18, Wexford.
DOBSON, Ellen, 40, Wexford.
DOBSON, William, 1. Wexford.
KAVANAGH, John, 40, Wexford.
KEATING, Mary, 70, Wexford.
MURPHY, Margaret, 24, Ardcavan.
MURPHY, Margaret, 3 months, Ardcavan.
QUIRK, John, 67, Drinagh.
ROCHE, Catherine, 40, Ardcolm.
ROCHE, Catherine, 6, Ardcolm.
RYAN, Ellen, 60, Kilscoran.

The number of recipients was 17, the amount given 2.5.0.
A farmer applied for and selected a servant, a young girl named Ellen
KENSELLAH, chargeable on Duncormick Electoral Division. On the girl
coming before the Board to sanction her going from the house and
obtain the usual outfit, in reply to the Chairman, she said she could
neither read or write. The Chairman very properly drew attention to
the statement, astonished at what he had just heard. The girl said she
had been brought up in the House and was nearly 17 years of age. The
Chairman called on the Master of the house and the Schoolmistress. The
Master said the girl, being 15 years old, demanded her right to be put
among the adults, and he by the rules was bound to do so.
The Schoolmistress said the girl had attended school regularly, but
was a very dull pupil. She could read and write when leaving the
school. She produced her last copy-book. How she could have forgotten
all so soon, she could not account for.

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