Newspaper: WEXFORD Wexford Independent, Work House Admissions & Deaths, 31 Aug 1867
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Contributed by Mary Heaphy

The usual weekly meeting was held on Saturday.
The Chair was taken by John SINNOTT, Esq.

The following communications were read.
Catholic Institution for the Deaf and Dumb.
Committee Room 15 Wellington Quay.
Dublin, 20th August, 1867.
Dear Sir,
I am directed to inform you that the committee, at their meeting
yesterday, permitted the deaf mute, Richard HENDRICK, to be received
into the institution. You will kindly have him forwarded to Dublin on as
early a day as possible. Enclosed is a bill for his half-year's pension
and outfit.
I am, Sir, yours truly,
D. O'BRIEN, Sec.
The Clerk of the Union was directed to have the boy transmitted to the
asylum, in the care of his mother, during the ensuing week.

BYRNE, Mary, 15, Harperstown.
WALL, John, 4 months, Union.

BARLOW, Bridget, 20, Wexford.
BOLGER, Catherine, 5, Wexford.
BOLGER, Mary, 40, Wexford.
BRUSLAWN, Mary Anne, 15, Wexford.
BYRNE, Mary, 15, Harperstown.
CRUISE, James, 35, Bannow.
DOYLE, Anne, 25, Union.
DOYLE, Margaret, 80, Forth.
DWYER, James, 40, Wexford.
HAYS, Ellen, 12, Union.
JORDAN, Mary, 40, Wexford.
LYNN, John, 29, Union.
MALONE, Anne, 50, Wexford.
MAYLER, Anne, 30, Wexford.
MAYLER, John, 10, Wexford.
MAYLER, Patrick, 7, Wexford.
MONAGHAN, Kate, 39, Union.
MOORE, Laurence, 53, Wexford.
MURPHY, George, 15, Wexford.
ROCHE, Mary, 15, Wexford.
ROSSITER, John, 40, Carrig.
ROWE, Ellen, 14, Rosslare.
WAITS, Richard, 45, Taghmon.
WALLACE, Albert, 28, Union.
WALSH, John, 27, Union.
WALSH, John, 45, Union.

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