Newspaper:WEXFORD Wexford Independent Workhouse Entries & Deaths, 27th Nov 1867
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Contributed by Mary Heaphy

The Chair was taken by Pierce RYAN, Esq., V.C.

BYRNE, James, 2, Drinagh.
CLEARY, Anne, 42, Wexford.
CLONEY, Anty, 60, Wexford.
DEVLIN, Sarah, 70, Drinagh.
HAYES, William, 37, Wexford.
MURPHY, Mary, 12, Kilbride.

BENT, THomas, 5, Duncormuck.
BRENNAN, John, 45, Ardcavan.
BROWN, Mary, 18, Wexford.
CAHILL, Essy, 20, Wexford.
CARROLL, James, 15, Wexford.
CLEARY, James, 80, Wexford.
CULLIMORE, Margaret, 60, Wexford.
CURRAN, David, 60, Carrig.
DAVIS, Margaret, 20, Union.
DILLON, Charles, 46, Union.
DOYLE, Thomas, 54, Wexford.
ELLIOTT, Mary, 20, Wexford.
ELLIOTT, Richard, 23, Wexford.
FINN, Mary, 20, Bridgetown.
FOLEY, John, 75, Union.
HAYES, William. 37, Union.
LACY or LUCY, James, 18, Rathaspeck.
MURPHY, Margaret, 34, Wexford.
MURPHY, Mary, 3,  John 18 months, James, 6 Months. Wexford.
M’ELROE, John, 20, Union.
NEILL, Catherine, 40, Wexford.
NEILL, James, 16, Wexford.
O’NEILL, Anne, 40, Union.
O’NEILL, John, 10, Union.
O’NEILL, Margaret, 8, Union.
O’NEILL, Mary, 30, Wexford.
PIGGOT, Johanna, 20, Taghmon.
PIGGOT, John, 5, Taghmon.
PIGGOT, Mary, 7, Taghmon.
PIGGOT, William, 2, Taghmon.
POWER, Sarah, 60, Union.
ROCHE, John, 60, Wexford.
RODNEY, James, 55, Wexford.
SOMERS, Ellen, 21, Bannow.
STAFFORd, John, 27, Wexford.
THOMPSON, Mary, 50, Wexford.
WALSH, James, 19, Kilbride.

James CLEARY, an old seaman, in reply to the Chairman, said he was unable to work any longer, and 
wanted admission to the house. He had been in Mr. DEVEREUX’S employment for upwards of  40 
years. The poor old man was admitted on Wexford.

John FAHEE applied for admission, and said for the last 10 years he had lived from “Post to Pillar”. 
Admitted on Union.

Johanna PIGGOT and her three children were admitted on Taghmon. She had been deserted by her 
husband, who at present is in Liverpool.

James WALSH, who had been refused admission on the previous Saturday, applied again, and said he 
could not get employment. The Chairman told him that there was plenty of employment in the 
country, but from his very bad conduct whilst in the house, no one would employ him. He ought to 
try and conduct himself properly, and not to be living in idleness here. A strong young fellow like him 
ought to be ashamed of himself. 
Mr. SINNOTT, As farmers would not like to employ him, he ought to try road work.
The Master said he was a very good stone breaker. He always broke whatever quantity he was 
Admitted on Kilbride.
The Clerk appealed to WALSH to try and make for himself a character, and told him if he did, that he 
(the clerk) would try and get him employment outside.
WALSH thanked the Board and promised amendment.

The wife and family of MURPHY, who was committed to gaol for sheep stealing, were all admitted on 

Ellen SUMMERS, from Bannow, enceinte, applied to be admitted, and on being asked who was the 
father of her child, said, O, Musha, he was only a poor servant boy.