Newspaper: WEXFORD Wexford Independent, Work House Entries, 23 May 1866
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Contributed by Mary Heaphy


BUTLER, Catherine, 40, Carrig.
BUTLER, John, 13, Edward, 9, William, 10 weeks, Carrig.
BYRNE, Bridget, 55, Union.
CANTILLEN, Honor, 58, Wexford.
CARTY, Ellen, 23, Union.
CODD, James, 17, Carrig.
CONNORS, John, 40, Union.
CONNORS, Mary, 32, Union.
CONNORS, Patrick, 2, Union.
CULLEN, Daniel. 72, Wexford.
CULLEN, John, 55, Wexford.
DOYLE, Ellen, 4, Carrig.
DOYLE, James, 72, Union.
DOYLE, Mary, 80, Union.
DOYLE, Richard, 33, Killinick.
DOYLE, Sarah, 6, Carrig.
FENLON, Nicholas, 29, Union.
HANRAHAN, Anty, 9, Mary, 7, Richard, 5, William, 2, Wexford.
HANRAHAN, Ellen, 36, Wexford.
HENNESSY, William, 48, Whitechurch.
HIGGINS, William, 60, Wexford.
HOPLEY, Ellen, 69, Wexford.
JONES, Fanny, 16, Rathaspeck.
KEANE, Bridget, 18, Wexford.
KEHOE, Anne, 30, Wexford.
KEHOE, Mary, 3, Wexford.
MAHONY, Thomas, 17, Wexford.
MORAN, Bessy, 30, Wexford.
MíMAHON, James, 48, Wexford.
NOWLAN, James, 60, Carrig.
REDMOND, James, 20, Bridgetown.
REDMOND, John, 60, Union.
REDMOND, Michael, 72, Wexford.
ROURKE, Marks, 46, Carrig.
SINNOTT, Patrick, 72, Artramont.
WALSH, Luke, 70, Wexford.

The number of recipients was 60, extending to 80, participators. Amount given £8.14.1.
(No names given).

AUSTON, Bessy, 17, Rosslare.
KEHOE, John, 45, Tacumshane.

The Clerk read the following. 
Catholic Institute for the Deaf and Dumb.
15, Wellington Quay, Dublin.
14th March 1866.
Sir-I am directed to inform you that the deaf mute, Patrick DUGGAN, having finished his course of education
in the above Institution will be send home by the first packet leaving Dublin after Wednesday next.
Most Respectfully yours,
James SHERIDAN, Sec.

Mary CODD, of Broadway has been in attendance on Bess PARLE, of Broadway (a paralysed patient) for 10 days at 1/. a day.  Bess Parle is 
capable of removal to Hospital, and her brother, who is a deaf and dumb person, is also capable of removal, and is in a destitute condition. 
I recommend out-door relief to be withdrawn from Saturday, and to endeavour to induce Bess PARLE and her brother to enter the Union Hospital.
Percy S. WADDY, M.O.

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