Newspaper: WEXFORD Wexford Independent, Work House Admissions & Deaths, 23 Mar 1859
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Contributed by Mary Heaphy

23rd March 1859. From the Wexford Independent.
The usual weekly meeting of the Guardians of this Union was held on Saturday last.
Chair taken by George LeHunte.

DWYER, Joseph, age 27, military pensioner, admitted by way of lean on Union.
MAGRATH, Margaret, 19, Kilcowan.
CREAN, Michael, 21, Wexford.
BRIEN, Michael, was called before the board, when Master said he had been most insolent,
disobedient, and disorderly in the house, threatening to have revenge on him if it would
be this twenty years, and kept the house in great confusion. The Chairman having examined
the law on the case, said he would commit him to gaol until he should be taken before the
Petty Sessions, on Wednesday. A constable was accordingly sent for, and he was committed.
MURRAY, Robert, 60 was admitted on Wexford.
KENSELAH, Pat, 67, Wexford.
CLARKE, Ellen, 24, Kilpatrick.
KELLY, Mary, 24, and child, suffering from fever, Wexford.
DELANEY, Mary, 22, Bannow, suffering from fever.
CONNORS, Eliza, 27, dissolute character, Union.
CONNORS, Catherine, 20, and child. Bannow.
Mr. BYRNE gave notice to move the chargeability of Margaret CULLEN, from off Kilcowan.

There was a long and lengthy discussion about emigration from the Workhouse. Some Guardians in
favour, some against. The Chairman decided to call in each applicant separately.

1. HOGAN, Margaret , who had two children in the house and three out. Her husband was in  Chicago. 
She was eight years in the house, chargeable to Harperstown.. The three children out were able to
provide for themselves.

2. ENNIS, Anne, aged 23, is thirteen years in the house, never proposed to emigrate before, 
sees no prospect of doing any good here, is on Taghmon division.

3. KEHOE, Kitty, aged 18, in the house 11 years, on Taghmon. Has no friends in America. Her father still
in the house, objected to let her emigrate the last time, but is satisfied to let her go now. Does not 
know how to milk cows, had tried but could not.

4. CONNORS, Margaret, aged 20, is in and out of the house for 9 years. Has friend’s in Prince Edward’s Island.

5. PITT, Mary, aged 18, is in and out of the House from two years old, and is on Wexford.

6. ENNIS, Ellen, aged 19, is was 12 years since she first entered the house, and has been
in and out. Has friends in America. Wes not here when the last batch was send out.

7. ARMSTRONG, Ann, aged 40, has been in and out on the Union, has no friends.

8. HANLON, Ellen, aged 38, has three children, aged, 15, 14, and 8, is 5 years in on Wexford.

9. LAMBERT, Ellen, 19, is 8 or 9 years in on Wexford.

10. MURPHY, Catherine, 18, is 7 years in on Maglass, is lame but getting better. Has uncles in New York.

11. HAGAN, Margaret, aged 30, and child, is two years in the house on the union.

12. HORE, Ellen, aged 23, is is in the house three years on Killinick.

13. COOPER, Margaret, aged 21, is three years on Maglass, is not able to work.

14. CAHILL, Margaret, aged 18, is in and out for 8 years, on Wexford.

15. HORE, Anty, aged 30, is three years in the house on the Union.

16. ROCHE, Catherine, aged 22, is two years in on Wexford, has friends in America.

17. MURPHY, Jane, aged 17, is five years in and out, on Ardcavan.

18. DILLON, Eliza, aged 16, is nine years in on Wexford. Her sister was send out in the last batch.

19. HANLON Mary, aged 18, 4 years in and out on Union.

20. KENSELAH, Margaret, aged 28, has four children. Nine years in on Wexford.

21. SINNOTT, Eliza, aged 30, is three and a half years in on Wexford.

22. SINNOTT, Catherine, aged 16, is two years in on Wexford.

23. REVILLE, Mary, aged 17, is only a few months in on Kilmore, her father dying in the fever hospital.

24. ROCHE, Catherine, aged 22, is five years in on Wexford.

25. WALSH, Margaret, aged 16, was in and out nine or ten years on Wexford.

26. REDMOND, Eliza, aged 26, is two years in the house on Kilbride.

27. WHITE, Maria, aged 24, is two years in on Taghmon.

28. This closed the list of applicants.

The Board do not think it is advisable to encourage emigration at present.
The Board decided to postpone the question until March 1860, when there will be a new

The Board had encouraging new of the past emigrants. The Emigration Agent under Government
was so pleased with the proper conduct of the Wexford girls, that he separated them from
all others, and in a short time all had got employment, and were each paid 30s., in money.