Newspaper: WEXFORD Wexford Independent, Work House Entries, 20 May 1868
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Contributed by Mary Heaphy

Chair was taken by Pierce RYAN, Esq., V.C.

ADMISSIONS. (No ages given).
CARDIFF, Nicholas, Union.
CONNORS, James, Wexford.
DOYLE, Bridget, Union.
KEARNEY, Johanna, Wexford.
KINSELLAH, Patrick, Wexford.
KIRWAN, Daniel, Ardcavan.
LEE, James, Union.
MALDEN, Jacob, Union.
MORRIS, Mary, Mayglass.
MURPHY, John, Carrig.
MíCABE, Catherine, Union.
NEILL, Bridget, Wexford.
NEILL, Maryanne, Wexford.
NEILL, Patrick, Wexford.
OUSLAM, Maryanne, Wexford.
ROCHE, Thomas, Wexford.
RYAN, John, Rathaspeck.
RYAN, Laurence, Artramont.
WALSH, John, Rathaspeck.

Mary NEVILLE and her two children applied for admission. Her husband had
deserted her. As they appeared in a very wretched state, the Board
ordered their admission. The husband to be prosecuted.

Maryanne OUSLAM, a young girl, from Bride Street, sought admission. The
Master stated that she was a very idle, ill conducted girl. She refused
washing in the laundry, and when he was about punishing her on Friday,
for refusing to work, she left the house.
Mr. LAMBERT -We ought not to admit her, she is able to earn her bread.
The Board admitted her, fearing she might not turn out well if refused,
and ordered her to be brought before the Magistrates, if she again
refuses to comply with the rules of the Workhouse.

A letter was read from James MíGRATH, 43 Liberty Street, Albany, New
York, containing a passage ticket for his brother, Patrick MíGRATH, an
inmate of the House, and regretting he could not send money for an
outfit. The Board ordered £4 to the boy to enable him to go to his

Mr. MOWLES, Ferns, came before the Board and guaranteed the sum of £20
towards the emigration of Ellen GALLAGHER and three children provided
the Board consented to pay the balance of £9.
Ordered-That the balance above be granted by the Board on receiving the
sanction of the Commissioners.

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