Newspaper:WEXFORD Wexford Independent - Poorhouse Entries, 16 Nov 1859
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Contributed by Mary Heaphy

From the Wexford Independent dated 16th Nov. 1859.
Wexford poor Law Union.
The Usual weekly meeting of the Guardians of this Union was held on
Saturday last.
The Chair was taken by George LeHUNTE. J.P., V.C.
For a few minutes by John WALSH, J.P. Mayor.
And at the end by C.A. WALKER. V.L. Chairman.
State of the House.
Remaining from previous week-402.
Admitted during the week-26.
In Infirmary-63.
In Fever Hospital-16.
In Lunatic ward-11.

*FENLON, Catherine, age 20.
DRAY, Margaret, age 20.
SULLIVAN, Honor, age 20 (all from Limerick) girls of ill fame, were
received the first two on Wexford the latter on the Union, at the
request of Rev. W. LAMBERT, but were away in two days.*
ROCHE, Anty and Stephen, age 20 and 16, Wexford.
ARMSTRONG, Anne, 50, widow Wexford.
MURPHY, John, 93, Union.
POWER, Robert, 40, Union.
CARTY, John, 77, Wexford.
MADDOCKS, Thomas, 5, fever, Glynn.
BEHAN, Anne, 57, Union.
SINNOTT, Margaret,30,  and child. Union.
FENLON, Michael, Cripple, 23, Taghmon.
MURPHY, Margaret, 17, Wexford.
MURPHY, Dolly, and child, Kilmore.
MOORE, Isabella, 30 and child, Wexford.
CARTY, John, 14, Orphan, Wexford.
FURLONG, Margaret, 72, Taghmon.
WATERS, Mary, 50, and Anne Waters, 18, Wexford.
MURPHY, Mary, 80, Wexford.
MAGRATH, John, 50 and child, 18, Union.
REDMOND, Mary, 60, Wexford, her husband stated to be working in Drinagh-
to be noticed, and in case of non-attendance to be prosecuted.

Mr. John CORISH, Guardian, for Ballymitty, applied for outdoor relief
for Ellen BUSHER, of Cleariestown, age 76, who had for her only
attendant in her imbecility, another old sister, age 74, they were not
able to support themselves, and the elder was not considered fit to
remove. He thought both wanted relief.
A long discussion ensued-out door relief not being in favour in this
Union-it was finally ordered that 2/6 be given for the present week, but
no further order made until a certificate be received from the Medical
Officer of the District to state the danger of removing the patient.

The assistant Matron.
The following letter was read from the Assistant Matron.
With great respect, I beg to address you. You are aware that for the
past four years I have acted in the capacity of Assistant Matron at the
salary of 10 per year. At the time I entered the situation, I had kind
friends who gave pecuniary assistance-but they are no longer alive.
Under these circumstance, I trust, Gentlemen, you will kindly grant me
an increase of salary, as the present one is inadequate to support
myself and my son.
Should you grant me my request, it shall ever be remembered with
gratitude and thanks, by,
Gentlemen, your obedient servant.

Mr. Patrick LAMBERT considered the application an exceedingly fair one.
There was too great a disparity between the salary of the Matron and the
Assistant Matron.
Mr. Howlin asked how much the Matron was paid.
The Clerk replied-35 per annum.
Mr. HOWLIN moved that 10 be taken from the Matron and given to the
The Mayor agreed that the Assistant Matron was underpaid but would only
take 5 from the Matron and give it to the Assistant Matron.
His opinion was it would be well to leave any future arrangements to the
parties themselves.
It was then decided to leave it for two weeks when the Board would meet