Newspaper: WEXFORD Wexford Independent, Work House Entries, 12 Nov 1862
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Contributed by Mary Heaphy

12TH NOV. 1862.  
The usual weekly meeting was held on Saturday last.
The Chair was taken by Mr. James HAYES.

ADAMS, Mary, 36, Ardcavan.
BEGLEY, Edward, 50, Union.
BROADHURST, Margaret, 60, Wexford.
CODD, James, 66, Harristown.
CRANE, Catherine, 23, Ardcavan.
CULLIN, John, 84, Union.
CURRAN, Alice, 29, Wexford.
DEVEREUX, William, 15, Wexford.
DOYLE, Martha, 57, Union.
DUFF, William, 25, Kilscoran.
FOLEY, Anne, 9, Union.
FOLEY, Mary, 40, Union.
FOLEY, Maryanne, 13, Union.
HAMILTON, Patrick, 15, Wexford.
HENDRICK, Anne, 15, Wexford.
HOGAN, John, 7 months, Union.
HOGAN, Maryanne, 29, Union.
HOOD, Margaret, 30, Bannow.
HOPLEY, Ellen, 60, Wexford.
KENN, William, 15, Wexford.
LACEY, Peter, 18, Wexford.
MíGRATH, Betty, 55, Union.
MíGRATH, John, 50, Union.
MíGRATH, Thomas, 16, Union.
MíLOUGHLIN, Anty, 20, Union.
NEILL, Nicholas, 18, Wexford.
NEVILLE, Anty, 28, Rathaspeck.
PHILLIPS, Margaret, 60, Wexford.
ROCHE, Anne, 34, Wexford.
ROCHE, Kate, 14, Wexford.
SINNOTT, John, 18, Wexford.
SINNOTT, William, 16, Drinagh.
WALSH, Margaret, 18, Wexford.
WHITE, John, 30, Carrig.

CODD, Mary, 19, Wexford.
DUDD, William, 25, Kilscoran.
HANTON, Jane, 22, Bridgetown.
HOWLIN, Sarah, 28, Union.

Number was 11, Amount-£1.7.6.
CLIFFORD, Nicholas, 2/. Whitechurch.
CLONEY, Catherine, 2/6. Ardcolm.
HANDRICK, Eliza, 2/6. Wexford.
KEHOE, Betty, 2/. Ardcolm.
MARTIN, Nicholas, 2/6. Harperstown.
NOWLAN, Mary, 2/6. Duncormuck.
ROCHE, Margaret, 2/6. Harristown.
ROCHE, Mary, 3/6. Whitechurch.
SINNOTT, Mary, 2/6. Aughwiliam.
WHELAN, Peter and Mary, 5/. Artramont.
Out-relief, on the certificate of Dr. GOODALL, was given to Michael DRINKALE, being paralysed, and aged 
80 years. He was allowed 3/. a week for a fortnight, chargeable on Ardcavan.

The Tailor is ill and not able to attend her this week, except a few hours on Wednesday. The ladders 
are not yet ordered.
The Master handed in a list of clothing given by orders of the Board to Inmates on leaving during the 
half year ended 29th Sept, 1862.
5 menís coats.
6 vests.
8 pairs trousers.
17 shirts.
6 day caps.
61 pairs of stockings.
55 pairs of shoes.
33 Lindsey petticoats.
73 cotton petticoats.
111 shifts.
29 aprons.
29 handkerchiefs.
30 flannel shawls.
56 frocks.
5 flannel petticoats. 
23 bibs.
39 bonnets.
Certified by the Board and ordered to be taken off Clothing Books.


Nov. 6th. 1862
Gentlemen-A woman called on me on behalf of Michael MARTIN, of Rochestown, to say that a 
certificate was required as to the state of his health.
The last time I reported on his case was the 23rd of October, and I there mentioned that there was 
no probability that he would ever recover sufficiently to enable him to be removed to Wexford. I 
certify the same respecting Mary NOWLAN, of Rath. Having seen both of them this week, I can add 
nothing further to my former certificate.
James BOYD, M.O.

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