Newspaper: WEXFORD Wexford Independent, Work House Entries, 11 Apr 1860
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Contributed by Mary Heaphy

From the Wexford Independent.

EDWARDS, John, age 60, Wexford. Bronchitis.
FRAYNE, Walter, 70, Union,  Bronchitis.
BARRINGTON, Kate, 18, Bridgetown, Phthisis.

BERNEY, Joseph, 25, Union.* These three left the house after one night.
CULLEN, Laurence, 50, Wexford.
*DAVIS, Joseph, 27, Union.
DOBSON, James, 3, Wexford.
DOYLE, Sally, 45, Harpurstown.
DRAY, Margaret, 24, Wexford. Destitute ward.
KEEFFE, Eliza, 23, who left the house on Monday last was readmitted on
KENNEDY, Thomas, 70, Union.
MASTERSon, Thomas, 74, Union.
MURPHY, William, 18, Union.
M’LOUGHLIN, Hannah, 40, Wexford.
OUSLAM, Nicholas, 67, Wexford.
RYAN, Betty, 21, and child, Bannow.
SINNOTT, Margaret, 24, and Infant, Union.

BURKE, Emma, 17, From Thurles, was admitted by the Relieving Officer on
Tuesday for one night, and refused then to depart, to be discharged on
Monday, being able-bodied.

HAMILTON, Sarah, 64, stated she had been sorely abused and maltreated by
her husband, who was a school master, and a pensioner, who had sold
everything in the house, and all her wearable’s, after a warm
discussion, she was admitted into the house, by way of loan to herself,
as she was entitled, in her own right, to £10 a year out of houses in
Wexford. Her husband had been bound to keep the peace towards her by the
Magistrates, but he had since beaten her, and she had not a bit to eat,
but she did not wish to come on the bails, as that would be no good to

DONAHOE, Simon, age 40, a travelling pedlar, had been taken ill in
Taghmon, and was admitted into an out house belonging to Dr. O’CONNOR,
who attended him, but he died of fever on the third day, after
admission. The Relieving Officer had given him a bottle of wine and some
other necessaries, amounting to over 3/., and had send a coffin from the
Workhouse. The woman who attended him got no remuneration.

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