Land: ROSCOMMON, Encumbered Estate property of DOMINIC BROWNE, continued in the name of JAMES ARTHUR BROWNE, Esq.1857. 
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Transcribed by Joe Quinn

In the matter of
DOMINIC BROWNE, continued in the name of JAMES ARTHUR BROWNE, Esquire, Owner. 
Address: Brown Hall, Balla, County Mayo.
Held in Fee-Simple, situated in The Counties of Mayo and Roscommon. 

To be sold by auction in Five Lots, at Gill's Hotel, Ballinasloe, Co Galway.
On Tuesday, the 6th day of October 1857, at One O Clock in the afternoon.
Rental of the lands of CLOONALOUGH, situate in the Parish of Kiltullagh, Barony of Castlereagh, and County of Roscommon.
Situate within one mile of Ballinlough and five of Castlereagh.
Further particulars from: ROBERT BROWNE, esq, solicitors, Strokestown, County Roscommon.BENJAMIN HUMPHREY, esq, solicitor 
for the owner, no 23 Eccles St Dublin. CHARLES GAUSSEN and Co, solicitor for the Petitioners and having carriage of sale, 
no 17 Gardener's Place, Dublin.

LOT 5: Situate in the Barony of Castlereagh, and County Roscommon, within one mile of Ballinlough, and five of Castlereagh,
       one of the best Market Towns in that part of the Country. The lands consist principally of a light, sandy, loam; a
       portion consists of moory pasture, which could be easily reclaimed and rendered capable of bearing Green Crops. This
       Lot is bounded on the East by Lough O Flynn. There is a small Mill on this Lot, which might be made of some value,
       with an abundent supply of water. 
       There is a daily conveyance between Claremorris and Athenry.

Contains area of 741a-0r-2p.
Nett Annual Profit Rent = 104-0-9.sterling.
Tithe-Rent Charge = Not given.
Quit Rent = 1-19-3.
*some verbiage and some columns edited for space. 
Key: A R P = Acres, Roods, Perches. Measurement of land Key: 40 Perches = 1 Rood. 4 Roods = 1 acre.

  No  DENOMINATIONS   TENANT'S NAME      YEARLY RENT      STATUTE     TENANTS                                     
				         OR VALUE         MEASURE     TENURE                     
   				         - s- d         A-R- P
 1   CLOONLOUGH      Patt Mc DERMOTT     105- 0- 0       741-0- 2     These tenants being the representatives of the Lessees
 2    "              James GORMALLY      All these tenants are        hold under an indenture of lease, bearing date the 13th
 3    "              John KELLY          included in the above area   day of October 1800, made between DOMINIC BROWNE, Esq 
 4    "              Ellen DUFFY         and the above Rent on lands. of the one part, and PATRICK FLEMING and several others
 5    "              Patk Michael KELLY                               of the other part,from the 1st day of May, then last, 
 6    "              Patrick JOHN KELLY                               for the lives of JOHN JORDAN, JOHN Mc DERMOTT and 
 7    "              Dominic CONNOR                                   PATRICK GORMALLY; said PATRICK GORMALLY is now the only
 8    "              Edmond GROGAN                                    surviving life,and is about 60 years of age. The lease
 9    "              Bridget JUDGE                                    reserves a yearly Rent of 113-15s-0d late currency;
10    "              Michael Mc DERMOTT                               and contains a covenant that the lessees should build 
11    "              Anthony Mc DERMOTT                               their houses on the mountain and should burn lime or
12    "              Thomas EGAN                                      gravel one rood each, on said mountain,each year,under
13    "              Cormack FREEMAN                                  a penalty of twenty shillings each,late currency, to be
14    "              John KERRANE                                     levied rent ways; and the said lessees contracted to 
15    "              Michael FLEMING                                  drain and level the bog between the Esker and the Lough,
16    "              Widow Michael KELLY                              before the end of five years, under a penalty of 5,
17    "              Andrew KELLY                                     sterling to be levied as above; and they also agreed to
18    "              John CORR                                        plant sallies in their Cabbage Gardens, and the said
19    "              Widow Patrick KELLY                              DOMINICK BROWNE promised to allow the said lessees 10
20    "              Luke CRAIG                                       like currency, to build a mill on said premises. The
21    "              Thomas GLYNN                                     tenants are liable to pay the Tithe-Rent Charge.
22    "              John HURLEY                                      
23    "              Thomas CRAIG                                     OBSERVATION: The original lease will be handed to the
24    "              Edmond HURLEY				      purchaser.
25    "              Thomas FITZGERALD
26    "              John GORMALLY
27    "              Michael CUNNINGHAM