Limerick Miscellaneous Records

File Description Size Date Contributor
Armorial Bearings, 1884 48K Aug 2007 C. Labath
Early New Hampshire Marriages 1736-1741 1K Aug 2007 C. Labath
Electors and Voters polled, Limerick 1836 5K Sep 2012 Mary Heaphy
"Lymerick Plantation" of Berkeley, South Carolina 5K Aug 2007 C. Labath
Meeting of Roman Catholics - 1792 3K Aug 2015 Mary Heaphy
Return of Outrages in County of Limerick, 1845-1846 4K Jun 2020 Mary Heaphy
Surnames of Limerick 1100-1600 1K Oct 2007 Don Kelly

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