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APSLEY (Hospital, co. Limerick).  Barry of six ar. and gu. a 
canton erm. Crest - A fleur-de-lis or, betw, two wings erect 
and conjoined ar.

ARTHUR (Glanomera, co. Clare: Settled there for many 
generations. In 1559, EDWARD ARTHUR was M.P. for Limerick, 
and THOMAS ARTHUR in 1585.) Gu. a chev. betw. three rests 
(or clarions) or, quartering the ensigns of the noble house 
of Ormonde; the present Mr. ARTHUR'S grandmother having been 
heiress to the BUTLERS of Kilmoyler. Crest- A falcon volant 
ppr. jessed and belled or.

ASHE (Freshford, co. Somerset, Fifefield, Heytesbury and 
Langley, Burrell, Wiltshire and Ashgrove, co. Limerick, all 
descended from the ASHES of co. Devon). Ar. two chev. sa, 
each charged with a trefoil slipped or. Crest - A cocatrice 
ar. charged on the breast with a trefoil slipped gu.

BARRINGTON (City of Limerick, bart.) Ar. three chevronels 
gu. a label of three points vert a canton of the same 
charged with a trefoil or. Crest - Out of a crown vallery 
or, a hermit's bust with a cowl vested paly ar. and gu. 
Motto - Ung durant ma vie.

BENNIS (Clare and Limerick, Ireland) Az. three oat sheaves 

MAUNSELL MASSY, of Barna, co. Limerick, and St. Hubert's 
Linaskea, co. Cavan, Rector of Kinowley, and EMILY SARAH, 
his wife, elder dau. and senior co-heiress of the late Rev. 
JOHN ISAAC BERESFORD, on their assuming by royal license the 
additional surname and arms of BERESFORD). Quarterly, 
Istand, 4th, ar. crucilly fitchee three fleurs-de-lis within 
a bordure engr. sa. a canton erminois, for BERESFORD; 2nd 
and 3rd, ar. on a chev. betw. three lozenges sa. a lion 
pass. or, a martlet for diff., for MASSY. Crests - 1st: a 
dragon's head erased az. charged with a crescent or. and 
pieced through the upper jaw gold, on an escroll above the 
dragon's head the Motto: Nil nisi cruce for BERESFORD. 2nd: 
Out of a ducal coronet or, a bull's head gu. armed sa. 
charged with a martlet gold. for MASSY. Motto - Pro 
libertate patria.

BLAKENEY (Mount Blakeney, co. Limerick). Sa. a chev erm. 
betw. three leopards' faces or. Crest - Out of clouds ppr. 
an arm erect vested az. the hand grasping a sword, both also 
ppr. Supporters - Dexter, a soldier of the 27th foot 
affronte in full uniform and accoutrements, his right hand 
brandishing a sword, all ppr; sinister, a leopard guard, 
ppr. murally crowned gu. and semee of bomb shells fired and 
resting his dexter hind paw on a bomb shell, also fired ppr. 
Motto - Auxilium meum ab alto.

BOROUGH (Limerick, granted 1813). Or, in base a dolphin 
naiant in waves of the sea ppr. on a chief az. three mullets 
ar. Crest - Three plates surmounted by a plume of five 
ostrich feathers ar. Motto - Suivez moi.

BOURKE (Dromsally, co. Limerick, name changed to DE BURGHO, 
created a bart. of Ireland, 1785). Or, a cross gu, in the 
first quarter a lion ramp. sa. Crest - A cat-a-mount sejant 
guard. ppr. collared and chained or. Motto - a cruce salus.

BOURKE (Thornfields, co. Limerick; descended from RICHARD 
BOURKE, Esq., of Drumsally, same co. ancestor of Sir RICHARD 
DE BURGHO, Bart, of Castle Connell). Or, a cross gu. in the 
first quarter a lion ramp. sa. Crest - A cat-a-mountain, 
sejant guard. ppr. collared and chained or. Motto - a cruce 

BOWNDER (granted by St. George, Ulster, to Col BOWNDER, of 
Co. Limerick, 1664). Gu, a lion ramp or, guttee de sang on a 
chief embattled ar. three pellets. Crest - A demi lion ramp. 
or, guttee de sang holding in dexter paw a sword ppr. pommel 
and hilt of the first, impaling a mural crown gold.

BRADSHAIGH or BRADSHAW (co. Limerick and co. Tipperary). Ar. 
two bendlets betw. three martlets sa. Crest - On a mount 
vert a stag at gaze ppr. under a vine vert, furcted gu. 
Motto - Qui vit content tient assez.

BROWNE (Hospital, co. Limerick. The Funeral Entry of Sir 
THOMAS BROWNE, knt. of Hospitall, who died in 1640, records 
that he was third son of SIR VALENTINE BROWNE, Knt. of 
Crofts, co. Lincoln, by THOMASINE, his second wife, sister 
of SIR NICHOLAS BACON, Lord Keeper of England, temp. Queent 
Elizabeth. His descendants were the BROWNES of the Hospital, 
who terminated in an heiress HELEN, dau of THOMAS BROWNE, of 
Hospital, who m. her kinsman, NICHOLAS, second Viscount 
Kenmare, the representative of the senior line of the same 
family). Ar. three martlets in pale sa. betw, two flaunches 
of the last, each charged with a lion pass. of the field, a 
martlet for diff.

BROWNE (Camus and Clanmorris, co. Limerick, an Anglo-Norman 
family). Per pale ar. and sa. an eagle displ. with two heads 
armed and beaked gu. Crest - An armed arm holding a sword 
ppr. Motto - Fidem servabo genusque.

BROWNE (Allowed to Count GEORGE BROWNE, of the Holy Roman 
Empire, General-in-Chief in Russia, Governor-General of 
Livonia, Knight of St. Anne, &c., son of GEORGE BROWNE, 
Esq., of Camus, co. Limerick, by HONORA,  dau of EDMOND DE 
LACY, Esq., of Rathcahill, same co. and grandson of THOMAS 
BROWNE, Esq., of Camus, who certified his pedigree to 
Preston, Ulster, 1638). Arms, &c, same as BROWNE Of Camus.

BROWNE (Rathbane, co. Limerick, granted 1851 to Rev. PETER 
WILLIAM BROWNE, of Rathbone, Incumbent of Blackrod, Bolton, 
Lancsaster). Ar. three lions pass. gu. betw. two bendlets 
sa. Crest - Rising from a marquis's coronet ppr. an eagle 
displ. gu. winged and membered or. Motto - Suivez raison.

BURGH (Drumkeen, co. Limerick; derived from a common 
progenitor with the House of CLANRICARDE). Or, a cross gu. 
Crest - a Cat-a-mountain sejeant ppr. with collar and chain 
reflexed over the back or. Motto - A cruce salus.

BURGH (Old Town, co. Kildare; represented by Rt. Hon. WALTER 
HUSSEY BURGH, Lord Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer in 
Ireland, descended from Dromkeen, co. Limerick). As BURGH of 
Dromkeen, quarterly with HUSSEY.

BURY (Little-Island, co. Cork, and Curraghbridge, co. 
Limerick). Vert a cross corsslet or. Crest - A boar's head 
couped at the neck or, tusked ar. langued gu. transfixed 
through the neck by a spear ppr.

BUTT (Dublin; confirmed to ISAAC BUTT, Esq., LL. D., M.P. 
for co. Limerick, only son of the Rev. ROBERT BUTT, of 
Stranoriar, co. Donegal, and grandson of ISAAC BUTT, of 
Adare, co. Limerick). Quarterly, 1st and 4th gu. on a chev. 
engr. betw. three estoiles or, a trefoil vert betw. two 
lozenges of the field, for BuTT; 2nd, or, three bars az. on 
a canton gu. a lion's head erased ar., for Cox; 3rd, ar. an 
eagle displ. and in chief betw. two pellets a cross crosslet 
fitches sa., for RAMSAY (the cross crosslet beign adopted in 
commemoration of a descent through the RAMSAYS from a family 
of O'DONNELL). Crest - a horse's head erased ar. charged on 
the neck with a trefoil vert, on the head and mane plaited 
or, a plume of three ostrich feathers of the first. Motto - 
Possunt quia posse videntur.

Toronto, Canada, grandson of JOHN CRAVEN CHADWICK, Esq., of 
Ballinard, co. Limerick). Per pale gu. and sa. within an 
orle of eight martlets sr. an escutcheon of the third 
charged with a cross of the first, and in the first quarter 
thereof a crescent of the second. Crest - A martlet ar. 
holding its bill a white lily slipped and leaved ppr., borne 
fessways, the flower to the sinister. Mottoes - Toujours 
pret; and (over the crest) in candore docus.

PETERS SMITH, Esq., of Belmont, Raheny, co. Dublin; and 
MARIA FRANCES, his wife, only surviving dau. of Rev. RICHARD 
DICKSON of Vermont, co. Limerick, Rector of Kilkeedy, same 
co., by ANNA, his wife, eldest dau. of Sir JAMES CHATTERTON, 
Bart. of Castle Mahon, co. Cork, on their assuming by royal 
license the additional surname and arms of CHATTERTON). 
Quarterly, 1st and 4th, CHATTERTON; or, a lion's head erased 
az. betw. three mullets gu. in the centre cheif point a 
cross crosslet of the last; 2nd and 3rd, SMITH: ar. on a 
bend betw. two unicorn's heads erased az. armed, crined, and 
tufted, or, a crescent betw. two lozenges of the last. 
Crests - 1st, CHATTERTON: an antelope's head erased ppr. 
attired or, pierced through the back of the neck with an 
arrow also ppr., gorged with a ducal coronet gold, and 
charged on the neck with a cross crosslet gu.; 2nd, SMITH: 
Out of a crown vallery or, a unicorn's head az. armed, 
crined, and tufted of the first and charged with a crescent 
of the same. Motto - Loyal a mort.

COMPTON (confirmed to HENRY COMPTON, Esq., of Court, co. 
Limerick, commander R.N., son of FRANCIS COMPTON, Esq., of 
Friarstown, same co. and of Willsgove, co. Roscommon, by 
MARY, his wife, dau. and eventual heir of HENRY WIDENHAM, 
Esq., of Court). Quarterly 1st and 4th, COMPTON, sa., an 
esquire's helmet ppr. betw. three lions pass. guard, two and 
one or;  2nd and 3rd, WIDENHAM, ar. two bendlets gu. on a 
chief az. a lion pass. of the first crowned or. Crests - 1st 
COMPTON: A lion pass ppr. charged on the shoulder with a 
rose ar; 2nd WIDENHAM, A lion's head erased ppr. Motto - 
Clementia in potentia; and over the Crests - Be firm.

CONSTANTINE or CONSIDEN (allowed by Carney, Ulster, to 
Captain MATTHEW CONSTANTINE or CONSIDEN, claiming descent 
from a brother of Donel Moore O'Brien, King of Limerick and 
Cashel) Per pale sa. and gu. three lions pass. guard. in 
pale per pale or and ar. armed az. Crest - A Saracen's head 
ppr. on a head a steel cap the pasett or, the ear pieces 
tied under the chin with a ribband gu.

COOPER (exemplified 1844 to JAMES COOPER TUTHILL, Esq., of 
Merrion Square, Dublin, on his assuming by royal license the 
name and arms of COOPER only, in compliance with the will of 
his relative, HONORA, relict of JAMES COOPER, of Cooper 
Hill, co. Limerick). Sa, a fess wavy erm. betw. three lions 
ramp. or. Crest - A demi lion ramp. or. Motto - Noli 
irritare leonem.

COOTE (Mount Coote, co. Limerick, descended from Col. 
CHIDLEY COOTE, second son of the first bart. and brother of 
CHARLES, first Earl of Mountrath). Ar. a chev. sa. betw. 
three coots ppr. Crest - A coot ppr. Supporters - Two wolves 
sa. ducally gorged ar. Motto - Vincit veritas.

COX (confirmed to WILLIAM COX, Esq., of Ballynoe, co. 
Limerick). Ar. three bars gu. on a canton az. a lion's head 
erased or. Crest - An antelope's head erased sa., crined or, 
pierced through the neck with a broken spear ppr. Motto - 
Fortiter et fideliter.

CROKER (Ballynagarde, co. Limerick, descended from CROKER, 
Esq., of Trevaillas, co. Cornwall, who acquired an estate in 
Ireland in 1600; he was second son of the eighth JOHN 
CROKER, Esq., of Lineham). Ar. a chev. engr. gu. betw. three 
ravens ppr. Some of the name, settled in Cornwall, called 
the birds, "Cornish choughs," but this is either an error or 
a difference. CROKER of Lineham, always bore "three ravens," 
and, having obtained Lineham by marriage with the heiress of 
CHURCHILL, quartered sa. a lion ramp. ar. for that name. The 
Visit. of Devon, 1620, gives the additional quarterings of 
MICHAEL and DAWNEY to JOHN CROKER, then of Lineham, 
viz.,sa., a chev. betw. three escallops ar.; and, ar. on a 
chev. cottised az. three cinquefoils or. The general crest 
of the family of CROKER is a raven ppr. Edward IV granted to 
Sir JOHN CORKER, who accompanied him as a cup and standard 
bearer in his expedition to France, in 1475, for Crest - "A 
drinking cup or, with three fleurs of the same issuing 
therefrom and charged with a rose gu." Mottoes - Deus alit 
eos, and Je tiendray mia puisance par ma fui.

DE BURGO (Castle Connell, co. Limerick, bart.) Erminois a 
cross gu. in the first quarter a lion ramp. sa. Crest - A 
cat-a-mountain sejant guard. ppr. collared and chained or. 
Motto - Ung roy, ung foy, ung loy.

DELMEGE (granted to JULIUS DELMEGE, Esq., of Rathkeale, co. 
Limerick, and JOHN CHRISTOPHER DELMEGE, Esq., of Castle 
Park, co. Limerick). Per chev. ar. and az. in chief two 
fleur de lis gu. emerging from as many crescents of the 
second and in base a fleur-de-lis of the first emerging from 
a crescent or. ,in the centre cheif point a spear's head 
ppr. guttee de sang. Crest - A boar's head erect and erased 
per pale gu. and sa. langued az. armed or. Motto - Inveniam 
aut faciem.

DE VERE (Curragh Chase, co. Limerick, bart.). Quarterly, gu. 
and or, in the dexter chief quarter a mullet ar. Crests - 
1st: A boar pass. az. bristled and dented or, on a cap of 
maintenance turned up erm; 2nd: The castle Limerick, ppr. 
Motto - Vero nihil verius.

Clonleharde, co. Limerick, and Beenham House, Berks, and to 
the descendants of his grandfather, SAMUEL DICKSON, Esq. of 
Ballynaguile, co. Limerick.). Az. a crescent betw. three 
mullets, ar. on a chief or, as many pallets gu. Crest - Out 
of battlements a naked arm embowed holding a sword all ppr. 
Motto - Fortes fortuna juvat.

DREW (Drew's Court, co. Limerick; descended from co Devon). 
Erm. a lion pass. gu. Crest - A bull's head erased sa. in 
the mouth three ears of wheat or. Motto - Drogo nomen et 
virtus arma dedit.

DUNGAN (Earl of Limerick, created 1685, extinct 1715). Az. 
six plates, three, two, and one, on a chief or, a demi lion 
ramp. gu. Crest - A lion pass. or, supporting with the 
dexter foot a close helmet ar. garnished gold. Supporters - 
Two lions ramp ar. guttee de sang, each charged on the 
shoulder with a pellet.

EATON (Dunmoylin, co. Limerick, bart. extinct. Fun. Ent. of 
SIMON, only son of Sir SIMON EATON, Bart., d. 19 Nov., 1684, 
buried next day in St. Patrick's Cathedral). Or, a fret 

ELLIS (Wardhouse, co. Leitrim, Abbeyfeale, co. Limerick, 
Dublin and Cranbourne, near Windsor, all descended from 
ROBERT ELLIS, who, temp. Elizabeth, went over to Ireland; 
descended from ELLIS, of Stoneacre). Or, on a cross sa. five 
crescents ar. Crest - A woman naked, her hair dishevelled or 
(borne temp. Edward III, as depicted on a helmet on a 
stained glass window in the chapel house of Mr. VASOUR, at 
Hazelwood. Visit. York, 1585, Har. MSS., 1394)

EVANS (Ash Hill Towers, co. Limerick, and Miltown Castle, 
co. Cork; descended from THOMAS EVANS, brother of GEORGE, 
first Lord Carbery). Ar. three boars' heads coupled sa. 
Crest - A demi lion ramp. reguard. or, holding betw. the 
paws of a boar's head, as in the arms. Motto - Libertas.

EVANS (Knockaderry, co. Limerick; confirmed to THOMAS D'ARCY 
EVANS, Esq. of Knockaderry). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, ar. 
three boars' heads couped sa. langued gu. for EVANS; 2nd and 
3rd. ar. three cinquefoils gu. for D'ARCY; Crests - 1st, 
EVANS; A demi lion ramp. reguard. or, holding betw. the paws 
a boar's head, as in the arms; 2nd, D'ARCY: a tilting spear 
broken in three pieces, the head in pale, the others in 
saltire ppr. banded gu. Motto - Libertas.

FITZGERALD MAGRATH, Esq. of Ballfield, co. Limerick, on his 
taking, by royal license, the additonal surname of 
FITZGERALD, in compliance with the will of his uncle, 
WILLIAM FITZGERALD, Esq., of Bellfield). Erm, a saltire gu. 
charged with mullet for diff. or. Crest - A boar pass. gu. 
charged with mullet or. Motto - Skanet a boo.

FITZ-GIBBON (granted 26 Dec 1873, to the Hon. GERALD 
NORMANBY DILLON, who, with his wife, Lady LOUISA ISABELLA 
GEORGIANA FITZ-GIBBON, of Mount Shannon, co. Limerick, dau. 
of co-heiress of RICHARD HOBART FITZ-GIBBON, the third and 
last Earl of Clare, assumed by royal license, the surname of 
FITZ-GIBBON, in lieu of DILLON). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, 
erm. on a saltire gu. a mullet or, on a chief of the third 
three appulets of the second for FITZ-GIBBON; 2nd and 3rd, 
ar. a lion pass. betw. three crescents gu. for DILLON; an 
escutcheon of pretence, erm. a saltire gu. on a chief or, 
three annulets of the second, for FITZ-GIBBON. Crests - 1st: 
a boar pass. gu. bristled and armed or, charged with a 
bezant betw. two annulets of the second, for FITZ-GIBBON; 
2nd: A demi lion ramp. gu. holding betw. the paws an estoile 
ar. for DILLON. Motto - Nil admirari. (His issue to bear the 
1st and 4th quarterings of FITZ-GIBBON with out the mullet, 
and the first crest charged with three annulets).

FITZ-HARRIS (Kilfinin, co. Limerick, bart. Sir EDWARD 
FITZ-HARRIS, Knt., a younger son of MATHEW FITZ-HENRY, Esq., 
of Kilkevan, co. Wexford, obatined a grant of Kilfynan from 
James I., and was created a bart., 4 Nov. 1622). Gu, a chief 
or, a crescent for diff. quartering, ar. on a satire betw. 
twenty escallops gu, five escallops of the first.

FOSBERY (Clorane and Curragh Bridge, co. Limerick). Az. a 
saltire betw. four cinquefoils ar. Crest - A pheon supported 
by two bears' paws erased all ppr. Motto - Non nobis solum.

FRANKLIN (granted 1841 to Sir RICHARD FRANKLIN, Mayor of 
Limerick). Ar. a dolphin naiant in the sea ppr. on a chief 
gu. a trefoil slipped ar. betw. two saltires coupled or. 
Crest - An anchor, the fluke upward in pale, entwined with a 
dolphin all ppr. Motto - Anchora labentibus undis.

FRANKS (Ballyscaddane, co. Limerick; confirmed to JOHN 
FRANKS, Esq., J.P., D.L., eldest son of Sir JOHN FRANKS, 
Knt. Judge of the Supreme Court, Bengal). Vert on a saltire 
or, a griffin's head erased gu. in the centre point a mullet 
of the second. Crest - Out of a mural crown or, a griffin's 
head gu. betw. two wings erminois, each charged with a 
mullet sa. Motto - Sic vos non vobis.

FREND (Boskell, co. Limerick) Gu. a chev. betw. three bucks' 
heads cabossed erm. Crest - A buck's head as in the arms. 
Motto - Audo et prevalibis.

GOOLD (Dromadda and Rosbrien, co. Limerick; confirmed to 
Ven. FREDERIC FALKINER-GOOLD, Archdeacon of Raphoe and 
Rector of Raymochy, co. Donegal; descended from a branch of 
the family of GOOLD, Bart., of Old Court, co. Cork). Az. on 
a fess or, betw. five goldfinches, three in chief and two in 
base ppr. three mullets of the field, in the centre chief 
point a crescent of the second for diff. Crest - A demi lion 
ramp. or. charged on the shoulder with a crescent gu. Motto 
- Deus mihi providebit.

GOULD (Upwey, co. Dorset; exemplified to HAMILTON LLEWELLYN 
JACKSON, eldest surviving son of THOMAS JACKSON, Esq., of 
Fanningstown, co. Limerick, and grandson of THOMAS JACKSON, 
Esq., of same place, by BARBARA GOULD, his wife, dau. of 
WILLIAM READ, Esq., of Bradford, co. Wilts, and BARBARA, hsi 
wife, sister and heiress of JAMES GOULD, Esq., of Upwey, 
upon his assuming, by royal license, 1871, the name of GOULD 
in place of JACKSON). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, per saltire 
az. and or, a lion ramp, counterchanged, for GOULD; 2nd and 
3rd, ar., a greyhound courant ermines betw. three eagle's 
heads erased sa. for JACKSON. Crest - An arm embowed vested 
vert, holding in the nand a flagstaff ppr. therefrom flowing 
a banner or, charged with three barrulets wavy az. on a 
canton ar. a cross gu. Motto - Revirescat.

GOUGH (Granted 1816, to GEORGE GOUGH, Esq., of Woodstown, 
co. Limerick; descended from Right Rev. FRANCIS GOUGH, 
Bishop of Limerick). Az. on a fess ar. betw. three boars' 
heads coupled or, a lion pass. gu. Crest - A boar's head 
coupled at the neck or, tusked ar. Motto - Gradu diverso via 

HALY (Ballyhally, co. Cork, formerly of co. Limerick; 
allowed by Hawkins, Ulster, 1775). Vert three bars wavy ar. 
in chief a mullet pierced or. Crest - A mermaid with comb 
and mirror all ppr. Motto - Sapiens dominabitur astris.

HARKNESS  (Cragbeg and Garryfine, co. Limerick). Gyronny of 
eight or and erm. each piece charged with a crescent 
alternate gu. and az. or all a lion, ramp, sa. Crest - A 
dove close per pale or and vert, holding in the bill an 
olive branch also vert, fructed gold. Motto - Hope in God.

HARROLD (Limerick; Reg. Ulster's Office). Gu. a pall fiory 
ar. betw. three plates, one and two, each charged with an 
estoile of eight points of the field. Crest. - A demi angel 
ppr vested gu. crined and winged or.

HERBERT (Troy, in Wales, and Rathkeale, co. Limerick) Per 
pale az. and gu. three lions ramp. ar. a border gobony or 
and of the second, in every alternate compartment of the 
bordure two bezants. Crest - Same as that of teh Earl of 
Pembroke and Mongtomery.

HILL (Graig, Doneraile, co. Cork; settled there for upwards 
of two centuries, having been previously of Kilmallock, co. 
Limerick; granted 1560). Az. a chev. betw. three 
fleurs-de-lis, or a canton of the last. Crest - A lion ramp. 
ar. pierced through the breast by a broken spear in bend 
ppr. the head guttee de sang. Motto - Ne tenta, vel perfice.

HUNT (Curragh, co. Limerick, bart., now DE VERE; confirmed 
by Fortescue, Ulster, 1797, with an augmentation of the 
Castle of Limerick, as a memorial, Sir VERE HUNT, the first 
bart., having raised the 135th or Limerick Regiment of 
Infantry). Az. on a bend betw. two water bougets or, three 
leopards' faces gu. and for augmentation, on a chief of the 
third a castle or port betw. two towers ar. masoned sa. with 
the Union Jack of England displ from a flagstaff erect ppr. 
and in a canton of the field of an Irish harp of the second, 
stringed of the fourth. Crest - A castle as in the arms.

JACKSON (Fanningstown, co. Limerick). Ar., a greyhound 
courant ermines betw. three eagle's heads erased sa. Crest - 
A demi horse ramp ar. guttee de sang, maned and hoofed sa.

JOYNT (granted to WILLIAM LANE JOYNT, Esq., of Grange Abbey, 
Baldoyle, co. Dublin, Queen's Clerk for co. Limerick, an 
Alderman and afterwards Lord Mayor of Dublin, only son of 
WILLIAM JOYNT, of Limerick, merchant.) az. an eagle's head 
erased betw. three saltires couped ar. Crest - Issuant out 
of a chaplet of oak leaves vert, two eagles' heads 
conjoined, the dexter gu. the sinister az. Motto - Nec 

KEATING (Baybush, co. Limerick; allowed by Bryan, Deputy 
Ulster, 1767, to VALENTINE KEATING, Esq., of that place, 
descended from KEATING of Kilcoan). Ar. a saltire gu. betw. 
four nettle leaves vert. Crest - a boar statant gu. armed 
and hoofed or, holding in the mouth a nettle leaf vert. 
Motto - Fidelissimus semper.

LACY (Ballingarry, co. Limerick; a branch of the great 
Anglo-Norman family of DE LACY). Or, a lion ramp, purp. 
armed and langued gu. Crest - An eagle rising or. Motto - 
Meritus augentur honores.

LACY ( Bruff and Rathcahill, co. Limerick; another branch of 
the Anglo-Norman family of DE LACY; to this branch belonged 
the Russian General MAURICE DE LACY, of Grodno, and also 
EDMOND LACY, of Milltown, from whom descended, in the female 
line, the late British General Sir DE LACY EVANS, G.C.B.). 
Arms, &c. same as LACY, of Ballingarry.

LENIHAN (Limerick; granted to MAURICE LENIHAN, Esq., J.P. of 
that city, son of JAMES LENIHAN, Esq., of Waterford and 
their descendants). Ar, on a mount vert a buck trippant gu. 
attired or, in the mouth a trefoil slipped of the second, a 
chief az. charged with a castle having on each tower an 
obtuse spire surmounted by a weathercock and on an arch over 
the curtain wall a cross fiory all of the field. Crest - A 
buck trippant gu. attired or, holding in the mouth a trefoil 
slipped vert. and resting the forefoot on an escutcheon of 
the BURKE arms, viz. or, a cross gu. in the 1st quarter a 
lion ramp. sa. and in the 2nd a hand of the last. Motto - 
Patriae infelici fidelis.

LOW (confirmed by Fortescue, Ulster, to SIMON LOW, Esq., of 
Galbally, co. Limerick) Ar. on a bend vert three wolves' 
heads erased or, each charged with an annulet gu. Crest - A 
wolf's head, as in the arms. Motto - Facta non verba.

Empire, descended from MACMAHON, of Clonderlaw, through 
MACMAHON, of Coagy, co. Clare, Tuagh, and Ballykielty, co. 
Limerck; allowed by Bryan, Deputy Ulster, 1770) Ar. three 
lions pass. reguard. in pale gu. armed and langued az. Crest 
- a dexter arm in armour embowed ppr. garnished or, holding 
in the hand a sword both ppr. pommel and hilt gold. Motto - 
Sic nos sic sacra tuemur.

McMURRAY (confirmed to ROBERT McMURRAY, Esq., of Roxborough 
House, Limerick, and Patrickswell, co. Limerick) Ar. a lion 
ramp. az. on a chief of the second three mullets pierced of 
the field. Crest - A demi lion ramp. guard. gu. holding a 
Lochaber axe, and charged on the shoulder with a rose ar. 
Motto- Virtute fideque.

Magenta, Marshal of France, President to the French 
Republic; allowed by Hawkins, Ulster, 1750, to the Marshal's 
ancestor, JOHN BAPTIST MAC MAHON, Count of Equilly, son of 
PATRICK MAC MAHON, Esq., of Torrodile, co. Limerick, 
descended from DONOGH MAC MAHON, Lord of Finish and Reynana, 
son of TURLOGH MAC MAHON, Lord of Clonderlaw, and chief of 
his Sept., 1472. The head of the MAC MAHONS, of France, is 
the Marquis de Mac MAHON, of Sully, near Autun.) Same Arms, 
Crest, and Motto as Clonderlaw.

Brazil, co. Dublin, and of Ballywire, co. Tipperary, on his 
assuming, by royal license, 1842, the additional surname and 
arms of MASSY, in memory of his grand-uncle, Hon. JOHN 
MASSY, of Massy Park, co. Limerick). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, 
ar. on a chev. betw. three fusils sa. a lion's pass. or, a 
mullet for diff. for MASSY; 2nd, az. on a bend engr. or, 
three martlets gu., a crescent for diff., for DAWSON; 3rd, 
or, on a chev. gu. three lions couchant of the firstm, a 
crescent for diff., for BOLTON. Crests - 1st: Out of a ducal 
coronet or, a bull's head gu. armed sa., for MASSY; 2nd: A 
falcon belled ppr. jessed az. for BOLTON. Motto - Pro 
libertate patriae.

MAUNSELL (Plassy and Bank Hall, co. Limerick; a younger 
branch of MANSEL, of Margam). Ar., a chev. betw. three 
maunches sa. Crest - A cap of maintenance inflamed at the 
top ppr.

MAUNSELL (Ballywilliam, co. Limerick; descended from RICHARD 
MAUNSELL, Esq., of Ballywilliam, younger brother of THOMAS 
MAUNSELL, LL. D., M.P., ancestor of the MAUNSELLS of Plassy; 
the present representative is GEORGE MEARES MAUNSELL, Esq., 
of Ballywilliam, co. Limerick, High Sheriff, 1835) Same 
Arms. Crest - A hawk rising ppr. Motto - Honorantes me 

TILSON DEANE, of Sprinfield Castle, co. Limerick, and 
HAMILTON KNOX GROGAN-MORGAN, Esq., of Johnstown Castle, co. 
Wexford, on their assuming, by royal license, 1854, the 
additional surname and arms of MORGAN). Quarterly, 1st and 
4th, or, a griffin sergeant sa. on a mullet az. for diff. 
for MORGAN; 2nd and 3rd, ar. two bars gu. for DEANE. Crests 
- 1st, MORGAN: A reindeer's head cabossed or, charged with a 
mullet az. for diff; 2nd, DEANE: out of a ducal coronet or, 
a demi sea-otter ppr. In a scroll above the crests the 
motto, Honor et virtus. Motto - Under the arms: Forti et 
fideli nihil difficile.

MORROGH (co. Limerick; Reg. Ulster's Office). Vert three 
escallops or. Crest - A hand couped at the wrist and erect, 
holding a sword in pale all ppr.

NAISH (Ballycullen, co. Limerick). Az. three doves ar. 
membered or, each holding in the beak an olive branch ppr. 
Crest - A greyhound sejeant ppr. collared ar. Motto - Omnia 
vincit veritas.

O'BRIEN (Carrigogoinell, co. Limerick, Curryglass and 
Mogeely, co. Cork, and France; allowed by Hawkins, Ulster, 
1758, to Col JAMES DANIEL O'BRIEN, of the French service, 
sixth in descent from TORLOGH O'BRIEN, of Curryglass and 
Mogeely, who was fifth in descent from CONOR O'BRIEN, of 
Carrigogoinell, second son of MAHON o'BRIEN, King of 
Thomond, ancestor of Lord Inchiquin). Quarterly, 1st and 
4th, gu. three lions pass. guard. in pale per pale or and 
ar., for O'BRIEN; 2nd, ar. three piles meeting in point 
issuing from the chief gu.; 3rd, or, a pheon az. Crest - A 
dexter arm embowed, vested gu. holding in the hand a sword 
ppr. pomel and hilt or. Motto - Lamh laidir an nachtar.

O'CARROLL (Lord of Ely, or the territory of Elle, extending 
over part of the King's co. and co. Tipperary; descended 
from EILE, seventh in descent from CIAN, son of OLIOL OLLUM, 
King of Munster; Sir WILLIAM O'CARROLL, Chief of his name, 
was knighted at Limerick, 30 March 1567, by Sir Henry 
Sydney, Lord Deputy of Ireland). Sa. two lions ramp. 
combatant or, armed and langued gu. supporting a sword, 
point upwards ppr. pommel and hilt gold.

O'COLLINS (the Sept of O'COILEN, of the same race as 
O'Donovan; they inhabited the district of Hy Connaill, co. 
Limerick, but were driven out of their country by the 
Geraldines). Ar. two lions ramp. combatant ppr. Crest - A 
pelican vulning herself, wings elevated all ppr.

O'CONNELL (Castle Connell, co. Limerick; allowed by Hawkins, 
Ulster, 1755, to JAMES O'CONNELL, son of MICHAEL O'CONNELL, 
of London and grandson of HUGH O'CONNELL, of London, and 
grandson of HUGH O'CONNELL, Captain of Horse to James II.) 
Per fess ar. and vert a stag trippant ppr. betw. three 
trefoils slipped counterchanged. Crest - A stag's head 
erased ppr. Motto - Victor in arduis.

O'CROULEY (City of Limerick, and Cadiz, in Spain; allowed by 
Hawkins, Ulster, 1771, to PETER ALPHONSO O'CROULEY, of the 
latter place, son of JEREMIAH O'CROULEY, of Limerick, who 
emigrated to Cadiz; descended from CORMICK O'CROULEY, of 
Carbery, co. Cork). Ar. a boar pass az. betw. three crosses 
gu. Crest - A naked arm erect coupled below the elbow gu. 
holding a spear in hand, point upwards, ppr. Motto - Spero 
in Deo.

O'DEMPSEY (Viscount Glenmalier, dormant since 1714; Sir 
TERENCE O'DEMPSEY, The O'Dempsey, was knighed by Robert, 
Earl of Essex, at Kiltenan, or Kiltannan, co. Limerick, 22 
May, 1599, and was created a viscount 1631; the third 
viscount d.s.p.; since his death the title has been 
unclaimed). Gu. a lion ramp. ar. armed and langued az. betw. 
two swords, points upwards of the second, pommels and hilts 
or, one in bend dexter, the other in bend sinister. Crest - 
A demi lion ramp. gu. langued az. supporting in the dexter 
paw a sword ar. pommel and hilt or. Supporters - Two knights 
in complete armour chained together by the left and right 
leg all ppr. Motto - Elatum a Deo non deprimat.

Lissard, co. Cork, Chief of Clan Cathal, a Sept who in 
ancient times ruled over Hy Fidhgeinte, a territory 
extending along the banks of the River Maigue, co. Limerick, 
on which stood the Castle of Crom. Driven from their 
territory by the Fitzgeralds and De Burghos after the 
invasion of 1172, they settled in the Barony of Carbery, co. 
Cork, where the estates of the present chieftain are 
situate. CATHAL, Chief of Hy Fidhgeinte, was slain by 
Callaghan Cashel, King of Munster, A.D. 964, and was s. by 
his son, DONOVAN, who ruled as chief 977, from him the Sept 
took their tribe name; seventh in descent from DONOVAN was 
CROM O'DONOVAN, The O'Donovan, slain 1254, leaving three 
sons:- I. CATHAL O'DONOVAN, O'Donovan, ancestor of the 
subsequent chieftains; II. ANESLIS O'DONOVAN, ancestor of 
O'Donovan, Mac Aneslis; III. LOUGHLIN O'DONOVAN, ancestor of 
The O'Donovan, of Clan Loughlin; from these three sons 
descend the whole family of O'DONOVAN and DONOVAN. DONEL 
O'DONOVAN, The O'Donovan, s. his father 1584, and had seven 
sons: I. DONEL, ancestor of the succeeding chieftains, whose 
male line became extinct 1829, on the death of RICHARD 
O'DONOVAN, The O'Donovan, General in the Army; II. TEIGE, 
ancestor of the present chieftain; III. MOROGH, ancestor of 
O'DONOVAN, of Cooldurragh; V. DESMOT; VI. RICHARD, ancestor 
of O'DONOVAN, of O'Donovan Street, Cork; VII. KEADAGH, 
ancestor of O'DONOVAN, Clan Keady, from whom descent the 
branches of Lisheens and Ardahill). Ar. issuing from the 
sinister side of the shield a cubit dexter arm vested gu. 
cuffed of the first, the hand grasping a skein or old Irish 
sword in pale, the blade entwined with a serpent all ppr. 
Crest - On a chapeau gu. turned up erm. a falcon alighting 
ar. tips of wings and tail sa. Motto - Vir super hostem, a 
translation of the ancient slogan or call to war, of the 
Sept, viz., Giolia ar a namhuid a-bu.

O'GRADY (The O'Grady, Kilballyowen, co. Limerick, formerly 
Chiefs of Cinel-Dunghaile, a district comprising the present 
parishes of Tomgraney, co. Clare, and Iniscaltra and 
Clonrush, co. Galway; the Four Masters record, under A.D. 
1184, that CENFAOLADH O'GRADA, of Tunim Grene, died; DONALD 
O'GRADY, The O'Grady, fell in battle A.D. 1309, leaving a 
son, HUGH O'GRADY, The O'Grady, who obtained the lands of 
Kilballyowen that year in marriage with the dau. and heiress 
of  O'KERWICK, Chief of Aniah Cliah, which has continued the 
residence of the chieftain ever since; THOMAS DE COURCY 
O'GRADY, The O'Grady s. his father as Chieftain 1873). Per 
pale gu. and sa. three lions pass. per pal ar. and or. Crest 
- A horse's head erased ar. Motto - Vulneratus non victus.

O'HEFFERNAN (A sept of the same race as MACCOCHLAN located 
in cos. Limerick and Tipperary, deriving their name from 
IFRARMAN, one of the ancestors of the Sept).  Per fess vert 
and gu. on a fess or, a lion pass. guard. az. in chief three 
crescents of the third.

O'KINEALY (the Sept of O'CINNFHAELADH, who inhabited the 
territory of Eoghanacht-Gabhra, or Hy Conaill Gabhra, now 
the Barony of Conello, co. Limerick). Gu. a stag statant ar. 
Crest - An arm in armour embowed, holding a sword fessways 
the blad flammant all ppr.

OLIVER (Castle Oliver, co. Limerick; granted by Betham, 
Ulster, to RICHARD OLIVER, Esq., of that place ,and the 
other descendants of his ancestor, ROBERT OLIVER, Esq., of 
Clonodfoy, same co.) Or, a chev. sa. betw. two pellets in 
chief, and in base a salmon naiant gu. Crest - A cubit arm 
erect vested gu. cuffed ar. the hand grasping an olive 
branch ppr.

OLIVER (Cloughanadfoy, co. Limerick). Or, a chev. sa. betw. 
two pellets in chief and a mullet in base gu. Crest - A 
cubit arm vested gu. cuffed ar. hand ppr. holding a branch 
of olive also ppr.

O'RIORDAN (Derrroe, co. Cork, and Nantes, in the Kingdom of 
France; allowed by Hawkins, Ulster, 1751, to STEPHEN 
O'RIORDAN, of the latter place, son of ROBERT O'RIORDAN, by 
ANASTACIA CREAGH, his wife, dau. of STEPHEN CREAGH, Esq., of 
Limerick, and descended from RIORDAN, of Derryroe). 
Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gu. out of clouds in the sinister 
side a dexter arm fessways ppr. holding a dagger in pale ar. 
pommel and hilt or; 2nd and 3rd, ar. a lion ramp. gu. 
against a tree in the dexter couped pr. Crest - A 
fleur-de-lis gu. Motto - Pro Deo et patria.

PARKER (Castle Lough, co Tipperary; confirmed to ANTHONY 
PARKER, Esq. of Castle Lough, High Sheriff co. Tipperary, 
1876, eldest son of Rev. STANDISH GRADY PARKER,  of Castle 
Lough and to the descendants of his grandfather, ANTHONY 
PARKER, Esq., of Castle Lough, High Sheriff co. Limerick 
1761 and of co. Tipperary, 1768). Sa. a stag's head cabossed 
betw. two flaunches ar. in the centre chief point a mullet 
or. Crest - A stag salient ppr. charged on the shoulder with 
a mullet as in the arms. Motto - Fiedli certa merces.

PEPPARD (Cappagh House, co. Limerick). Az. two bars or, the 
upper charged with three fleur-de-lis, the under with as 
many martlets gu. on a canton of the third cinquefoil ar. 
Crest - In front of three ostrich feathers ar. and az. a 
greyhound courant ppr. Motto - Virtute et valore.

PRENDERGAST (Gort, co. Galway, bart., extinct 1760; 
ELIZABETH, sister of Sir THOMAS PRENDERGAST, second and last 
bart., m. CHARLES SMYTH, Esq., M.P., Limerick, and her son, 
JOHN SMYTH, assumed, 1760, the surname of PRENDERGAST, and 
was created Viscount Gort 1816, with special remainder to 
CHARLES VEREKER, eldest son of his sister JULIANA, who m. 
THOMAS VEREKER, Esq., of Roxborough, co. Limerick). Gu. a 
saltire vaire or and az. Crest - An heraldic antelope 
trippant ppr. attired and unguled or. Motto - Vincit 

PURCELL (Croagh, co. Limerick; Fun. Ent. Ulster's Office, 
1638, PIERCE PURCELL, of that place, descended from a second 
brother of PURCELL, of Loughmoe). Ar. a boar pass. gu. 
tusked, hoofed, and bristled or, langued az. on a chief of 
the last three plats, a crescent for diff.

PURCELL (Crumlin, co. Dublin; a branch of PURCELL, of 
Croagh, co. Limerick, lineally descended from EDMUND 
PURCELL, Sheriff of Dublin in 1598, d. 1612, whose grandson, 
EDMUND PURCELL, brother of General PATRICK PURCELL was put 
to death by Ireton; arms allowed by Hawkins, Ulster, 1715. 
Ar. a boar pass. gu. armed and bristled or, on a chief az. 
three plates. Crest - A hand couped above the wrist erect, 
holding a sword ppr. pommelled and hilted or, pierced 
through the jaw of a boar's head couped sa. vulned and 
distilling drops of blood, the sleeve az. turned up ar.

QUIN (Granted by Carney, Ulster, 1688, to THADY QUIN, Esq., 
of Adare, J.P. co. Limerick, descended from an ancient and 
honourable family of that surname). Vert a pegasus erm. a 
chief or. Crest - A wolf's head erased erm. Motto - Quae 
sursum volo videre.

ROCHE (Fermoy, co. Cork, bart., extinct 1801; DOMINICK 
ROCHE, son of JORDAN OGE ROCHE, Mayor of Limerick, 1639, was 
created by James II, after his abdication, Baron Tarbert and 
Vicount Cahervahalla, honours, however, unacknowledged; his 
grandson, Sir BOYLE ROCHE, an officer in the army, and M.P. 
in the Irish Parliament, was created a bart. of Ireland, 
1782, m. MARY, dau of Sir THOMAS FRANKLAND, fifth bart. of 
Thirkelby, and d.s.p.). Gu. three roaches naiant in pale ar.

ROCHE (Carass, co. Limerick, bart.) Gu. three roaches naiant 
ar. a border engr. of the last. Crest - A rock, thereon a 
stork close charged on the breast with a torteau, and 
holding in his dexter claw a roach all ppr. Motto - Dieu est 
ma roche.

ROCHE (Kilfinnan, co. Limerick; JOHN ROCHE, Esq., of that 
place, had an only dau. and heir, GILES, m. Sir EDWARD 
FITZ-HARRIS, Knt. of Kilfinnan, who d. 1640; Fun. Ent. 
Ulster's Office). Gu. a roach naiant in fess ar.

ROCHE (St. Malo, in France; allowed by Hawkins, Ulster, 
1721, to LOUIS ROCHE, of St. Malo, great-grandson of RICHARD 
ROCHE, of the city of Limerick). Same Arms, Crest, and 
Motto, as Viscount Fermoy.

ROCHFORT (Limerick; Reg. Ulster's Office, 1638, to DAVID 
ROCHFORT, of that place). Az. a lion ramp. ar. Crest - A 
robin redbreast ppr. Motto - Stat fortis in fide.

RONAN (Farenegelagh, co. Limerick; assigned and confirmed by 
Carney, Ulster, 1684, to  JOHN RONAN, Esq., of that place). 
Erm. a tun fessways betw. three escallops gu. Crest - A 
blackbird ppr. Motto - Ipse fecit nos.

ROSE (Foxhall, co. Tipperary; confirmed by Betham, Ulster, 
to WELLINGTON ANDERSON ROSE, Esq., of Foxhall, son of 
RICHARD ANDERSON ROSE, Esq., of Foxhall, grandson of THOMAS 
MAUNSELL ROSE, Esq., of Aghabeg and Rathkeal, great-grandson 
of RICHARD ROSE, Esq., of Limerick, by MARY, his wife, dau 
of JOHN ANDERSON, Esq., of Foxhall, great-great-grandson of 
GEORGE ROSE, Esq., of Limerick, by SUSANNA, his second wife, 
dau and co-heir of RICHARD STEPHENS, Esq., of Newcastle, co. 
Limerick, and Barnstaple, co. Devon, and to the descendants 
of their ancestor, THOMAS ROSE, of Morgans, co. Limerick). 
Quarterly, 1st and 4th, per pale ar. and or. a chev. gu 
betw. three water bougets sa., for ROSE; 2nd, per chev. ar. 
and gu. in chief two eaglets displ. az. for STEPHENS; 3rd, 
ar. a saltire betw. two mullets in chief and in base gu. and 
two boars' heads erased in fess sa. for ANDERSON. Crests - 
1st: a demi lion ramp ar. holding in the dexter paw a rose 
gu. slipped vert.; 2nd, An eagle, wings elevated sa. preying 
on a lion's gamb erased pr. 3rd, An oak tree ppr. Motto - 
Non sine sente rosa.

ROYSE (Nantinan, co. Limerick); confirmed, 1812, to THOMAS 
HENRY ROYSE, Esq., of Nantinan, a branch of a family long 
seated in Kent). Per saltire or and ar. a griffin segreant 
az. in chief a rose gu. betw. two trefoils ppr. a border 
vert. Crest - A demi lion ramp. barry ar. and gu.

SEWARD (Lee Cottage and Douglas, co. Cork, and Newcastle, 
co. Limerick; confirmed by Betham, Ulster, to HENRY OSBURNE 
SEWARD, Esq., of those places, whose father intermarried 
with the family of OSBOURNE, of cos. Ayrand Mid Lothian, 
N.B.). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, erm. on a fess az. betw. two 
chev. gu. three leopards' faces or, for SEWARD; 2nd, erm, a 
bend az. surmounted by a fess or, for OSBURNE; 3rd per pale 
indented ar. and sa. a saltire counterchanged, for SCOTT. 
Crests - 1st: Out of a ducal coronet or, the hind leg of a 
horse couped at the thigh az. shod gold; 2nd; a dexter hand 
fessways grasping a sword in pale ppr. enfiled with an 
imperial crown or; 3rd; a dexter cubit arm in pale, vested 
gu. cuffed erm. rising from park pales or, the hand ppr. 
holding a truncheon ar. Motto - Olim facimus.

SEYMOUR (High Mount, co. Limerick, bart.). Az. a pair of 
wings conjoined in pale, surmounted of a naval crown or, on 
a canton or, an anchor sa. Crest - On a naval crown or two 
brands in saltire inflamed at the ends ppr. thereon an eagle 
rising also ppr. looking at a sun gold. Motto - Foy pour 

SMYTH (THOMAS SMYTH, b. at Dundrum, co. Down, 1654, Bishop 
of Limerick 1695-1725, and his son, ARTHUR SMYTH, Archbishop 
of Dublin 1766. The Bishop of Limerick's grandson, JOHN 
PRENDERGAST SMYTH, was created Baron Kiltarton and Viscount 
Gort). Gu. a lion ramp. ar. on a chief of the second a 
mullet az. betw. two torteaux. There is a supposition that 
THOMAS SMYTH, Bishop of Limerick, was descended from the 
Celtic O'GOWANS; if this be true the arms assigned to him by 
the heralds are erroneous. The coat should be that of SMITH, 
alias O'GOWAN.

TAIT (South Hill, co. Limerick; granted to Sir PETER TAIT, 
D.L., Knt. of South Hill, Mayor of Limerick, 1866-8. Ar. a 
saltire engr. gu. on a chief of the second a castle, on each 
tower an obtuse spire with a weathercock, and on an arch 
over the curtain a cross fiery, all of the first. Crest - 
Out of a civic crown an arm in armour embowed, the hand 
graspinig a red rose, slipped and leaved, all ppr. Motto - 
God give grace.

THORNTON (Sir GEORGE THORNTON, knighted at Kilmallock, co. 
Limerick, by ROBERT, Earl of Essex, Lord Lieutenant, 19 
June, 1599). Sa. a chev. ar. a chief indented of the last.

TIERNEY (co. Limerick; certified by Hawkins, Ulster, 1748, 
to MATTHEW TIERNEY, of Limerick, merchant). Az. two lions 
ramp, or supporting a sword ppr. Crest - A pheasant ppr. 
Crest - A pheasant ppr.

TURNER (Bandonbridge, co. Cork, and Limerick; arms allowed 
and pedigree registered by Carney, Ulster, 1687, to HENRY 
TURNER, Esq., Counsellor-at-law, Recorder of Limerick, son 
of Sergeant-Major HENRY TURNER, Esq., of same place, who was 
sixth son of HENRY TURNER, Esq., of Heathfield, co. Kent). 
Erm. on a cross quarter pierced sa. four fers-de-moline or. 
Crest - A demi lion ramp. gu. supporting a column sa. (N.B. 
- the next year, 1688, Carney, Ulster, assigned the 
following arms to the above HENRY TURNER, Recorder of 
Limerick, and then Attorney-General to the Duke of Ormonde 
for the co. palatine of Tipperary). Per fess sa. and erm. a 
pale counterchanged, and three fers-de-moline or, a crescent 
for diff. Crest - A lion sejant erm. holding in the dexter 
paw a fer-de-moline or, and charged on the shoulder with a 
crescent sa.

VERDON, or VERDUN (Kilmallock, co. Limerick; THOMAS VERDON, 
or VERDUN, Esq., of Kilmallock, temp. James I.; his dau., 
JOANNA, m. ROBERT HALY, Esq., of Ballyhaly, co. Cork; Reg. 
Ulster's Office). Sa. a lion ramp. ar. armed and langued gu.

VINCENT (Boston Lodge, co. York; confirmed to WILLIAM CLARKE 
VINCENT, Eq., of Boston Lodge, and to the other descendants 
of his great-grandfather, GEORGE VINCENT, Esq., of Parteen, 
co. Clare, Mayor of Limerick, 1761). Az. three cinquefoils 
ar. a border or. Crest - Out of a ducal coronet or, a 
griffin's head gu. charged with a trefoil slipped gold. 
Motto - Vincent qui se vincent.

WALL (Johnstown, co. Carlow; descended from WILLIAM DU VALL, 
or WALL, who accompanied RICHARD DE CLARE, Earl of Pembroke 
(STRONGBOW), to Ireland, 1172, and d. 27 March, 1210, 
leaving a son, JOHN WALL, who had four sons, founders of 
families, viz.: I. WILLIAM, ancestor of WALL, of Johnstown, 
co. Carlow, and of Kilcash, co. Tipperary; II. WALTER, 
ancestor of WALL, of Coonamuck, co Waterford; III. RICHARD, 
ancestor of WALL of Dunmoylan, co. Limerick; IV. JOHN, 
ancestor of WALL, of BAllymalty. Pedigree registered by 
Hawkins, Ulster, 1716). Az. a lion ramp betw. three crosses 
crosslet or. Crest - A naked arm holding a scymitar, the 
blade guttee de sang all ppr. Motto - Aut Casear aut nihil.

WALLER (Castletown, co. Limerick; descended from HARDRESS 
WALLER, a General in the Parliament Army during Oliver 
Cromwell's Rebellion, whose dau. ELIZABETH WALLER, m. Sir 
WILLIAM PETTY, and was created, 1688, Baroness Shelbourne 
for life). Sa.  three walnut leaves in bend or, betw. two 
bendlets ar. Crest - On a mount vert a walnut tree ppr. on 
the sinister side an escutcheon pendent charged with the 
arms of France, with a label of three points ar. Motto - Hic 
fructus virtutis.

WALTERS (Newcastle, co. Limerick; allowed by Hawkins, 
Ulster, and pedigree registered 1786, to FERDINAND MARIE 
LOUISE WATERS, b. in France 1777, son of GEORGE WATERS, 
Count Waters, Baron and Seigneur of Mainsfort, in the 
province of Berry and kingdom of France, who was 
great-grandson of JOHN WATERS FITZ-GEORGE, Esq., of 
Newcastle). Az. a chev. engr. erm. betw. three bezants, each 
charged with a trefoil slipped ppr. Crest - A demi tiger per 
pale indented ar. and az. hilding a branch of three red 
roses slipped ppr.

WEBB (GEORGE WEBB, Bishop of Limerick, 1634, descended from 
Wilts, d. a prisoner to the rebels in the Castle of Limerick 
the day before it was surrendered, 23 Jan. 1642; Fun. Ent. 
Ulster's Office, 1673, of his dau. ELIZABETH, wife of 
AMBROSE JONES, Bishop of Kildare). Sa. a cinquefoil ar. 
betw. three leopard's heads erased and affrontee or.

WESTROPP (cos. Limerick and Clare). Sa. a lion ramp. ar. 
crowned or. Crest - Out of a ducal coronet or, an eagle's 
head gu. Motto - Post funera virtus.

WHITE (Benicarloe, in Spain; allowed by Hawkins, Ulster, 
1776, to PATRICK WHITE, of Benicarloe, grandson of STEPHEN 
WHITE, of Quin, co. Clare, whose father, RICHARD WHITE, was 
fourth son of Sir DOMINICK WHITE, Knt., Temp. Henry VIII). 
Ar. a chev. betw. three roses gu. barbed and seeded ppr. 
Crest - An arm in armour embowed, holding in the hand a 
dagger all ppr. Motto - Vicimus.

WIDENHAM (Court, co. Limerick; HENRY WIDENHAM, Esq., of 
Court, son of HENRY WIDENHAM, of same place, had a grant of 
land in the baronies of Kenry and Pobble O'Brien, co. 
Limerick, 1684, d. 1719, leaving two daus. his co-heirs; I. 
MARY, m. VALENTINE QUIN, Esq., of Adare, same co., 
grandfather of VALENTINE RICHARD, first Earl of Dunraven and 
Mountearl; II, ALICE, m. PRICE HARTSTONGE, eldest son of Sir 
STANDISH HARTSTONGE, second bart. of Bruff, same co., who 
d.v.p. 1743, leaving Sir HENRY HARTSTONGE, third and last 
bart.). Ar. two bendlets gu. on a chief az. a lion pass. of 
the first. Crest - A lion head erased ppr.

WOODROFFE (Limerick; MOSES WOODROFFE, of that city, temp. 
Charles II; Fun. Ent. Ulster's Office, 1683, of his dau. 
SARAH, wife of THOMAS WILKINSON). Ar. on a chev. sa. three 
stags' heads coupled or, a chief nebulee az. a crescent for 

WOULFE (Corbally and Bally-Philip, co. Limerick; a very 
ancient family in that co., descended from THOMAS WOULFE, 
Esq., of Bally-Philip, Bailiff or Sheriff of Limerick, 1476; 
his great-great-grandson, JAMES WOULFE, Esq., of Corbally, 
Sheriff of Limerick 1605, had six sons: I, PATRICK, whose 
son, RICHARD, was ousted from Corbally by Oliver Cromwell, 
and his descendants settled in Paris; II. RICHARD, who left 
his descendants living in Limerick temp. George III.; III. 
STEPHEN, ancestor of WOULFE, of Tiermaclane, co. Clare; IV. 
JAMES, a Dominican Friar; V. FRANCIS, Superior of the 
Franciscan Friars at Limerick; VI. GEORGE, ancestor (by 
family tradition) of General JAMES WOULFE, the Hero of 
Quebec). Per fess ar. and az. n chief on a mount vert in 
front of an oak tree ppr. a wolf pass. of the last, in base 
two salmon naiant barways in pale of the third. Crest - A 
stork, wings elevated sa. Motto - Cuilean uasal, i.e., The 
noble Wolf.