Tenants on the Estates of Earls of Enniskillen & Belmore 28 August 1845, Fermanagh
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Enniskillen Chronicle and Erne Packet, 28 August 1845, Page 3

£300 Reward We the undersigned tenants on the estates of the Earls of
Enniskillen and Belmore, situate in the Barony of Tyrkennedy, in the county
of Fermanagh, having heard with regret that an outrage of a very serious
nature has been attempted to be committed on the property of James Burgess
of Lackaboy in said Barony and county, deprecating such proceedings, and
with the greatest anxiety to suppress the spirit that is unfortunately
evincing itself in some of the neighbouring counties, agree to give the sum
of £200, in proportion to the sums respectively attached to our names, to
such persons as may give such information as will enable the authorities to
prosecute to conviction the perpetrator or perpetrators of this offence.

(There follow two lists with a total of 428 tenants. I expect that one
list is for the tenants of Earl Enniskillen and the other for the tenants
of Earl Belmore. The donors are listed in order of how much they have
pledged. Quite a large number of those who have pledged £1 or more have
their place of residence stated, but not all. Within each category, e.g. 1
shilling donors, I suspect that they are listed according to townland, as
the names on either side of my ancestor are names which are found in his
townland and those adjacent to it in the Tithe Applotment Books and
Griffith’s Valuation.) The following names were omitted in former
Advertisements:- Rev. Mr Bradshaw £5 5s;

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AMOUNT PLEDGED      SURNAME            FIRST NAME                       RESIDENCE
£10/10/0            Sheil              Rev. Jas                         Bramdrum
£10/10/0            Dane               Wm A                             Derrycharon
£5/0/0              Dane               Wm A                             Drumard
£5/0/0              Burgess            John                             Deerpark
£5/0/0              Massey             James                            Feddins
£5/0/0              Wilson             D                                Thomastown
£5/0/0              Crook              William                          Garvery
£3/0/0              Collum             Hugh                             Bramdrum
£3/0/0              Macartney          Jas                              Bramdrum
£3/0/0              Fair               J                                Feddens
£3/0/0              Hurst              W                                Ballyreagh
£3/0/0              Ratledge           Jos
£3/0/0              Beatty             John
£2/10/0             McElroy            John                             Derrycharon
£2/2/0              Kettyle            Wm A                             Bramdrum
£2/2/0              Frith              R.H.                             Bramdrum
£2/2/0              Lennon             John                             Bramdrum
£2/2/0              Kerr               Patrick
£2/0/0              Parkinson          Hill                             Killynure
£2/0/0              Hall               Jas                              Derrycharron
£2/0/0              Crooke             G.                               Derrycharron
£2/0/0              Nixon              James                            Mallynock
£2/0/0              Beatty             James
£2/0/0              Beatty             David
£2/0/0              Beatty             Wm
£2/0/0              Noble              Wm
£2/0/0              Hurst              James
£2/0/0              Cox                H.                               Largy
£2/0/0              Kelly              Ed.                              Largy
£2/0/0              Magee              William                          Drumard
£2/0/0              Black              Acheson                          Clogheur
£2/0/0              Black              John                             Clogheur
£1/10/0             Black              Geo.                             Clogheur
£1/10/0             Black              Jas                              Clogheur
£1/0/0              Black              Robt                             Clogheur
£1/0/0              Lowry              Thomas
£1/0/0              Harman             Pat.
£1/0/0              Brennan            J. sen.
£1/0/0              Brennan            J. jun.
£1/0/0              Collum             Archd                            Tullyharney
£1/0/0              McBride            Peter                            Derrycharron
£1/0/0              Gallogly           J.F.                             Derrycharron
£1/0/0              Coulter            George                           Deerpark
£1/0/0              Dundass            Lieut.                           Garvery
£1/0/0              Wilson             Henry
£1/0/0              Fee                John
£1/0/0              McCusker           Owen
£1/0/0              Wood               John
£1/0/0              Thompson           John
£1/0/0              Watson             Francis
£1/0/0              McElroy            Edwd                             Largy
£1/0/0              Walsh              T.                               Largy
£1/0/0              McCasker           Mich.                            Largy
£1/0/0              McCasker           Mich.                            Largy
£1/0/0              Miller             William                          Tullyharney
£1/0/0              Levingston         Rbt
£1/0/0              Murphy             John                             Glassmullagh
10s                 Beacom             Henry                            Killynure
10s                 Beacom             Robt                             Killynure
10s                 West               Edward                           Deerpark
10s                 Murray             John
10s                 Levingston         Jas
10s                 Liddy              James
10s                 Walsh              James
10s                 Gallager           Hry
10s                 Leonard            Pat.
10s                 Graham             James
10s                 Beacom             James
10s                 Farry              James
10s                 Black              John
10s                 Bannon             Bernard
10s                 Beatty             William
10s                 Graham             Wm
10s                 Auchinleck         Jas                              Cultagh
10s                 McMullen           W.                               Glassmullagh
10s                 Lindsay            James                            Kilsallagh
10s                 Johnston           A.                               Tamlaght
10s                 Hurst              George
6s                  Rennick            James
6s                  Edward             John
5s                  Levingston         Thos
5s                  Wilson             Jas sen.
5s                  Walsh              Archd
5s                  MCBrine            Francis
5s                  Beatty             Thomas
5s                  Wilson             Thomas
5s                  Reusey             James
5s                  Watson             James
5s                  Watson             Wm
5s                  Daragh             John
5s                  Corrigan           T.
5s                  McLaughlin         R.H.
5s                  Dooris             Patrick
5s                  Gallagher          T.
5s                  Coulter            Adam
5s                  Foster             Robert
5s                  McCusker           John
5s                  Coulter            George
5s                  Wilson             John
5s                  Savage             Hugh
5s                  Savage             Richard
5s                  McEntegart         R.H.
5s                  McNamee            John
5s                  Wilson             Robert
5s                  Crawford           F.                               Glasmullagh
5s                  Stewart            Thomas                           Bracky
5s                  Magee              Andw                             Drumard
2/6d                Wilson             William                          Garvery
2/6d                McBrine            M.                               Garvery
2/6d                McClintock         P.
2/6d                Smythe             Charles
2/6d                Dalton             Andrew
2/6d                Fair               William
2/6d                Rutledge           Thos
2/6d                Rutledge           James
2/6d                Armstrong          John
2/6d                Cox                Thomas
2/6d                Rogers             Mich.
2/6d                West               M.
2/6d                Little             William
2/6d                Kelly              Bernard
2/6d                Noble              Thos
2/6d                Barry              James
2/6d                Little             Thos
2/6d                Armstrong          T.
2/6d                Hurst              George
2/6d                Hunter             R.H.
2/6d                Hunter             John
2/6d                Wharry             A.
2/6d                Woods              John
2/6d                Kelly              Michael
2/6d                McCart             Pat.
2/6d                Hunter             James
2/6d                McCaffery          F.
2/6d                Tummoney           Pat.
2/6d                Love               Patrick
2/6d                Cox                Thomas
2/6d                McCallen           John
2/6d                Gallagher          J.
2/6d                Cox                Andrew
2/6d                Cleery             John
2/6d                Corrigan           P. sen.
2/6d                Higgins            P.
2/6d                Dooris             Neal
2/6d                Corrigan           P. jun.
2/6d                McCusker           A.
2/6d                Murphy             M.
2/6d                Shannon            P.
2/6d                Dunn               E.
2/6d                Murphy             Philip
2/6d                Gallagher          F.
2/6d                Martin             James
2/6d                McNamee            M.
2/6d                Monaghan           D.
2/6d                Graydon            B.
2/6d                Johnston           James
2/6d                Wilson             C.
2/6d                Ford               Wm
2/6d                Crawford           J.
2/6d                Bannon             M.
2/6d                Bannon             Pat.
2/6d                Black              James
2/6d                McMalken           Pat.
2/6d                Farry              A.
2/6d                Coulter            G.
2/6d                Haran              Peter
2/6d                Johnston           A.
2/6d                Wilson             Robert
2/6d                Barrett            Patt
2/6d                Fegan              James
2/6d                Clegg              Joseph
2/6d                Carothers          J.
2/6d                Graham             James
2/6d                Irvine             Hugh
2/6d                Hutchenson         F.
2s                  Wilson             V. jun.
2s                  Farry              Patt
2s                  Martin             M. sen
2s                  Owens              Patt
2s                  Cox                James
2s                  Busby              Nugent
2s                  Fegan              Robert
1/6d                McKinsey           D.
1/6d                Murphy             Phil.
1/6d                Cox                Patt
1/6d                McMahon            J.
1/6d                McKernan           E.
1/6d                Magan              John
1/6d                McManus            T.
1s                  Wilson             Wm
1s                  Wilson             John
1s                  Wilson             James
1s                  Leonard            T.
1s                  Martin             C.
1s                  Connolly           Pat.
1s                  Wilson             James
1s                  West               James
1s                  Martin             James
1s                  Walsh              John
1s                  McElroy            Pat.
1s                  Dalton             A.
1s                  Nixon              W.
1s                  Cusker             T.M.
1s                  Wilson             H.
1s                  Nixon              J. jun.
1s                  McFarland          J.
1s                  Little             W.
1s                  McCaffry           Hugh
1s                  Martin             Hugh
1s                  Farry              Michael
1s                  McKinsey           John
1s                  Carolan            Andrew
1s                  Carolan            H.
1s                  Love               John
1s                  Shannon            James
1s                  Logan              Thomas
1s                  Cox                Bernard
1s                  Cox                John
1s                  Dooris             Neal
1s                  Kerr               Patt
1s                  Farry              Bernard
1s                  Higgins            James
1s                  Corrigan           James
1s                  Nann               John
1s                  Carrin             Pat.
1s                  Naan               Hugh
1s                  Naan               Daniel
1s                  McSherry           Pat.
1s                  Maguire            Edw.
1s                  Meutray            Wm
1s                  Johnston           Owen
1s                  McCahery           Jas
1s                  Meutray            John
1s                  Lilly              John
1s                  Bannon             James
1s                  Coulter            Wm
1s                  Carroll            John
1s                  McCaffry           Michl
1s                  Martin             Terence
1s                  McKernan           Sam.
1s                  Maguire            Philip
1s                  Irvine             Charles
1s                  Keenan             Connor
1s                  Shannon            Owen
1s                  McRourken          T.
1s                  McCuster           A.
1s                  McKernan           Ed.
1s                  Donnelly           Dan.
1s                  Lilly              Peter
1s                  Thompson           Jas
1s                  Murphy             Thos
1s                  McAdam             Mick
1s                  McManus            Ter.
1s                  Owens              Bernard
1s                  Kiltillen          Wm
1s                  Johnston           Jas
1s                  McCaffry           John
1s                  McManus            Thos
1s                  McCaffry           Hugh
1s                  Logan              Robert
1s                  McKillely          P.
1s                  McCue              Neal
1s                  Deeron             Wm
1s                  McCaffry           Owen
1s                  Mullen             Wm
1s                  McCawley           Jas
1s                  Armstrong          W.
1s                  Mullen             Pat.
1s                  Clarke             Wm
1s                  West               Thomas
1s                  Hilliard           J.
1s                  Betty              Wm
1s                  Murphy             Pat.
1s                  Mullen             John
1s                  Crawford           R.H.
£7/10/0             Robinson           Jas
£5/0/0              Burgess            Jas
£1/10/0             Keys               Robert
£1/10/0             Wilson             Andrew
£1/10/0             Wilson             James
£1/10/0             Campbell           W.
£1/10/0             Moore              Robert
£1/10/0             Coulter            John
£1/10/0             Wilson             Richd
£1/10/0             Earls              James
£1/0/0              Tuckburn           John
£1/0/0              Ball               Thomas
£1/0/0              Ball               Daniel
£1/0/0              Hunter             Edward
£1/0/0              Moffit             Gal.
£1/0/0              Massey             James
£1/0/0              Leadley            Wm
£1/0/0              McCaffry           Pat.
£1/0/0              Bleakly            C. sen.
£1/0/0              Bleakly            C. jun.
£1/0/0              Porteus            Chas
£1/0/0              Corry              Alex.
£1/0/0              Doherty            Chas
£1/0/0              McCusker           Rchd
£1/0/0              Bleakly            Hnry
£1/0/0              McCusker           Pat.
£1/0/0              Coulter            Andw
£1/0/0              McCusker           Richd
£1/0/0              McCusker           Philip
£1/0/0              Earls              John
£1/0/0              Earls              Henry
£1/0/0              Thompson           John
£1/0/0              Watkins            Wm
£1/0/0              Price?             James
£1/0/0              Doherty            ?
£1/0/0              Thompson           Thos
£1/0/0              Hall               John
£1/0/0              Ball               James
10s                 Wilson             Robert
10s                 Hall               Thomas
10s                 Earls              Joseph
10s                 Daly               Charles
10s                 Carleton           James
10s                 Logan              Thomas
10s                 Cooper             Arch.
10s                 Mears              Thomas
10s                 Adams              John
10s                 Elliott            John
10s                 Adams              T.
10s                 Earls              T. jun
10s                 Frith              Irvine
10s                 Wilson             Alex.
10s                 Holmes             Wm
10s                 Wilson             T.
10s                 Campbell           R.
10s                 Crawford           John
10s                 Morrison           R.
10s                 Corrigan           John
10s                 Logan              P.
10s                 Graham             G.
10s                 Hilliard           C.
10s                 Wilson             Wm
10s                 Corrigan           Thos
10s                 Woods              Thos
10s                 Woods              John
10s                 Wilson             N.
10s                 Morrison           E.
10s                 Woods              D.
10s                 Emerson            M.
10s                 Adams              John
10s                 Wilson             Wm
10s                 Crawford           Wm
10s                 Wilson             Wm
10s                 Wilson             Berry
10s                 Wilson             John
10s                 Wilson             C.
10s                 Stone              Wm
10s                 Lowry              Thomas
10s                 Latimer            Fras
10s                 Hall               Wm
5s                  Cadden             Jas
5s                  Burns              Alex.
5s                  Burns              Thomas
5s                  Graham             James
5s                  Burgess            John
5s                  Burgess            Wm
5s                  Graham             W.
5s                  Masterson          Thos
5s                  Carothers          John
5s                  Corrigan           Pat.
5s                  Ware               John
5s                  Wilson             John
5s                  Graham             Wm
5s                  Mitchell           John
5s                  Fay                John
5s                  Caldwell           John
5s                  Corrigan?          Chas
5s                  McCusker?          E.
5s                  Chapman?           A.
5s                  Chapman?           R.
5s                  ?                  W.
5s                  Adams?             A.
5s                  Adams?             Mary
5s                  Martin?            Francis
5s                  Crawford           James
5s                  Wilson             Alex.
5s                  Corrigan           Wm
5s                  Fargan?            William
5s                  Gibson             Rbt
5s                  Hamilton           Wm
5s                  Meutray?           John
5s                  McCasker           Robt
5s                  Houlton            Francis
5s                  Cassidy            Joseph
5s                  Coulter            Joseph
5s                  Woods              James
2/6d                Horns?             Charles
2/6d                Adams              John
2/6d                Magarahan          O.
2/6d                Corahan            Jas
2/6d                Mitchell           Andw
2/6d                Corgan?            James
2/6d                Emerson            Thos
2/6d                Emerson            Edwd
2/6d                Rendles            Wm
2/6d                Caeden?            Robert
2/6d                Thompson           Jas
2/6d                Mosgrove           Sal.
2/6d                Nixon              William
2/6d                Graham             James
2/6d                Mazard             Edwd
2/6d                McSorly            James
2s                  Beacom             John
2s                  Graham             Chrst
1s                  McCarr             James
1s                  Weldon             Francis
1s                  Michel             George
1s                  Thompson           Edw.
1s                  Clarke             John
1s                  Ferguson           Wm
1s                  Sharkey            Daniel
1s                  Breen              John
1s                  Callens            Patt
1s                  Kelly              Edward
1s                  Noble              John
1s                  Murphy             Pat.
1s                  Cassidy            Pat.
1s                  Graham             James
£1/1/0              Fermanagh Reporter                                  Killynure

In addition to the foregoing, we offer the sums
respectively attached to our names :-
                     ENNISKILLEN, £50.
		     BELMORE,     £50

?                  W.
ADAMS              John
ADAMS              John
ADAMS              John
ADAMS              T.
ADAMS?             A.
ADAMS?             Mary
ARMSTRONG          John
ARMSTRONG          T.
ARMSTRONG          W.
AUCHINLECK         Jas
BALL               Daniel
BALL               James
BALL               Thomas
BANNON             Bernard
BANNON             James
BANNON             M.
BANNON             Pat.
BARRETT            Patt
BARRY              James
BEACOM             Henry
BEACOM             James
BEACOM             John
BEACOM             Robt
BEATTY             David
BEATTY             James
BEATTY             John
BEATTY             Thomas
BEATTY             William
BEATTY             Wm
BETTY              Wm
BLACK              Acheson
BLACK              Geo.
BLACK              James
BLACK              Jas
BLACK              John
BLACK              John
BLACK              Robt
BLEAKLY            C. jun.
BLEAKLY            C. sen.
BLEAKLY            Hnry
BREEN              John
BRENNAN            J. jun.
BRENNAN            J. sen.
BURGESS            Jas
BURGESS            John
BURGESS            John
BURGESS            Wm
BURNS              Alex.
BURNS              Thomas
BUSBY              Nugent
CADDEN             Jas
CAEDEN?            Robert
CALDWELL           John
CALLENS            Patt
CAMPBELL           R.
CAMPBELL           W.
CARLETON           James
CAROLAN            Andrew
CAROLAN            H.
CAROTHERS          J.
CAROTHERS          John
CARRIN             Pat.
CARROLL            John
CASSIDY            Joseph
CASSIDY            Pat.
CHAPMAN?           A.
CHAPMAN?           R.
CLARKE             John
CLARKE             Wm
CLEERY             John
CLEGG              Joseph
COLLUM             Archd
COLLUM             Hugh
CONNOLLY           Pat.
COOPER             Arch.
CORAHAN            Jas
CORGAN?            James
CORRIGAN           James
CORRIGAN           John
CORRIGAN           P. jun.
CORRIGAN           P. sen.
CORRIGAN           Pat.
CORRIGAN           T.
CORRIGAN           Thos
CORRIGAN           Wm
CORRIGAN?          Chas
CORRY              Alex.
COULTER            Adam
COULTER            Andw
COULTER            G.
COULTER            George
COULTER            George
COULTER            John
COULTER            Joseph
COULTER            Wm
COX                Andrew
COX                Bernard
COX                H.
COX                James
COX                John
COX                Patt
COX                Thomas
COX                Thomas
CRAWFORD           F.
CRAWFORD           J.
CRAWFORD           James
CRAWFORD           John
CRAWFORD           R.H.
CRAWFORD           Wm
CROOK              William
CROOKE             G.
CUSKER             T.M.
DALTON             A.
DALTON             Andrew
DALY               Charles
DANE               Wm A
DANE               Wm A
DARAGH             John
DEERON             Wm
DOHERTY            ?
DOHERTY            Chas
DONNELLY           Dan.
DOORIS             Neal
DOORIS             Neal
DOORIS             Patrick
DUNDASS            Lieut.
DUNN               E.
EARLS              Henry
EARLS              James
EARLS              John
EARLS              Joseph
EARLS              T. jun
EDWARD             John
ELLIOTT            John
EMERSON            Edwd
EMERSON            M.
EMERSON            Thos
FAIR               J
FAIR               William
FARGAN?            William
FARRY              A.
FARRY              Bernard
FARRY              James
FARRY              Michael
FARRY              Patt
FAY                John
FEE                John
FEGAN              James
FEGAN              Robert
FERGUSON           Wm
FORD               Wm
FOSTER             Robert
FRITH              Irvine
FRITH              R.H.
GALLAGER           Hry
GALLAGHER          F.
GALLAGHER          J.
GALLAGHER          T.
GALLOGLY           J.F.
GIBSON             Rbt
GRAHAM             Chrst
GRAHAM             G.
GRAHAM             James
GRAHAM             James
GRAHAM             James
GRAHAM             James
GRAHAM             James
GRAHAM             W.
GRAHAM             Wm
GRAHAM             Wm
GRAYDON            B.
HALL               Jas
HALL               John
HALL               Thomas
HALL               Wm
HAMILTON           Wm
HARAN              Peter
HARMAN             Pat.
HIGGINS            James
HIGGINS            P.
HILLIARD           C.
HILLIARD           J.
HOLMES             Wm
HORNS?             Charles
HOULTON            Francis
HUNTER             Edward
HUNTER             James
HUNTER             John
HUNTER             R.H.
HURST              George
HURST              George
HURST              James
HURST              W
IRVINE             Charles
IRVINE             Hugh
JOHNSTON           A.
JOHNSTON           A.
JOHNSTON           James
JOHNSTON           Jas
JOHNSTON           Owen
KEENAN             Connor
KELLY              Bernard
KELLY              Ed.
KELLY              Edward
KELLY              Michael
KERR               Patrick
KERR               Patt
KETTYLE            Wm A
KEYS               Robert
KILTILLEN          Wm
LATIMER            Fras
LEADLEY            Wm
LENNON             John
LEONARD            Pat.
LEONARD            T.
LEVINGSTON         Jas
LEVINGSTON         Rbt
LEVINGSTON         Thos
LIDDY              James
LILLY              John
LILLY              Peter
LINDSAY            James
LITTLE             Thos
LITTLE             W.
LITTLE             William
LOGAN              P.
LOGAN              Robert
LOGAN              Thomas
LOGAN              Thomas
LOVE               John
LOVE               Patrick
LOWRY              Thomas
LOWRY              Thomas
MACARTNEY          Jas
MAGAN              John
MAGARAHAN          O.
MAGEE              Andw
MAGEE              William
MAGUIRE            Edw.
MAGUIRE            Philip
MARTIN             C.
MARTIN             Hugh
MARTIN             James
MARTIN             James
MARTIN             M. sen
MARTIN             Terence
MARTIN?            Francis
MASSEY             James
MASSEY             James
MASTERSON          Thos
MAZARD             Edwd
MCADAM             Mick
MCBRIDE            Peter
MCBRINE            Francis
MCBRINE            M.
MCCAFFERY          F.
MCCAFFRY           Hugh
MCCAFFRY           Hugh
MCCAFFRY           John
MCCAFFRY           Michl
MCCAFFRY           Owen
MCCAFFRY           Pat.
MCCAHERY           Jas
MCCALLEN           John
MCCARR             James
MCCART             Pat.
MCCASKER           Mich.
MCCASKER           Mich.
MCCASKER           Robt
MCCAWLEY           Jas
MCCUE              Neal
MCCUSKER           A.
MCCUSKER           John
MCCUSKER           Owen
MCCUSKER           Pat.
MCCUSKER           Philip
MCCUSKER           Rchd
MCCUSKER           Richd
MCCUSKER?          E.
MCCUSTER           A.
MCELROY            Edwd
MCELROY            John
MCELROY            Pat.
MCFARLAND          J.
MCKERNAN           E.
MCKERNAN           Ed.
MCKERNAN           Sam.
MCKILLELY          P.
MCKINSEY           D.
MCKINSEY           John
MCMAHON            J.
MCMALKEN           Pat.
MCMANUS            T.
MCMANUS            Ter.
MCMANUS            Thos
MCMULLEN           W.
MCNAMEE            John
MCNAMEE            M.
MCROURKEN          T.
MCSHERRY           Pat.
MCSORLY            James
MEARS              Thomas
MEUTRAY            John
MEUTRAY            Wm
MEUTRAY?           John
MICHEL             George
MILLER             William
MITCHELL           Andw
MITCHELL           John
MOFFIT             Gal.
MONAGHAN           D.
MOORE              Robert
MORRISON           E.
MORRISON           R.
MOSGROVE           Sal.
MULLEN             John
MULLEN             Pat.
MULLEN             Wm
MURPHY             John
MURPHY             M.
MURPHY             Pat.
MURPHY             Pat.
MURPHY             Phil.
MURPHY             Philip
MURPHY             Thos
MURRAY             John
NAAN               Daniel
NAAN               Hugh
NANN               John
NIXON              J. jun.
NIXON              James
NIXON              W.
NIXON              William
NOBLE              John
NOBLE              Thos
NOBLE              Wm
OWENS              Bernard
OWENS              Patt
PARKINSON          Hill
PORTEUS            Chas
PRICE?             James
RATLEDGE           Jos
RENDLES            Wm
RENNICK            James
REUSEY             James
ROBINSON           Jas
ROGERS             Mich.
RUTLEDGE           James
RUTLEDGE           Thos
SAVAGE             Hugh
SAVAGE             Richard
SHANNON            James
SHANNON            Owen
SHANNON            P.
SHARKEY            Daniel
SHEIL              Rev. Jas
SMYTHE             Charles
STEWART            Thomas
STONE              Wm
THOMPSON           Edw.
THOMPSON           Jas
THOMPSON           Jas
THOMPSON           John
THOMPSON           John
THOMPSON           Thos
TUCKBURN           John
TUMMONEY           Pat.
WALSH              Archd
WALSH              James
WALSH              John
WALSH              T.
WARE               John
WATKINS            Wm
WATSON             Francis
WATSON             James
WATSON             Wm
WELDON             Francis
WEST               Edward
WEST               James
WEST               M.
WEST               Thomas
WHARRY             A.
WILSON             Alex.
WILSON             Alex.
WILSON             Andrew
WILSON             Berry
WILSON             C.
WILSON             C.
WILSON             D
WILSON             H.
WILSON             Henry
WILSON             James
WILSON             James
WILSON             James
WILSON             Jas sen.
WILSON             John
WILSON             John
WILSON             John
WILSON             John
WILSON             N.
WILSON             Richd
WILSON             Robert
WILSON             Robert
WILSON             Robert
WILSON             T.
WILSON             Thomas
WILSON             V. jun.
WILSON             William
WILSON             Wm
WILSON             Wm
WILSON             Wm
WILSON             Wm
WOOD               John
WOODS              D.
WOODS              James
WOODS              John
WOODS              John
WOODS              Thos