County Dublin - Churches

This list includes only those churches in the City and County of Dublin which were in existence during the 1800s or earlier.

The Dublin Dioceses extends into parts of Counties Kildare and Wicklow and these churches are also excluded from this list.

Name Date Constituted Comments
St Mary's Pro - Cathedral 1825 from St Mary's Church Liffey St Dublin City
St. Andrews Westland Row circa 1750 Dublin City
Ballybrack 1863 County Dublin
Berkley Rd 1890 Dublin City
Booterstown Prior to 1616 County Dublin
Clondalkin 1615 County Dublin
Clontarf St Johns 1879 from Fairview  
Donnybrook 1876 from Irishtown  
Holy Cross Dundrum 1800s County Dublin
Dun Laoghaire
formerly Kingstown
1829 Dun Laoghaire Rathdown
Fairview 1879 Dublin City
St Audoen's High St 12th Century Dublin City one of Dublin's oldest parishes
St Nicholas of Myra, Francis Street 1829 Dublin City
St Mary's, Haddington Road 1876 From Irishtown Dublin City
St Michan's , Halston Street And Arran Quay 1096 see comment Arran Quay was part of the the parish of St Michan's Halston St until 1707 when it was created a parish in it's own right and given the name St. Paul's
St Kevin's, Harrington Street 1865 from Francis St Dublin City
St James, James Street 1724 from St Catherine's Dublin City
Lusk 1669 County Dublin
St Catherine's, Meath Street Date unknown, but mentioned in 13th century (Crede Mihe) Dublin City
St Agatha's Nth William Street 1800s Dublin City
Rathfarnham Date unknown, Pre-Reformation County Dublin
Rathgar 1882 from Rathmines  
Rathmines 1823  
Rush 1830 from Lusk County Dublin
Saggart 1845 County Dublin
Sandyford 1829 from Glasthule County Dublin
Sandymount 1851 Dublin City
St Laurence O'Toole North Wall 1852 from Pro-Cathedral Dublin City
St Patrick's Parish, Skerries 1730 from Lusk County Dublin
Swords 1608 Fingal
Terenure 1894 from Rathfarnham