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A Record of events from 1899 to 1939

Source: Rita Murphy (nee Moran)

A Record of events recorded by John Moran including births, marriages,  deaths from 1899 to 1939 which occurred in Arles, Ballynagall, Ballickmoyler, Cooper Hill, Graiguecullen and Carlow.

John Moran was the Grandfather of Margaret (Rita) Murphy (nee Moran) Born in Ballynacarrik, Co. Kildare 1880 and died in Burton Hall, Carlow Dec 1939. He compiled these records of events over a period of 39 years

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Name Event Date Year Place / Comments Comments
Edward Lawler died 08-Nov 1899 Great Grandfather of Rita
James Kelly married 22-Apr 1902    
Denis Lawler married 04-Jun 1902    
Larry Ryan married 29-Aug 1902    
Mrs Mick Lawler died 07-Dec 1902    
Julia Kelly born 09-Apr 1903    
Michael Kelly married 28-Jan 1904    
Eliza Kelly died 09-Mar 1904    
James Lawler died  24-Apr 1904    
James Lawler died  05-Jun 1904    
Martin Kelly married  13-Jun 1904    
Laurence Moran died  23-Jul 1904    
Margaret Ryan died 28-Aug 1904    
Michael McDonald married 19-Oct 1904    
John Kelly born 06-Dec 1904    
Mrs. Dr Ryan died 09-Dec 1904    
John Lawler died 31-Dec 1904    
Mrs. Kelly died 31-Dec 1904    
Elizabeth Ryan born 16-Feb 1905    
William Kelly married 28-Feb 1905    
John Brennan went to England 05-Jun 1905    
Julia Brennan married 07-Jun 1905    
Patrick McDonald died 17-Jun 1905    
John Brennan died 13-Aug 1905    
John McDonald died 10-Sep 1905    
Mrs. McDonald died 26-Oct 1905    
Bridget Kelly born  10-Jan 1906    
John Moran to Margaret Lawlor married 24-Jan 1906 Arles  
Edward Lalor born 09-Jul 1906    
Owen Brennan went to America 29-Sep 1906    
Kate Moran died 09-Oct 1906    
Maria Lalor died 31-Oct 1906    
Michael McDonald born 01-Jan 1907    
James Moran born 14-Jan 1907 Son of John & Maggie Lawler
Sarah Kelly married 14-Jun 1907    
Mary McDonald born 17-Jul 1907 or 1910?    
Dan Moran died 25-Sep 1907    
John McDonald married 10-Oct 1907    
James Lalor born 25-Oct 1907    
Mary Ann Moran born  21-Jan 1908 Aunt Polly, Rita's father's sister
James Moran To Ellen Margaret Harrison married in Portsmouth, England. 22-Jan 1908 My Grandfather's brother
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Andy Lawler died 30-Jan 1908    
James Kelly married 19 Feb 1908    
Julia Kelly died 7 March ? 1908    
Thomas Brennan died 26-Apr 1908    
Joseph Brennan married ? June 1908    
Thomas Kelly married ? August 1908    
James Moran born 01-Apr 1909 Son of James Moran & Ellen Harrison
Eileen McDonald born 25-Apr 1909    
Edward Moran born 23-May 1909 Son of John Moran & Maggie Lawler
Sarah Kelly born 10-Jun 1909    
Margaret Lawler died 16-Aug 1909    
James Kelly born 10-Nov 1909    
John Kelly born 19-Nov 1909    
Eliza Kelly died 26-Jun 1910    
Bridget M Brennan born August 1910    
Laurence Ryan died 03-Sep 1910    
Bernard McDonald married 05-Oct 1910    
James Moran died 19-Oct 1910 My Grandfather's John's Nephew & Son of James & Ellen
Bridget Brennan died 04-Dec 1910    
Francis Lawler born 06-Dec 1910    
Michael Ryan born 22-Jan 1911    
Mrs. P Lawler died 07-Feb 1911    
John Lawler died 09-Feb 1911    
Mrs. Anne Moran died 15-Feb 1911 Great Grandmother of Rita
John McDonald born 18 Feb 1911    
Mrs. Anne Kelly died 23-Feb 1911 Kilabban  
Alice Kelly born 18-Apr 1911    
John Moran born 23-May 1911 Father of Rita  
William Lawler died 17-Jul 1911    
Mrs. McDonald died 04-Aug 1911    
Mrs. Bridget Kelly died 24-Oct 1911 From Killeen  
James Moran died 18-Feb 1912 Aughume  
Michael Lawler married 16-Jul 1912 Uncle of Rita's Son of John & Maggie Lawler born
Mrs. McDonald died 29-Jan 1913    
Edward Brennan died 31-Jan 1913    
Mote? Lalor born 15-Mar 1913    
Thomas Kel1y born 09-Jun 1913    
Maggie Kelly born 22-Jun 1913    
A.G. Ryan born 15-Jul 1913    
Nannie McDonald died 30-Jul 1913 Grange  
Katie Lawler died 02-Nov 1913    
Mary Anne Lawlor died 24-Dec 1913 Rita's Great Grandmother nee Brennan
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Mary Anne Moran married 14-Jan 1914 Daughter of James & Anne Cunningham
Thomas Moran born  21-Jan 1914 Rita’s Uncle, Son of John & Maggie Lawler
Mrs. Sarah Lawler died 02-Apr 1914    
Edward Brennan died 01-Jul 1914    
Patrick Kelly born 08-Jul 1914    
James Brennan died 26-Jul 1914 Clonprice  
Shop P Ryan born 06-Aug 1914    
Johanna Kelly died 18-Sep 1914    
? Donald Born 22-Oct 1914    
Mary Ryan died 03-Dec 1914    
Mick Francis McDonald born 15-Jan 1915    
Kelly Nannie Moran died 25-Mar 1915    
Tom John Kelly born 22-Apr 1915    
James Brennan died 20-May 1915    
? Kelly born 25-Aug 1915    
Jeremiah Moran Cullen   26 Sep 1915    
Winifred Kavanagh died 02-May 1916    
John Lawler to Elizabeth Moran married 30-Oct 1916 Arles Son-of-Edward & Maryanne Brennan
John Kelly died 27-Mar 1917 Killeen  
Mary Anne Lawler to Laurence Whelan married 09-Feb 1917 Arles Daughter of Edward & Mary Anne Brennan
Joseph Kelly born 16-Sep 1917    
Joseph Lawler died 26-Oct 1917 England  
Elizabeth Whelan born 24-Nov 1917 Carlow Daughter of Laurence & Maryanne Lawler
 ? Ryan born 27-Mar 1918 Killabban  
Alice Ryan died 30-Mar 1918    
John Brennan married 23-Apr 1918 Grange  
John Kelly married 17-Jul 1918 Killeen  
James Lawler born 20-Aug 1918 Cooperhill  
? Kelly born 12-Oct 1918    
Joseph Lawler died 16-Oct 1918 Long  
John Lawler died 06-Nov 1918    
Mrs. Brennan died 15-Nov 1918 Cullenagh  
John Moran left Killabban to-work in Burton-Hall, Carlow 23-Nov 1918 Rita's Grandfather   
Elizabeth Brennan died 01-Dec 1918    
Thomas McDonald died 22-Nov 1918 Killabban Rita's Great Uncle - Son of James McDonald*
James McDonald* to Annie Cunningham married 16-Feb 1920    
James Moran born 20-Jul 1920    
Mary Brennan died 23-Sep 1921    
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Pat Brennan died 01-Nov 1921 Burton Hall  
Timothy-Brennan died 27-Feb 1922 Burton Hall  
John Kelly died 02-Oct 1923 Newtown  
Mrs. Kelly died 29-Nov 1923 Ardnehue  
Patrick Kelly died 01-Jan 1924 T Town  
Mrs. Kavanagh died 24-Jan 1924 Knocree  
Mrs. Moran died 30-Jan 1924 Burton Hall  
Francis Lalor went away 09-Jun 1924    
Catherine Whelan born 06-Jul 1924 Carlow Daughter of Laurence & Maryanne Lawler
Bernard McDonald died 18-Aug 1924    
Joseph Kelly died 11-Dec 1924 Pollerton  
Miss Kelly married 10-Aug 1925 Bennykerry  
Francis Lalor died 28-Dec 1925 Carlow  
John Kavanagh died 12-Apr 1926 Palatine  
Laurence Moran died  August 1926 Killabban Son of Laurence & Bridget Curren
Michael Kelly married 09-Aug 1926 Pollerton  
James Moran died 06-Dec 1927 Ballinagall Rita's Great Grandfather, he was born in Co Kildare
Michael Kelly died 25-Dec 1927 Knocknagee  
Denis Lawler died 03-Feb 1928 Killabban  
Patrick McDonald died Apr-02 1928 Laois  
Patrick Brennan died 03-Apr 1923 B .Harmon His wife Mrs. P Brennan died April 1928
Thomas Lawler left Thorntons 01-Aug 1929    
John McDonald married 21-Nov 1929 Knocree  
John Kelly died 16-Feb 1930 Carlow  
 ? Lawler born 05-Mar 1930 Burton Hall  
Mrs. Brennan died 29-Mar 1930 Magney  
John Brennan married 07-May 1930 Burton Hal  
Peter Brennan died 25-Mar 1929 Bilbog  
 ? Brennan died 25-May 1929 Ballyhade  
Thomas McDonald died 02-Jun 1929 Arles  
Thomas Law1er went away 31-Jul 1929    
Willie Lawler died 06-Aug 1929 Barrow House  
Michael McDonald met with an accident 08-Oct 1929 Hand severed in a Thrashing machine
Mary Kelly died 05-Jun 1930 Ruthland  
Patrick Kelly died 25-Oct 1930 Ratpish  
Thomas Kelly died 10-Jan 1931 Ruthland  
Denis Kelly died January 1931 Barrow House  
Mrs. Elizabeth Brennan died 26-Oct 1931 Carlow  
Mr Kavanagh died 06-Jan 1932    
William Kelly born 25-Aug 1933 Pollerton  
Mat Lawler married 17-Feb 1931 P. Town  
Mrs. Nellie Lawler died 23-Apr 1932 Ballyhade  
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Edward Lawler died 07-Jun 1932 Castledermot  
Mrs. Kelly died 24-Jun 1932 Pollerton  
John Brennan died 08-Aug 1932 Carlow  
 ? Kelly born 11-Sep 1932 Ballyhade  
Patrick Kavanagh died 08-Jan 1933 Knockcree?  
Patrick Lawler died 20-Feb 1933 Carlow  
William Kelly married 27-Feb 1933 Pollerton  
John Kelly died 08-May 1933 Killabban  
James Kelly  ?  06-Sep 1934 Carlow  
Mrs. McDonald died 31-Dec 1934 Carlow  
Major McDonald died 28-Dec 1934 H-Mount  
John Lawler died 19-Feb 1935 T Town  
John Brennan died 11-Mar 1935 Billow  
William Kelly died 14-Jan 1936 Carlow  
 ? Kelly died 12-Feb 1936 Ballyhade  
 ? Kelly born 20-Aug 1935 Ballyhade  
Thomas A Brennan born 13-Jun 1935 Burton Hall  
Philip Moran died 10-May 1935 P Town  
Thomas Brennan born 13-Sep 1935 B Harmon  
Elizabeth Lawler died 27-Oct 1935 Ballymoyler  
Mrs. John Brennan died 17-Jul 1936 Carlow  
Dr McDonald died 20-Sep 1936 Carlow  
George Lawler died 01-Oct 1936 Ballyburne  
Michael Brennan died 30-Sep 1936 Mageney  
Mrs. Kavanagh died 08-Dec 1936 Barnhill  
Mrs. McDonald died 31-Mar 1937 Carlow  
Mrs. Law1er died 23-Oct 1937 Ballyburne  
Ellen McDonald married October 1937 Killabban  
James McDonald  married  24-Nov 1937 Mageney  
Patrick Kavanagh died 04-Jan 1939 Barnhill  
Mary (Moll) Whelan to Joe Smith married 10-Jan 1939 Carlow Daughter-of Laurence & Maryanne Lawler
Elizabeth Whelan   married to ?  14-Mar 1938 Carlow Daughter of Laurence & Maryanne Lawler
Miss Brennan died 06-Jun 1939 Carlow  
Michael Kelly died 14-Jun 1939 Pollerton Little  
Mary Ryan married 14-Jun 1939 Carlow  
John Brennan born 17-Sep 1939 Burton Hall  
John Moran  died 08-Dec 1939 Burton Hall My Grandfather who wrote-this record for 39 years
Denis Kelly died 27-Mar 1939 Carlow  
Dr Lawler Married 26-Apr 1939 Carlow  
Mrs. Lawler nee Murphy died 31-May 1939 Carlow  
 ? Lawler born 01-Jun 1939 Burton Hall  
Michael Kelly Died 04-Jun 1939 Pollerton  
These entries were 'copied as found' from hand written notes made by John Moran over a period of 39 years.
Copied from hand written source
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