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A Record of the
Byrnes, Nolans, Mahers & Lawler families.
 from the
RC Parish of Bagenalstown,
County Carlow, Ireland.
Source: Debbie Byrne

The following took place in the RC Parish of Bagenalstown, County Carlow, Ireland, unless otherwise noted. St. Lazerian's, is the Catholic Church in Ballinkillen. This church was the closest to our Byrne family, from Ballyloughan.

A Terrence BYRNE, of Ballyloughan, born about 1729, died October 1, 1807, and is buried in Dunleckney Cemetery, in the Civil Parish of Dunleckney, near Bagenalstown. He may have been an ancestor of ours. If so, Terrence had at least 2 sons, Charles and Walter. Charles was our ancestor. The Terrence buried in Dunleckney had a daughter, Margaret, b.abt. 1773 an d d. Dec 14, 1794. This is according to the gravestone. I do not know for certain if this Terrance and Margaret were related to us, but it's possible. They are buried on the Catholic side of the cemetery. I was told that Terrence is an unusual name in Ireland. My Thomas named one of his sons Terrance, one son Charles, one son Walter (my great grandfather.) Sometimes family name patterns are easy to figure out, sometimes not.

Charles b. abt. 1760, probably Ballyloughan, RC Parish of Bagenalstown, d. Dec 13, 1862, Ballyloughan, married Johanna NOLAN, of Ballinrush, RC Parish of Myshall, Co. Carlow. I do not know when or where they married, as I have not found a marriage record yet. Perhaps the record could be in the Civil Parish of Ballon and Rathoe. Their marriages start earlier. Charles and Johanna were our ancestors. Johanna b. abt. 1797, probably in Ballinrush, d. Dec 25, 1822, Ballyloughan. She is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, Myshall, RC Parish of Myshall, Co. Carlow, next to the Catholic church, Exaltation of the Holy Cross, probably near her parents. The stone is gone. A Charles Byrne married Nancy HEARY. Daughter Margaret baptized April 26, 1835. These two marriage and baptism records were found in the R.C. Parish of Bagenalstown church records. Supposely, our Charles did remarry. However, I do not have additional information on his second family. It's possible that this Charles, Nancy and Marg aret are related to us.

Children of Charles and Johanna:

1. Honoria b. bef. 1819, married Andrew LAWLER Feb 11, 1839. Honoria was from Ballyloughan. Dau. Margaret b. abt. 1840. Her baptism record is in the R.C. Parish of Bagenalstown church records. I do not know what happened to this family.

2. Elizabeth b. abt. 1819, married Edward MAHER bef. 1842, but I have not found a marriage record. Edward b. abt. 1809 in Ballytarana, Parish of Paulstown, Co. Kilkenny. Died June 25, 1896, Ballyloughan. Elizabeth died Dec 18, 1899, Ballyloughan. Both buried at Ballinkillen.

3. Mary, baptised Nov 8, 1820. I found her baptism record in the same place as Thomas'. Parents for both children were Charles Byrne and Johanna Nolan. Died May 13, 1902, Castledermot, County Kildare, Ireland. Married John Nolan Sept 18, 1839, Parish of Myshall. Mary is buried in the cemetery at Moone, Co., Kildare.

4. Thomas BYRNE, baptised Dec 7, 1822. I found his baptism record in the RC Parish of Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow church records. The townland was Ballyloughan. Born Dec 4, 1822. Died June 1, 1907, Chatsworth, Livingston County, Illinois, USA. Emigrated to US in 1848 and moved to Illinois. Married Bridgett McManaman Jan 16, 1854, Will County, Illinois. Married Eliza Gallagher Aug 23, 1858, Holy Family Parish, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Thomas and Eliza had 10 children. Thomas and Eliza are buried at Assumption Catholic Cemetery, Ashkum, Iroquois County, Illinois. I have additional information on their descendents. Anne Sinnott and Chrissie Maher of Co. Carlow each have a folder of information that I gave them on my first visit to Ireland.

This is part 2

2.Elizabeth BYRNE married Edward MAHER in 1842 or before. I have not found a marriage record, but they probably married in the Catholic Church in Ballinkillen, RC Parish of Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow. They lived in the ancestral home in Ballyloughan, RC Parish of Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow. which still stands, in ruins. They had 13 children. A few of Elizabeth and Edward's children remained on the farm in Ballyloughan until the 1930s or 40s. Edward b. abt. 1809 in Ballytarana, Parish of Paulstown, Co. Kilkenny. Died June 25, 1896 Ballyloughan. Elizabeth died < /TT>Dec 18, 1899, Ballyloughan. They are buried in the cemetery in Ballinkillen.

Children of Elizabeth Byrne and Edward Maher, born Ballyloughan, RC Parish of Bagenalstown: Charles b. abt. 1842. Moved to Co Kildare. Married Mary Cleary/Garry. Children: Elizabeth, John and Edward. They were born in Co. Kildare, Ireland. I wonder if the children may have immigrated to the US.

Other children of Elizabeth Byrne and Edward Maher: Daniel b. abt. 1844. Lived in Co Carlow or Co. Laois/Queens County. William b. abt. 1845. Died Oct 29,1926, Ballyloughan. Became a priest. Buried in Ballinkillen. Thomas b. abt. 1847. Married Mary Bergin. Moved to Co Laois. Has descendents in Ireland and US. Jeremiah b. abt. 1848, emigrated to US. Became a doctor. Moved to California. Married Annie E. Mathews. Died June 14, 1937 in Los Angeles, California. Has descendents. Edward b. abt. 1850. Lived in Co Carlow or Co. Laois. Johanna b. abt. 1851, died March 19, 1874, Co. Carlow. John b. abt. 1853, d Jan 25, 1916 Dublin Became a priest. Mary A. b. abt. 1855, d. Sept 21, 1923. Lived in Ballyloughan. James b. August 1857, d. Oct 30, 1941. Lived in Ballyloughan at ancestral home. Terrence b. May 14, 1859. Emigrated to Australia, May have became Civil Engineer in Sydney. Patrick b July 12, 1861, d Oct 1937, Co. Carlow. Was in local government. Honoria b. abt. 1863, died young, probably in Co. Carlow.

3.Mary/Mary Ann b 1820, married John NOLAN ofMarshalstown, Co. Kildare, Sept 18, 1839, RC Parish of Myshall. They had 9 children. Their dau. Matilda married Bernard NOLAN. They had 4 children. Matilda married a second time to Hugh NOLAN. They had 8 children. Bernard and Matilda had a son, Patrick J. Nolan. He lived in Roslee, RC Parish of Myshall. He went to the US to find work to earn enough money so he could return to Ireland and build a house for his bride. Her name was Catherine (Kate) Nolan. They married Nov 23, 1899, Myshall. While in the US, he visited his distant uncle, Thomas Burns, in Ashkum, Illinois. I have other information on this family. Mary is buried in Co Kildare at Moone.

Edmund NOLAN of Ballinrush, parish of Myshall married Elizabeth DOYLE of Craan, Co Wexford. Elizabeth b. 1768 -Oct 2, 1832. They had 10 children, including a daughter named Johanna who married Charles BYRNE. Edmund and Elizabeth are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Myshall, next to the Catholic church. The stones are gone. Edmond born abt. 1755. Died Feb 15, 1847.

This is part 3

Our Charles' brother, Walter BYRNE, b. abt. 1759. Died Jan 29, 1854. Married Mary (surname unknown) born 1777 ? Died Dec 7, 1834 ? Buried in Ballinkillen. 5 children:
Honoria, Ballyloughan, married James Holmes, Feb 11, 1839. Her first cousin was Honoria Byrne, daughter of Charles and Johanna. It's possible that the mother of our ancestor Charles and his brother Walter was named Honoria, if you consider family naming patterns.
Timothy b.abt. 1798 ?, died Dec 11, 1860.
Frank b. abt. 1800, died Apr 4, 1874.
Walter b. abt. 1813, died July 24/25, 1838. Buried Ballenkillin.
Terrence b. abt 1801 or 1804, d. Sept 20, 1874, married Ann CARPENTER b abt. 1819, d. Apr 16,1913, Bagenalstown. Terrance and Ann are buried at Ballinkillen.
Terrence and Ann's 9 children born in Carrigmore, RC Parish of Bagenalstown:
Maria b. abt. 1850. Died June 12,1937, married Gerald Fenlon Feb 14, 1876, RC Parish of Bagenalstown.
Bridget b. abt.1852. Died May 27, 1944. Married John Shaughnessy, July 5, 1879, RC Parish of Bagenalstown.
Johanna b. abt. 1854. Died Jan 14,1929. Married Tom Murphy.
Walter b. abt. 1855, d. 1931, married Ann MAHER Nov 28,1914,St. John's Church, Kilkenny, Ireland, no children.
Thomas b. abt. 1856 died Nov 21, 1868. Buried at Ballinkillen.
Margaret b. abt. 1858. Died Feb 4,1930, married Pat Doyle.
Anna/Annie b. abt. 1860. Died Feb 21, 1918, Wells, RC Parish of Bagenalstown. Married William Lawler. No children.
John b. abt. 1861. Died Apr 7, 1946 in The Sanatorium, Durban, South Africa. Married Nora O'Keeffe in Newcastle, Natal, South Africa.
Laurence b. abt. 1863, died unknown, possibly South Africa.
Maria, Bridget, Johanna, Margaret and Anna are buried with their families at St. Laserian's Catholic Church Cemetery, in Drumphea, RC Parish of Myshall.
I was told there are many descendents of Terrence and Ann living within a 10 mile radius of Bagenalstown. I have not researched this branch of the family any further.

Another Charles BYRNE, b. abt. 1758, d.Feb 6, 1833, Seskinryan. Charles. married Nancy NOWLAN, b. abt. 1774, d. Oct 6, 1822. They had a son Matthew, 1801-1885 and a son Michael b. abt. 1805, d. April 1, 1820. Matthew married Margaret KIRWAN, 1810-1879, Seskinryan. The marriage date was Nov 18, 1848. They had a daughter Anne, born 1850, who married John BYRNE of Aughabeg. Anne's sister Catherine, 1852-1904, unmarried. Anne and John's son, Charles Matthew, married Ann DALTON.  I was given this information by Edward (Ned) Byrne, of Bagenalstown. He is descended from this line. I do not know who the common ancestors were, but Ned told me that our Charles was a cousin of his Charles..


I forgot to mention, that the book, O'Nolan A History of A People, by Rev. John Nolan and Art Kavanagh, has alot of information on various Nolan families. A lot of work has been done on the Nolan clan. Debbie

Edmund NOLAN of Ballinrush, parish of Myshall married Elizabeth DOYLE of Craan, Co Wexford. Elizabeth b. 1768 -Oct 2, 1832. They had 10 children, including a daughter named Johanna who married Charles BYRNE. Edmund and Elizabeth are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Myshall, next to the Catholic church. The stones are gone. Edmond born abt. 1755. Died Feb 15, 1847.

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