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Carlow Courthouse Archive

Transcribed by Michael Purcell and typed and checked by Noel Roche. 

II. Contents of corridor to left of top of stairs from Jury Room    
A. c.5 cu.ft records stacked against wall, including    
  Athy Summonses   1971
  Rent Collector's Abstracts   1970
  Land Registry Notices of Dealings   1971
  Jurors' Lists   1967 (transferred to Dublin)
  Cottage Rent Receipts   [1970 – 73]
B. (I) c.2 cu.ft. records in box, which appear to be Personal papers of the County Registrar    
  Spanning the period c. 1920 – 1950 and including (transferred to Dublin)    
  Deeds, Assignments    
  Extracts from Justice's Minute Book    
  Receipts and Statements    
  Transcript of 1924 trial    
  Draft play    
  Bundle of judgements    
  Insurance policies    
(II) c.2 cu.ft. records in box, including  (transferred to Dublin)    
  Coroner's Depositions [includes marvellous case concerning man charged with extorting money on threat of publishing libellous song, quoted in full in deposition, on 'Borris Profiteers'] c.1920 - 25
(III) 'Original Folios which have been  Revised' – register of freehold.   1926 (transferred to Dublin)
C cardboard box containing mainly Cottage Rent Receipts 1969 but also unused burial receipt book for Tinneclash Cemetery  
  Carlow Summonses   1970
  Schedules of Uncollected Rates   1962
D. c.2 cu.ft. records stacked against wall, mainly Cottage Rent Receipts    
  but also    
  Rate Books    
E. Disorganised stack of records, comprised of unused stationary, and summonses and warrants from the 1970s.    
F. c.250 – 300 Rate Collection Books, each c.1"x19"x22   1960 – 69
G. mainly unused stationary, but includes    
  Recognisance’s taken by Members of Garda Siochana   post – 1970
III Contents of Strongroom (transferred to Dublin) pre – 1960 material consists in the following:    
  Civil Bill Files – c.1,200 files for the period 1953 – 70 occupying circa 9ft shelving    
  [note: the Cause Books which are the Registers for civil bill files, dating from the 1940s onwards, are stored in the main public office of the Courthouse on the first floor].
  Land Registry volumes, including the following:    
  Register Equity Accounts3 vols.   1946 – 47
  Circuit Court Bespeak Book1 vol.   1940
  Circuit Court Accounts1 vol.   1899 – 1900
  Circuit Court Carlow,    
  Correspondence Regr.  2 vols.   1955 – 65
  Workmen's Compensation Act,    
  Register of Agreements3 vols.   1908 – 34,1934,.1938 – 46
IV Contents of Public Office (all pre 1960 records were transferred to National Archives in Dublin)    
A. Judges' Notebooks   post - 1960
B. Co. Registrar, Carlow, Criminal Book   1955 - 65
  Ejectment Civil Bill Book   1935 - 51
  Cause Book   1932 - 44
  Workmen's Compensation Act, Register   1933 - 36
  Civil Bill Book (ordinary)   1932 - 44
  Applics. for certificates to Obtain    
  Excise Licences   1891 - 1934
  Register of [sprit] Licences   1934 - 44
  Workmen's Compensation Act, Register of Agreements   post - 1961
  Testamentary civil Bill Book   1926 - 53
  Civil Bill Book (ordinary)   1945 - 56
  Workmen's Compensation Act, Register   1928 - 31
  Cause Book   1944 - 55
  Register of sprit Licences   1946 - 58
  District Court and Other Appeals to Circuit Court   1941 - 55
  Registry Order book   1940 - 53
  Applics. For Compensation for Criminal Injury   1925 - 76
  Equity Civil Bill Book   1924 - 32
  Equity Book   1950 - 57
  Equity Registry   1956 - 66
  Register of Proceedings   post - 1967
  Civil Jury cases   1938 - 40
  District Court Appeals Book   1955 - 56
C. Sheriff's Dept. Remittance Corresp.Regr.   1954 - 60
  Criminal Injuries Bookpost - 1976    
  Workmen's Compensation Act Regr.   1936 - 66
  "          "   1943 - 56
  Court Orders, 5 vols   post - 1960
D. Land registry local Office Dealings Book   1939 - 53
  Registry Office Dealings Book   1953 - 56
  Land registry Local Office Numerical    
  List of Folios, 3 vols.    
  Index of Lands, Local Registration of Title [on veg. parcht]   c.1900
  Copy Folio Bespeak Bookpost - 1963    
  Land Regry. Local Office Labourers' Acts   1912 - 27
  Cases from other Counties   1934 - 61
  Leasehold Folios [list]   [post – 1960]
  Land Regy. Local Office Fee Book   1924 - 62
  Copy Folio Bespeak Book   1933 -62
  Names Index [with folio no. & lands]   n.d.
V. Attic (all transferred to National Archives in Dublin)    
  The attic appears to have being untouched since surveyed in 1988. Almost all shelves are crammed, giving circa 80 cubic feet of records, with additional c.35 cubic feet loose on the floor.
  While many documents are indiscriminately piled on to shelves, some do appear to have a discernible order, which should be retained during transfer. Many documents, particularly, those on floor, show signs of water damage.
  Sample contents of shelves and floor:    
  [note, particularly with regard to pre-twentieth century material, documents in the attic appear to have the same origin as those which comprise the Jackson Collection.
  The will of Frances Jackson, leaving the Collection to the people of Carlow, predates much of the material now comprising the Collection]
Shelf 1 - Jurors' Lists   1909
. Original Deposition, Court case   1937
  List of Appeals   1924
  List of Special Jurors   1906
  bundles of land Commission    
  Annuity Payment receipts   1939
  Sched. Of Properties Concerned, Tullow    
  Extension of Railway; with other railway records   1849
Shelf 2 - bundle Appeals from County Court    
  Judge Carlow Sessions   1923
Shelf 3 - bundles Salary Receipts, Carlow Gaol   1872
  bundles Land Law ( Ireland) 1887 Act    
  affidavits for Civil Bill Court   1902
  bundles Appeals, Spring Assizes   1902
  bundles Depositions, Spring Assizes   1902
  envelopes containing material pertinent to particular cases    
Shelf 4 - Land Registry material and Voters' Lists    
Shelf 5 - Property Dispute Cases   c.1901
  receipt books for lodgement fees   1942
  Irish Land Commission receipt book   1935
  bundles receipts of ejectment notices   1891 – 92
  Voters' Lists   1906
Shelf 6 - Lists of Appeals   1902 - 04
  bundles Salary Receipts, Carlow Gaol   1885
  affidavit   1738
  extension and Renewal [of debt order]   1860
  bundle Sentences   1850
Shelf 7 - bundle Michaelmas Sessions   1902
  County Registrar 's Office Copy Corresp.   1964
  bundle Land Registry Releases   1934
  bundle Lists Appeals at Assizes   1896 – 1900
  bundle True Bills, at Tullow   1857
Shelf 8 - Affidavit to obtain Decree in Civil Bill Court   1902
  bundle papers, Trinity and other Quarter Sessions   1889 – 92
Shelf 9 - Appeals from County Court Judge, Assizes   1923
  Registered Papers   1927
  Judge's Notebook   1956
  Voter's Lists   1919
  envelopes containing material pertinent to individual District Justice Court Cases bundle correspondence   1904
  Notices of Appeals to Assizes   1898
Shelf 10 - Bundles Land Registry administrative material   1907 – 13
  Floor - file of court case   1932
  Land Regy. Corresp   1913
  Affidavit re. planting trees   1819
  Appeals to Clerk of Crown and Peace, Assizes   1895
  Names and addressees, Carlow County Councillors   1907
  Electoral Lists   1925
  Fair Rent Applications   1904
  Material re. sprit licences   1905
  Workmen's Compensation Act case   1906
  Bundles 'information' re. e.g sheep stealing   1849
  Copy corresp. with Dept. Justice re.    
  Office accommodation in Carlow Courthouse    
  Bound Volumes    
  Bagnelstown Judge Civil Bill Book   1915 – 16
  Barrow Drainage Book of Reference   1889
  Barrow Arterial Drainage Book of Reference   1887
  Kingstown & Waterford, Carlow & Wexford    
  Railway, Book of Reference (gives property, owner, lessor, occupier)   1845
  Baronies of Rathvilly, Forth and Upper St. Munchin,    
  Applications to Register Freehold (gives name and address of applicant, Description, Freehold, value, Observations)   1829 - 46

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