Tithe Applotments

The following is a list of Tithe Defaulters/Witholders for the Parish of Lismolin in the Barony of Slieveardagh, in the County of Tipperary Circa 1831/1832.
Contrubuted by Mary Heaphy


Widow Shea
John Dermody
Widow Connors
John Flannery
Richard Bryan
William Loughman
Patrick Loughman
James Croak
Richard Morris
Denis McGrath
Widow Hill
Richard Egan Jnr
James McGuiry
Timothy Kelly
Widow McGrath
Widow of Pat McGuiry
Pat Headen
John Headen
Edmund Loughnan & Partners
Thomas Walsh
Anne Kearney
Michael Daniel
Edmund Egan & his brothers
James Comerford
Timothy Meagher
Thomas Bryan
Philip Vaughan


Thomas Byrne
James Mullally & brothers
Widow Headen
James Doheny
John Dwyer
Thomas Day
Michael Hearne
James Fennelly
Matthew Hamerton Esq.


James Fox
Daniel Nocton
Bryan Meagher
Edmund Meagher
Widow Prout
Pat Nocton
Andrew Nocton
John Lanigan
Widow Kealey
Thomas Nocton Jnr
Widow Conway
John Bolger
Thomas Keegan
Michael Hearn
Will Cassin
Michael Conway
George Meagher
Pat Meagher
William Egan
Widow Croak
John Meagher
James Meagher
John Meagher.

Widow Brophy
Edmund Egan & son

James Phelan
Richard Grisby (*Frisby)
Mr. Thomas Mullally
James Mullally
Edmund Brophy
George Brophy
Laure Olden
John Olden
James Fennelly
Edmund Power
Nicholas Tobin
Daniel Brien
Mr. Richard McCormick

Edmund Brophy
William Darcy
William Shortle
Michael Tobin
Timothy Rafters
James Cumming

Michael Cormick
James How
John Breen
Richard How
John Cormick

Mr. J Elliott
William Meany

William Cumming
Laurence Olden

Thomas Kennedy
James Hinds
John Cross
Edmund Croak
Michael Tobin
James Curry

1831 Census 207 Houses
                    210 Families.

Tithes due: £394.17.2
Arrears: Not known
Number of people in arrears 96.
All of the above were farmers.