Tithe Applotments

Tithe Applotments - Parish of Kilshane
Contirbuted by Liz Davenport

In March 1834 John Cooke, appointed Commissioner for Parish of
Kilshane, certified the sum of 65 Pounds Sterling as the just amount
of the composition for tithes in this Parish. The Parish contained
853 acres 3 roods 11 perches titheable land and 14 acres 0 roods 11
perches untitheable land.

Following is a list of the occupiers; and the size of their holdings
is given in acres-roods-perches [A-R-P]. Townland names are as found
in the 1834 record. The Commissioner recorded some interesting
observations/notes; and I have included them here in brackets [ ].


Jeremiah Doherty 14-1-29
Cornelius Doherty 14-1-26
Patrick Lonergan 11-1-18
Denis Duggan &
John Lowery  25-1-18
  [This holding is not divided, but Held in common.]
Andrew Kavanagh 3-1-20
Denis Dunbar  4-2-8
Patrick Duggan  18-1-28


  [This Townland is not named in Genl Vallancey's Copy of the
   Down Survey taken at Paris (this part of the real Down
   Survey being burnt) but it would seem to be a portion of
   Clekile, which in the Map appears detached by a black
   line, without name or number, probably as unforfeited Land.]

Patrick Duggan  15-1-6
Daniel Crowe  8-0-0
Denis Hurly  37-1-7
William Callaghan 8-1-0
Willliam Tobin  13-0-25
  [There was a Danish Rath on this holding but which is now nearly leveled.]
Denis Dunbar  2-0-0


  [There is a long chain of sand hills passing thro this Townland,
    somewhat resembling a long Pudding.]

William Heffernane 53-0-36
Denis Duggan   37-3-27
Denis Duggan &
  John Lowry  107-2-23
  [There is a Danish Rath on this holding which is held in common.]


Theobold Flinn  9-1-32
Edmond Kearney 12-0-36
James Callaghan 2-2-31
  [A Nursery of Shrubs & Fruit trees on this holding.]
Bartholomew Brien 15-2-7
Michael Donovan 3-2-35


Thomas Foy  10-2-5
Timothy Ryan  5-3-9
Michael Morrissy 12-0-19
Patrick Woodlock 48-2-18
  [There is a Danish Rath on this holding.]


William Hanly  12-0-30
John Clifford  3-0-10
  [The ruins of Kilshane Church on this holding.]
James Clifford  11-3-0
William McCurtin 7-0-12
  [There is a small Flour Mill on this holding.]
Capt. Henry Blackmore 13-1-22
  [The rent payable (if any) is not known.]


  [Nearly one third part of Spring House Desmesne is planted Mountain.
  There are the ruins of a Castle on the top of a conic hill on that part called Swifin (?)]
John Lowe, Esq.  275-1-4


  [This Townland from its contiguity to the Town of
    Tipperary may, by some, be considered of more value,
    but it is almost invariably occupied by Country Farmers
    who derive no advantage from their locality, further
    than a facility of obtaining manure at a high price.]

Widow Roche  6-2-11
James McNamara 0-3-34
Widow Hurly  18-0-32
David Carew  4-0-35
Denis Ryan  4-3-7
Thomas Slattery  6-2-16
James Slattery  0-0-7
Widow Kingelly  2-3-17
William Kingelly  3-1-30
James Donovan  12-0-0
  [There is a Danish Rath on this holding.]
David Brien  11-1-20


  [This Townland would seem to form that portion of  land marked N 0)
nd detached by the black line aforementioned in General Vallancy's map.
  This Townland appeared to have been rendered of value by the labour
 of the occupiers clearing and  grubbing up the Scrub.
There are several other small Tenements on this Townland, but held At Will from Morrissy.]
John Shehan  2-0-32
William Farrell  1-0-0
John Cleary  0-3-20
Maurice Dalton  1-0-33
Widow Cane  1-2-34
James Bourke  1-2-25
Timothy Carthy  1-3-37
Matthew Ryan  4-3-0
Thomas Laughman 2-3-0
Patrick Morrissy  33-3-21
[On this holding are the ruins of a Castle said to have been built by Ulick and John Bourke,]