Tipperary Presentments


Note on Presentments: The High Sheriff had the right and duty to summon a Grand Jury to the spring and summer Assizes to deal with road construction, etc.  Persons wishing to make or mend a road had it measured by 2 persons who swore to the measurements before a magistrate.  The road was described as leading from one market town to another, They also swore to the cost (per perch or total) for the making or mending. This application was presented to the Grand Jury who approved or tore it up.  If approved, the Grand Jury placed it before the Judge presiding at the Assizes for his fiat, after which the person who applied for the making or repair of the road carried out the work at his own expense and when finished.  The overseer swore that the work was done accordingly to the presentment, and in due course the person was paid out of money which had previously been levied by the High Constable on the different baronies (Act of George III).


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Barony of iffa & offa East - Iffa & offa West
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Baronies of Lower Ormond and Owney & Arra


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