Pigot's Directory of Ireland - 1824 - Roscrea

Abbott, William Mall Tailors
Acres, Adam esq. Mill-park Gentry & Clergy
Acres, Robert Main-St. Bakers (& miller)
Acres, Thomas esq.  - Gentry & Clergy
Bannan, Edward Rosemary St. Publicans
Bannan, Rev. Timothy  - Gentry & Clergy
Benn, Percy Limerick St. Publicans
Birch & Co.  - Brewers (& distillers)
Birch, George esq. Mount-Inchia Gentry & Clergy
Birch, John esq. Birch-grove Gentry & Clergy
Birch, Timothy esq.  - Gentry & Clergy
Birch, Wm. Henry esq. Birch-grove J.P.
Bowen, Thos. Limerick St. Publicans
Bridge, Mrs. Ashbury  - Gentry & Clergy
Brierly, Srimpton Castle-street Boot & Shoe Makers
Brown, Nicholas Main-St. Publicans
Brown, William  - Inns & Hotels
Brown, Wm. Castle-street watch maker
Buckley, Henry Hillsborough the factory Woollen Manufacters
Buckley, Wm., esq. Hillsborough Gentry & Clergy
Burgin, James Main-St. Publicans
Burgin, Martin Limerick St. Publicans
Burgin, Nicholas Rosemary St. Publicans
Burgin, Patrick Castle-street Publicans (& carpenter)
Burke, Mary Rosemary St. Publicans
Canter, Joseph, esq. A__-grove Gentry & Clergy
Carrol, Michael Main-St. Leather Sellers
Carroll, Joseph Rosemary St. Woollen Manufacters
Carroll, Michael Main-St. Tanners
Carroll, Wm. Limerick St. Publicans (& mason)
Cathcart, Rolleston N.  - Attorneys
Chetwyn, Captain Dun_ar Gentry & Clergy
Cleary, John Main-St. Booksellers
Cleary, John Main-St. Haberdashers
Cockrane, Captain  - Gentry & Clergy
Comerford, James Main-St. Ironmongers
Cox, Hopton Butler esq. Laurel Hill Gentry & Clergy
Cox, Samuel Mall Attorneys
Crampton, Richard Main-St. Tallow Chandlers
Crawford, Hugh Rosemary St. Brazier
Crotty, Thomas Main-St. Woollen Manufacters
Curtis, Daniel Castle-street Boot & Shoe Makers
Dancer, Richard  - Physicians & Surgeons
Dann, John Main-St. Boot & Shoe Makers
Dann, John Main-St. Leather Sellers
Dann, Jonathan Main-St. Boot & Shoe Makers
Darby, John esq. Leap-castle Gentry & Clergy
Davey, Mary Rosemary St. Publicans
Delany, John Limerick St. Earthenware Dealers
Delany, Thomas Main-St. Apothecaries
Downer, Wm. Henry New Medical Hall, Main St. Apothecaries (& manufacturing chemist)
Dudley, Francis Castle-street Iron Merchant
Dudley, Francis Castle-street Ironmongers (& trimming & fancy warehouse)
Dudley, Francis Castle-street Timber Merchants
Dudley, Shelton, esq. Mount-Dudley Gentry & Clergy
Dwyer, James Main-St. Boot & Shoe Makers
Egan, Stephen Cottage Bakers
Egan, Stephen  - Brewers
Eggers, Paul Castle-street Booksellers (& printer)
England, John Main-St. Publicans
Evans, James Main-St. Boot & Shoe Makers
Evans, Richard Main-St. Ironmongers
Evans, Wm., esq. Dung__-park Gentry & Clergy
Evans, Wm., esq. Main-St. Saddlers & Harness Makers
Fallon, John Castle-street Publicans
Fawcett, George Main-St. Grocers
Fawcett, George Main-St. Haberdashers
Fawcett, George Main-St. Linen & Woollen Drapers
Fawcett, George Main-St. Wine & Spirit Dealers
Feehan, John Castle-street Publicans
Feehan, Kierney, Main-St. Tobacconists (manufacturer)
Freeman, Francis esq. Sammer-hill Gentry & Clergy
Gaynan, Daniel Rosemary St. Publicans
Goulding, James  - Smith
Goulding, Wm., esq. Mall Gentry & Clergy
Hamilton, Rev. John  - Gentry & Clergy
Harding, Henry esq. Grange Gentry & Clergy
Harding, Samuel esq.  - Gentry & Clergy
Hart, Charles esq. Tinderry Gentry & Clergy
Harvey, Patrick Bridge Publicans
Hayes, George Castle-street Woollen Manufacters (& stuff)
Head, Henry esq. Clonlisk Gentry & Clergy
Hendy, Thomas Grove St. Tailors
Higgins, John Castle-street Confectioner
Higgins, Peter Limerick St. Publicans
Hurst, George esq. Fancraft Gentry & Clergy
Hutchinson, Captain Timoney park Gentry & Clergy
Hutchinson, Wm. Henry esq. Rockfore_ Gentry & Clergy
Jackson, Edward Main-St. Bakers
Jackson, Edward Main-St. Tallow Chandlers
Jackson, George Rosemary St. Tallow Chandlers
Jackson, Peter esq. Inane (?) Gentry & Clergy
Jackson, Wm. Main-St. Leather Sellers
K_nnah, Wm. Limerick St. Publicans
Keeshan, James Rosemary St. Publicans
Kelly, Hugh Castle-street Publicans
Kelly, John Main-St. Publicans
Kelly, Rev. John  - Gentry & Clergy
Kenedy, Rev. O'Kenedy Gentry & Clergy
Kennedy, Wm. Main-St. Boot & Shoe Makers
Kingsley, William  - Physicians & Surgeons
Kirwin, Patrick Rosemary St. Earthenware Dealers
Large, Henry Castle-street Saddlers & Harness Makers
L'Estrange, Rev. Thomas Glebe-House Rector
Lloyd, Colonel Gloucester Gentry & Clergy
Lloyd, John esq. Lowland-house Gentry & Clergy
Lynch, Jonathan  - gun maker
Lynham, Mathew Main-St. Cabinet Maker
Lynnan, Mathew Main-St. Earthenware Dealers
Maher, Cornelius Grove St. Tailors
Maher, Denis ? Publicans
Maher, Timothy Castle-street Bakers
Maher, Timothy  - Publicans
Maher, William Main-St. Publicans
Malone, Peter Main-St. Woollen Manufacters
Marshall, Samuel Rosemary St. Timber Merchants
Maxwell, Albert Gle__bert Attorneys
McClean, James Castle-street Publicans
McDonall, John  - Carpenters & Cabinet Makers
McDonnell, Andrew Main-St. Painters & Glazers
McGennis, ___ Main-St. Bakers
McGennis, John Main-St. Publicans
McGennis, John Main-St. Wine & Spirit Dealers
McGennis, Wm. Main-St. Bakers
McGennis, Wm. Main-St. Grocers
McGennis, Wm. Main-St. Haberdashers
McGennis, Wm. Main-St. Wine & Spirit Dealers
Minnet, Wm., esq. Cloghan Gentry & Clergy
Molloy, Richard M__oe (?) Castle-street Painters (__,__ & architect)
O'Brien, Anthony  - salt ? Manufacturer
OBrien, Eliza Rosemary St. Publicans
O'Donnell, Edwd.  - gentlemen's day (Academies)
O'Lery, Elizabeth Main-St. Bakers
O'Lery, Elizabeth Main-St. Earthenware Dealers
ORioill, Daniel Abbey St. Boot & Shoe Makers
O'Shaunessey, Rev. James  - Parish Priest
Palmer, Francis Main-St. Linen & Woollen Drapers
Palmer, Francis Main-St. Wine & Spirit Dealers
Palmer, Sandford esq.  - J.P.
Palmer, Thos., esq. Glanacurrah Gentry & Clergy
Phelan, James Rosemary St. Publicans
Phelan, Thomas Castle-street Publicans
Phelan, Wm. Rosemary St. Carpenters & Cabinet Makers
Powell, Mrs. Main-St. Apothecaries
Prettie, Hon. F.A. M.P. C____ Gentry & Clergy
Reynolds, Nicholas Main-St. Linen & Woollen Drapers
Rhodes, Wm. Main-St. Linen & Woollen Drapers
Rhodes, Wm. Main-St. Woollen Manufacters
Richardson, Robert Castle-street Haberdashers
Richardson, Robert Castle-street Linen & Woollen Drapers
Ryan, James Main-St. Linen & Woollen Drapers
Sheane (?), Arthur Thos. Esq.  - Gentry & Clergy
Shortt, Mrs. Eleanor  - Post Mistress
Smallman, Isaac White Hart Inns & Hotels
Smallman, Thomas Mall Leather Sellers
Smallman, Thomas Mall Tanners
Smallman, Wm. Castle-street Painters & Glazers
Smallman, Wm. Castle-street Tallow Chandlers
Smith, Captain Mount-B___er Gentry & Clergy
Smith, Charles Rosemary St. Tailors
Smith, John esq. Anneville Gentry & Clergy
Smith, Joshua, esq. Drum-hill Gentry & Clergy
Smith, Patten esq. Verdant-hill Gentry & Clergy
Smith, Wm., esq. Rachet-hall Gentry & Clergy
Snow, Michael Main-St. Publicans
Stewart, Rev. Samuel Castle-street gentlemen's day (Academies)
Stewart, Rev. Samuel Henry  - Gentry & Clergy
Talbot, John Main-St. Tallow Chandlers
Talbot, Leece Main-St. Attorneys (commissioner of Affidavits, master extraordinary for chancery, & receiver of special bail)
Talbot, Leece Main-St. Linen & Woollen Drapers
Talbot, Samuel Main-St. Attorneys
Taylor, General Mount _aten (?) Gentry & Clergy
Tracey, John Limerick St. Leather Sellers
Tracey, Michael Rosemary St. Ironmongers
Tracey, Michael Rosemary St. Timber Merchants
Vaughan, Wm. P., esq. Godd__-grove (?) Gentry & Clergy
Welsh, Edwd. Rosemary St. Publicans
Whitten, Ann Main-St. Haberdashers
Wood, Morris Castle-street Saddlers & Harness Makers
Wood, Moses Castle-street Bakers
Wood, Rev. Samuel Mall Gentry & Clergy
Wood, Rev. Samuel Mall Boarding & day for ladies (Academies)
Woodlock, John Main-St. Grocers
Woodlock, Patrick Main-St. Wine & Spirit Dealers
Woodlock, William Main-St. Tobacconists (manufacturer)
Young, Mr. Benjamin Stamp Office Distributor


    source:  J. Pigot and Co., London, 1824.
    (FHL film # 1279256) Also  at the NLI in Dublin.