Pigot's Directory of Ireland - 1824 - killenaule

Killenaule Is a small post town in the county of Tipperary, distant 72 miles and a half south-west of Dublin, 5 and three-quarters north of Fethard, 12 and a half north by east of Clonmel, and situate mid-way between Callen and Cashel. Nothing can exceed the beauty of the surrounding country, which is in a high state of cultivation, and thickly interspersed with the seats of an opulent gentry. In the vicinity several extensive collieries are at work, the property of Ambrose GOING of Bally-Philip, Fergus LANGLEY of Lickfin, and Charles LANGLEY of Colebrook, Esqrs. The parish church, a plain ancient building, is so inconveniently small, that it is intended shortly to erect another. There are also one Catholic chapel, and a dispensary, which was founded in 1813, and is supported by private subscriptions and county presentments, which are in general double the amount of the subscriptions. A petty sessions court is held every Wednesday for the recovery of small debts, and the despatch of other business. Within two miles of Killenaule are the ruins of Greatown Castle, and about a mile from it the ruins of another. A fair is held on the 13th of May, and another on the 14th of October.

Bourke, Rev. Lawrence  - P.P.
Byrne, Michael esq. Silverforth Gentry & Clergy
Cahil, Philip  - Linen draper
Callaghan, Matthew  - wool comber
Carroll, John  - spirit store
Close, Rev. Edward  - Curate
Cooke, Matthew esq. Old-town Gentry & Clergy
Croak, Edmund  - spirit store
Cummins, Rev. Edward  - Gentry & Clergy
Darby, Rev. Christopher Glebe Rector
Douglass, Adam  - apothecary
Dwan, Denis esq. Roan Gentry & Clergy
Fitzpatrick, Charles  - apothecary
Going, Ambrose esq. Bally-Phillip Gentry & Clergy
Greene, Richard  - baker
Heany, Rev. Patrick  - Gentry & Clergy
Jacob, James esq. Mortlestown-castle Gentry & Clergy (J.P.)
Kennedy, Edmund  - leather cutter
Lane, John esq. Lane's-park Gentry & Clergy (J.P.)
Langley, Charles esq. Colebrook Gentry & Clergy
Langley, Fergus, esq. Lickin (?) Gentry & Clergy (J.P.)
Latham, Wm. Esq. Macour (?) Gentry & Clergy
McCheane, Mr. John  - Post Office
McCraith, Michael  - grocer & spirit dealer
Millett, Richd., esq. Lism_rtagh Gentry & Clergy
Morras, Patrick  - shoe maker
Nowlan, Anstice  - baker
O'Neill, John  - parish clerk
Ready, Anthony  - Linen draper
Richardson, Thomas  - King's Arms Tavern
Ryan, Bridget  - Linen draper
Ryan, James esq. Hellen (?) park Gentry & Clergy
Ryan, John  - wool comber
Shaw, Robert esq. Cool-quil (?) Gentry & Clergy
Shaw, Robert esq. Kil_een Gentry & Clergy
Shearman, James  - linen draper & spirit dealer
Stokes, Patrick  - grocer & publican
Taylor, Nathaniel esq. Moss (?) Gentry & Clergy
Tracey, Wm.  - linen draper
Walsh, Thos.  - spirit dealer


    source:  J. Pigot and Co., London, 1824.
    (FHL film # 1279256) Also  at the NLI in Dublin.