Catholics inhabitants who swore oaths of allegiance to the King in the year 1775.

A list of the Roman Catholic clergy and of the respectable Roman Catholics of the Town and Neighborhood of Thurles, who have appeared befor Mark Lidwell, Esq. of Clonmore.

(Sorted by Surname)

James Bell of Thurles Thurles
William Bourke of Borrisleagh, Gent.
Richard Bourke, Borressoleigh, Gent.
Michael Bourke, Borresoleigh, Gent.
Richard Bowe, Surgeon, Thurles
Rev. Thomas Bray of Thurles
Thomas Burke of Gortnaskea, Gent.
Rev. Doctor James Butler, residing at Thurles
John Cahill, Rahelasto (?) Gent.
Peter Cooke of Broykin, Gent.
John Cooke, Borresoleigh, Merchant
Richard Cooke, Borressoleigh, Gent.
Rev. Edmund Cormick of Thurles
Rev. Andrew Cormick of Drum
Edmond Cuddy, Thurles Distiller
Patrick Cullenen, Thurles, Merchant.
John Cullin, of Holy-cross, Farmer
Edmond Delany Thurles, Gent.
Denis Dwyer, Rosskeen, Gent.
Denis Dwyer, Thurles, Apothecary
Richard Elward, Thurles Merchant.
John Fitzpatrick of Balick, Gent.
James Fogarty of Thurles, Merchant
Edmund Fogarty, Thurles
Magrath Fogarty, of Clonlessmullen Gent.
Thomas Fogarty, Clonlessmollin,Gent.
Rev. James Godfrey of Holy-Cross
Michael Green, Thurles Merchant
Nicholas Green of Thurles, Chandler
Patrick Guilfoil, Thurles, Innholder.
Pat. Hackett, Thurles, Innholder.
George Hannell of Thurles, Surgeon
William Mackey of Thurles.
William Mannin of Coolkip, Farmer
Patrick Mara of Thurles, Distiller.
George Mathew, Esq. Thurles
James Mathew, Thurles, Merchant.
Rev. John McNamara of Upper-church
Rev. Daniel Meagher of Moycarky
Hugh Meagher, Surgeon, Thurles
Rev. Walter Morrissey of Fillay (?)
Matthew Murphy of Thurles, Farmer
Bartholemew Murphy of Thurles, Gent.
Thomas Murphy of Thurles
Rev. Thomas O'Donnell of Thurles
James Phealon, Thurles, Tanner.
Rev. John Quoney of Meyn
Andrew Ryan of Glassdrigan, Gent
Rev. Emanuel Ryan of Manselltown
John Ryan of Ballaghboy, Gent.
Rev. John Ryan of Loughmore
Rev. Michael Ryan of Thurles
Owen Ryan, Dromdihy, Gent.
Patrick Ryan of Mealiffe, Gent.
Rev. Philip Ryan of Fil-cooley.
Philip Ryan, Borressoligh, Publican.
Rev. Thomas Ryan of Borres.
Valentine Ryan, Borressoleigh, Gent.
James Saunders, Thurles, Merchant
Roger Scully of Littlefield, Gent.
Rev. Thomas White of Thurles
Patrick Wright, Thurles.

We certify that the several Persons in the foregoing list have taken the
Oath of Allegiance before us this 15th Day of December, 1775.  Mark Lidwell
and Thomas Lidwell, junior.