Catholics inhabitants who swore oaths of allegiance to the King in the year 1775.


(Sorted by Surname)

John Baldwin of Caher, Gent.
John Brennan, of Mt. Neil, Kilkenny, Gent.
Theobald Butler of Garrane, Gent.
William Butler of Minnerstown,Gent.
James Butler of Garnakill, Gent.
John Creagh of Killahahy, Gent.
Thomas Dougherty of Clonmel Gent.
Pierce Everard of Fethard, Farmer.
Francis Kearney of Four-Mile-Water, Gent.
James Kearney, of Cashel, Merchant
Bryan Keating of Buntha (or Bunsha), Esq.
Thomas Keating of Knockgraffon Gent.
William Kelly of Clonmel Merchant.
Richard Kenna of Clonmel, Merchant
Thomas Lalor of Cregg, Gent.
John Lalor of Long-Orchard Gent.
Maurice Lenorgane of Roxborough, Gent.
Thomas Lonergan of Grange, Gent.
Thomas Long of Killoran, Esq.
John McCarthy of Spring-House Esq.
Donat McMahon, of Clonmel, Esq.
John Meagher of Ballymorriss Gent.
Denis Meagher of the same, Gent.
John Mera of Nenagh, Merchant
Thomas Mulcahy of Barges-land,Gent.
Robert Pendergast of Frehans, Gent.
Laurence Smith of Carrick, Merchant

All which I certify and return this day, Dec. 4th, 1775. 

John Luther, late Mayor of the Corporation of Clonmel.