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The Times
Contributed by Mary Heaphy

May 8 1902

Dublin May 7th.

At Templemore, today. Before Mr. Bruen and Mr. Heard, resident magistrates,
Thomas Gleeson and others were tried under the Crimes Act on charges of
participation in an unlawful assembly and of intimidation of one Lawrence
Long, the accupant of a farm formerly in the possession of Michael Gleeson.
Evidence was given in support of the charges, which were not maintained
against three of the defendants. The remaining nine were convicted on the
first charge. Thomas Gleeson was convicted on both charges, and on the first
charge he is to be imprisoned in Clonmel Gaol for one month with hard
labour, and at the expiration of the time he must find bail in £20 and two
sureties of £10 each for a yearor in default remain in gaol for three
additional months. On the second charge he must be imprisoned for one month
with hard labour, to run concurrently with the first imprisonment. James
Hennessy, Thomas Hennessy, Edward Osborne, and Michael Dywre were sentenced
on the first charge to one months imprisonment in Clonmel Gaol. Thomas
Burke, Timothy Geehan, and Patrick Fanning were sentenced on the same charge
to three weeks imprisonment, and Cornelius Burke was sent to gaol for a