Newspaper articles

Tipperary Free Press
Contributed by Mary Heaphy


April 27th 1842.

Owing to the very alarming state of the northern part of County Tipperary,
as evidenced by the numerous outrages perperated within the last fortnight,
a meeting of magistrates took place on Saturday last when a memorial,
strongly worded was forwarded to the Executive, praying, that prompt
measures would be taken to afford protection for the lives and properties of
the peaceable and well-disposed inhabitants of the distrubed districts. Five
additional policeman have been despatched to Moneygall, the scene of a
recent murder, or it is to be feared murders, as it is currently reported in
town today that Mrs Margaret Curry, the companion of the ill-fated Mr.
Roberts, had expired of the wounds she had received on the evening the
former met his untimely end. Up to the present there has been no clue of the
assasins, and from the combination there exists there appears to be little
probability that the Government reward will have the desired effect of
leading to detection.