Newspaper articles

Tipperary Free Press
Contributed by Mary Heaphy

Wednesday 30 May 1837

Three prisoners escaped from Clonmel Jail on Sunday last, using a crow bar
and other implements left behind by a smith. ?They are Wm Murphy, Don Casey
and Wm Ryan, the latter charged with firing on Major Lidwell. ?The
Stipendary magistrates, Nangle and Wilcox are investigating the affair.

Saturday July 29 1837

Clonmel Summer Assizes: -To be hanged on 9th Aug. ; Robert Sadler, James
Cormack, Thomas Ryan - all for murder.

To be hanged on 12th Aug.; Patk Carroll: Martin Shanahan, James Carroll,
Edw. Cane - all for murder.

To be transported for life: Jeremiah and James Ryan - for manslaughter; Wm
and Cornelius French - for stealing a horse; Morgan Brien - stealing a cow;
James Quinlivan - sheep stealing; Robert Fanning - for same; Edw.
Fitzgerald - for administering an unlawful oath; Patk Dwyer and John
Bourke - for ditto; - Ml. Hogan - felony in a dwelling house; George
Hagarty - manslaughter; William Longeran - stealing a lamb.

Sentence of death recorded: Thos. Collins - abduction; Stephen Peters-
shooting with intent to kill. ?14 years transportation; Bgt. Fitzpatrick,
called 'Bridget the Star' - passing forged notes, etc.

Wednesday. Aug. 2 1837

Died in Clonmel where he had come on business connected with the Assizes on
Sunday 30th.  Edmond Kelly M.D. Physician to Borrisoleigh Dispensary, in
prime of life.  He was seized with a maligant fever.  Left a wife and 3
infant children.  An immense concourse from Borrisoleigh left home to meet
his funeral.

Fracas in Town of Tipperary on Tues (1st August) when a Protestant
Clergyman, it is said, fired from a window at Rev.  Mr. O' Connor CC, and
shot him through the arm.

Died.  Richard Creagh Esq of Castlepark, Co. Tipperary, magistrate and
deputy Lieutenant, Co. Tipperary.

Thurles. August 2nd 1837 Barbarous murder yesterday at 7.30 p.m. yesterday
at Kilmacjames between Thurles and Templetuohy. ?Mr. Daniel Byrne, Lisanure,
returning from fair of Thurles, was fired from behind a cabin by two men and
mortally wounded and expired shortly after. ?The only reason assigned is
that Byrne became tenant of lands from which former occupants had been

Wednesday August 9th 1837

Sunday, August 6th.  At Knockavilla, Rev. Mr.   Mockler, after divine
service addressed the people and forcibly denounced the conduct of the
coward slave who could desert the country in her last struggle for freedom,
by voting for the Tories.  Rev.  M. Fogarty did likewise at Donaskeagh,
after which an immense meeting was held at the cross of Donaskeagh.

Fined ?10 each for non-attendance as witnesses at the spring Assizes:- John
Bourke, Kylecrew; Thos. Fogarty and Wm Long, Lisheenataggert; James Hines,

Wednesday August 16th 1837

Execution at Clonmel, Saturday Augt 12. ?Patrick Carroll for the murder of
John Lanigan, near Fishmoyne on 13th Feb. 1837. ?Attended by the Rev. ?Mr
Power CC; made no declaration of innocence and guilt. ?When the fatal drop
fell, he struggled hard till death put an end to his sufferings. ?Martin
Shanahan, James Carroll and Edward Cane who were to be executed at the same
time, were reprived.

Saturday August 19 1837

Co. Tipperary Election - Names of Deputy Presiding in each booth and agents
acting for Sheil and Cave.

Eligogarty Deputy James Archer Butler

Middlethird - Thomas E Lalor

Owney and Arra - John Lanigan

Slieveardagh - Samual Ryall

Upp. Ormond and Ikerrin - Hon Cornelius O' Callaghan

Clanwilliam and Kilnamanagh - Rd. O' Kellett

Iffa Offa East and West - George Ryan

Sherriff's Booth - Sheriff was Stephen O' Meagher of Kilmoyler.

Saturday 26 Aug. 1837

New Inn Petty Sessions.  Magistrate of the Bench and Rev. Herbert and Wm.
Roe.  Wm Norris, Protestant, changed Wm. Quirke, Pat Ryan and James Clifford
with assault.  Quirke fined ?4.00 or 6 weeks; other 2 fined of ?2 or 1 month
all with costs.

Wednesday 6th September 1837

Cashel Petty Sessions. Aug. 30th.  On Bench - S. Cooper chairman, William
Murphy, John Scully, Samuel Phillips and Captain Nagle SM.  Patk. Lyttleton
prosecuted Thomas Cormack one of the Corporations Sergeants of mace for
maliciously breaking his windows on the night of the 7th August.  Two
witnesses, Guinan and Purtil, said they saw Cormack standing at the Wesleyan
Church and cast something and heard a crash of glass.  Cormack had eye
witness, but his wife swore an alibi.  Case dismissed, Scully decending,
saying he never heard a clearer conviction by the evidence.

Nenagh Petty Sessions.  One Wm. D. Gleeson, hearing that there would be a
contested Election in Co. Tipperary, returned from Liverpool to aid the
Reform candidates.  He was arrested at Borrisoleigh on charge of having
unregistered pistols.  Gleeson represented by Francis Meagher, Solicitor;
when called, Gleeson refused to answer, stating he had not been summoned and
then left the court. Capt. Jason Chairman of the Magistrates insisted on
going on with the case, despite protests of Solicitor Meagher.  A gun -
smith, Egan, said the pistols were left to him for cleaning by a Mr. Wm.
Dwyer, who said Gleeson owned them.  After further protests by Meagher, the
Magistrates reluctantly decided to refer the matter to the Crown advisers on
how to proceed.  In meantime, Gleeson petitioned the Lord Lieut. for his
pistols and for the enquiry into the conduct of magistrates who signed
warrant for his arrest- apparently alleging the arrest was a Tory plot to
prevent him from exercising his rights in the election.

Wednesday 13th Sept. 1837

Garrison Races, Templemore.  Major Hay's horse 19th Regt.was winner. Capt.
Lovelace who rode a horse of Lieut. Walshe, fell with the animal and was
hurt.  The horse broke a leg.

Saturday 7 Oct. 1837

Attempted seizure for tithes at Mullinahone, Tues 3 Oct. ?About 150 police
from Clonmel,Carrick, Cashel, Fethard and Killenaule, with about 40 of the
34th Regt, with Edw. Lawlor Cambie Esq, sub-sheriff and 4 ragged bailiffs,
marched in here and at 12 o clock proceeded to the house of Mr Thomas
Mullally, Mohubbe, to distrain for tithes due to Rev. Archdeacon Cotton.
But Mr. Mullally could not be found and there was not a 4 footed animal on
his land. ?A similar attempt was made on this gentleman and on Mr. Rd.
Cormack in Oct. 1836. ?Cotton an absentee clergyman from his union of
Lismalin - which has 2000 Catholics and only about half a dozen Protestants.
The people of Lismalin and Mohubber are determined not to pay tithes until
the question is settled by British Legislature.

Wednesday 18 Oct. 1837

Stephen Tully, aged 11 fair- haired inclined to curl, smooth-faced with cut
on forehead.  Wearing dark brown frock coat, cloth ap, and cord trousers,
strayed from his father's house.  Thos Tully, Mountslat, Killenaule, on
Friday 13th.  He left Marlfield on Sunday last and crossed the Work-house
Bridge, it is supposed, with the intention of making his way to Kerry for
the pupose of going to school.  Police please look out for him, (Advt).

12 O' clock Thursday Oct. 19 day fixed for the sale of 87 sheep for tithes
property of Walter Brett of Wilford.  Apparently Brett was under a bail bond
to produce the sheep, which he did, each branded on one side "Walter Brett's
Sheep" and on the other "Seized for Tithes" a great number of people
gathered, including 500 on horseback.  A large body of police and military
present and Mr. Tabiteau CM (Stipendary magistrate) and Robert Lidwell J.P.
The sale proved abortive; the Sheriff announced that he would still hold the
bail for the production of the sheep at a later date.  Brett and his friends
then carried home the sheep, having clipped off the branding.

Saturday 28th Oct. 1837

On Saturday night 21st October, a small party of police at Donaskeagh,
arrested a desperate character named Dwyer who for some months traversed the
country armed.  He was taken in a field in midst of a group of labourers who
gave the alarm and a great multitude gathered.  Police and prisoner took
refuge in a cottage.  Crowd begun to tear down door and set fire to the
thatch.  Police fired and shot dead one Ml Ryan.  Crowd broke in and rescued
Dwyer.  Thigh of one policeman broken and another got a fractured skull, his
recovery despaired of.

Wednesday. 15 Nov. 1837

Appeal for subscriptions for widow and 6 children of John Kiely, Law officer
who died suddenly at Kilkenny. ?Earl of Glengall ?5, R. Long, Longfield ?5,
B Nagle stip magistrate, Cashel, ?3, G. Fitzgerald S.M. Morthestown Castle,
Killenaule ?3, Rbt. Courtney, Bally Edmond ?3, Misses Dillon, Blackrock, per
Rev. R. Chinnery ?3, Thomas Butler, Ballycarron ?1-10-0, Laurence Creagh,
Castlepark ?1-10.0, John Scully, Dualla ?1, Nich Grene, Cappamurra ?1, Rd.
M.Duckett, Clonmel ?1, John Chaytor, Cahir ?1, Rd. Creagh Castlepark ?1,
Sir. Wm. Beecker Bart ?1, A friend O.M. per Rev. Dr. Neligan ?1, (advt).

Wednesday. 29 Nov. 1837

Samuel Clutterbuck Esq and his servant, John Shine fined ?5 each for using
lights at night on River Tar for purpose of catching salmon.

Saturday 30 Dec. 1837

Mr O' Meagher's School, Fethard.  He thanks Public for their support of his
school.  A few boarders can at present be admitted and will have advantage
of evening tuition, and on recreation will always be accompanied by Mr O'
Meagher.  Strict attention will be paid to religious instruction.  He
prepares gentleman intended for Maynooth or T.C.D.  Instruction in Greek,
Latin, French, Italian, English, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry,
Mensuration, Geography, History, Book-keeping, Writing,  Arithmetic,
Drawing, Dancing, Vacation ends on 4th Jan. (advt)