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Nenagh Assizes July 1867
Contributor: May Heaphy


At the Nenagh assizes held in July 1867, a number of the Annfield Fenians
were brought to trial.

Patk. Lahy was indicted for treason felony. Miss Mary Ryan of Gortkelly
deposed that on Shrove Tuesday night, a large party came to her house &
roused her up. They demanded arms. She went downstairs & opened the hall
door but did not recognise any of the party.  One of the men said, "I am
Charles Bourke"; he wore a green sash.  He went upstairs & took away five
guns, two pistols, & one rifle.  He brought away her servant boy, Purcell.
Purcell examined, said he saw Charles Bourke Pat. Bourke, John Bourke, Pat.
Lahy, Pat. Butler & others go up stairs. John Darmody was called as a Crown
witness but refused to give evidence a woman in the gallery shouting
"Johnny, Johnny, if you say a word I will hang myself".  Pat. Grady
examined, corroborated the evidence of other witness, admitted on cross
examination that he instigated Philip Hayes to shoot Mr. Gore Jones at
Lisaroon some time previously, "I fired with Hayes from behind a ditch".
Hayes is now undergoing 20 years penal servitude for the offence.  Lahy was
found guilty & sentenced to 5 years penal servitude.

John Butler of Mount Catherine, was next indicted & pleaded not guilty.
After a prolonged trial, during which evidence was given of incriminating
documents found in his possession, he was aquitted.