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Assizes March 1826
Contributor: May Heaphy

Irish Assizes. 1-8-1826.
Clonmel July the 25th.
Mary Cassidy pleaded guilty to a theft, which she said she committed with 
the hope of being transported to Botany Bay, and of joining her husband whom 
that fate was assigned last year.
"Oh my Lord" said she "I will submit, I am guilty", if you let me bring my 
poor children to my husband. I have two poor creatures, my Lord, and we want 
to follow their father. It was for that we stole. We have neither a bit nor 
a sup. Nor can we get it from out kith and kin. Send us to my husband, My 
Lord, or if you do not, I will submit to your gracious mercy in any way.
M. Fitzgerald was indicted for stealing a cloak.
Mary Bowler swore that she saw the prisoner leaving her house with the cloak 
hanging under his arm. On being pressed to identify him, she exclaimed: "O 
Hone", I am 30 years in Clonmel in a dealing way, and was never brought to 
this place afore, and tis myself that am sorry that I have the bad luck. Oh 
I wisha.
Might the man have taken it by mistake. Oh I wisha he might.
Did you ever take a cloak yourself by mistake. Oh wisha I did.
Chief Baron-Did you ever take a pair of breeches by mistake-my good 
woman?. -Oh Wisha, lifting up her hands in astonishment at the question.
Did you run after the thief- run, indeed, it was my linen.