Rate for the relief of the poor of Thurles Union


Moycarkey  10 Oct 1848

Alphabetical List

Name Property
Butler, Edmond Ballyhuddy
Butler, Edmond Ballyhuddy
Butler, James Ballyhuddy
Brien, John Bog in Common
Brien, John Bog in Common
Hayes, James Bog in Common
Cahill, John Butler's Farm
Dwyer, Anthony Butler's Farm
Grace, Robt. (Rev) Butler's Farm
Hahasey, Michl. Butler's Farm
Hogan, Patt Butler's Farm
Kearney, Andrew Butler's Farm
Kearney, Andrew Butler's Farm
Ryan, John & Pierse Butler's Farm
Ryan, Patt Butler's Farm
Cahill, John Cabra
Cahill, Mat Cabra
Cahill, Michl. Cabra
Cody, P**** Cabra
Comerford, Keran Cabra
Comerford, Richd. Cabra
Connell, James Cabra
Crotty, James Cabra
Dannedy, Wm. Cabra
Fogarty, Pat Cabra
Fogarty, Patrick Esq Cabra
Gleeson, Mary Cabra
Gorman, Darby Cabra
Houlihan, Simion Cabra
Lyons, Edm. Cabra
M*cklin ?, Thomas Cabra
Magrath, Pat Cabra
Maher, Widow Cabra
Meehan, James Cabra
Meehan, Pat Cabra
Mulcahy, Con. Cabra
Mulcahy, Pat Cabra
Myers, Patk. Cabra
Ryan, Wm. Cabra
Stokes, Richd. Cabra
Brennan, Thoms/ Kearney, James /Collins, James Cloghmartin
Gorman, Thomas Cloghmartin
Kearney, John Cloghmartin
Kearney, Patt. Cloghmartin
Kirwan, Thomas (Esq.) Cloghmartin
Brennan, Mary Coolkiss
Brien, James Coolkiss
Brien, James Coolkiss
Cahill, Andy Coolkiss
Callaghan, Tade Coolkiss
Carroll, John Coolkiss
Carroll, John Coolkiss
Carroll, Margt. Coolkiss
Carthy, John Coolkiss
Coffee, Mary Coolkiss
Conolly, John Coolkiss
Cormack, Michl. Coolkiss
Donnelly, Wm. Coolkiss
Dwyer, Thos. Coolkiss
Fogarty, James Coolkiss
Gavan, John Coolkiss
Gavan, Margt. Coolkiss
Gavan, Michl. Coolkiss
Gavan, Wm. Coolkiss
Hayes, James Coolkiss
Hayes, John Coolkiss
Heffernan, Cath. Coolkiss
Heffernan, Patt Coolkiss
Hogan, Thomas Coolkiss
Hogan, Thomas Coolkiss
Houlihan, Michl. Coolkiss
Kerby, Danl. Coolkiss
Kirwin, James Coolkiss
Loughnan, Biddy Coolkiss
Maher, Darby Coolkiss
Maher, Darby Coolkiss
Maher, James Coolkiss
Maher, Tim Coolkiss
Molumby, Edmd. Coolkiss
Molumby, Edmd. Coolkiss
Morrisey, James Coolkiss
Mulomby, John Coolkiss
Myers, John Coolkiss
Ryan, Philip Coolkiss
Scanlon, John Coolkiss
Shanahan, Thos. Coolkiss
Stapleton, Wm. Coolkiss
Delahunty, Judy Drumgour
Fahey, James Drumgour
Lahey, Wm. Drumgour
Quinlan, Wm. Drumgour
Carroll, Wm. Fertiana
Ceaser, Thos. Fertiana
Cormack, John Fertiana
Cullough, Thos Fertiana
Delahunt, Michl Fertiana
Delahunty, Mich. Fertiana
Delahunty, Mich. Fertiana
Flanigan, John Fertiana
Fogarty, James Fertiana
Fogarty, Mich. Fertiana
Fogarty, Michl. Fertiana
Hall, Walter Fertiana
Heffernan, Michl. Fertiana
Hogan, Jerry Fertiana
Houlihan, Michl. Fertiana
Lahey, James Fertiana
Long, Margt. Fertiana
Long, Wm. Fertiana
Maher, Mary (Misses) Fertiana
Maher, Mary (Misses) Fertiana
Maher, Mary (Mrs.) Fertiana
Maher, Mary (Mrs.) Fertiana
Maher, Mary (Mrs.) Fertiana
O'Donnell, James Fertiana
Quirk, Wm. Fertiana
Wallace, James Fertiana
Wallace, Pat Fertiana
Butler, Patt Forgestown
Butler, Patt Forgestown
Cunningham, Michl. Forgestown
Delany, Martin Forgestown
Donnelly, James Forgestown
Donnelly, John Forgestown
Dwyer, Anthony Forgestown
Dwyer, Edmond Forgestown
Hahasey ?, Michl. Forgestown
Hennessy, John Forgestown
Hennessy, Wm. Forgestown
Kirwan, Joseph Forgestown
Kirwan, Patt Forgestown
Ryan, Philip Forgestown
Ryder, Mary Forgestown
Trassy, Thos. Forgestown
Butler, Wm. Galberstown
Butler, Wm. Galberstown
Cahill, Philip Galberstown
Cantwell, Bernard Galberstown
Carey, Brien Galberstown
Carrigan, Wm. Galberstown
Ceasar, John Galberstown
Collier, John Galberstown
Cormack, John & Wm. Galberstown
Cormack, Thos. & John Galberstown
Cormack, Wm & John Galberstown
Doran, Pat Galberstown
Dwyer, John Galberstown
Flanigan, Connor Galberstown
Flanigan, Connor Galberstown
Flanigan, John Galberstown
Flanigan, Mary Galberstown
Flanigan, Stephen Galberstown
Fogarty, Michl. Galberstown
Fogarty, Pat Galberstown
Fogarty, Thomas Galberstown
Glanigan, Wm. Galberstown
Gleeson, Pat Galberstown
Gleeson, Thos. Galberstown
Hayes, Thos. Galberstown
Heraro, Patt Galberstown
Hyde, Patt Galberstown
Keough, Thos. Galberstown
Lanigan, Wm. Galberstown
Long, John Galberstown
Long, Mary Galberstown
Lowrey, Wm Galberstown
Lowry, James Galberstown
Maher, Mary Galberstown
McGrathy, Larry Galberstown
Meehan, Peter Galberstown
Moloney, Thos. Galberstown
Murray, Malack Galberstown
Murray, Thomas Galberstown
Newson, John Galberstown
Parker, Thos. Galberstown
Penefeather, James Galberstown
Penefeather, Michl. Galberstown
Penefeather, Thos. Galberstown
Power, Jas. & Michl. Galberstown
Power, John Galberstown
Power, Michl. Galberstown
Quinlin, Jas. & Thos Galberstown
Rahill, Matt Galberstown
Rahill, Patk Galberstown
Rahill, Tim Galberstown
Reily, Wm? & Margaret Galberstown
Russell, Philip Galberstown
Ryan, John Galberstown
Ryan, Simeon Galberstown
Ryan, Thomas Galberstown
Ryan, Thos. Galberstown
Shanahan, Edmd.or Edwd. Galberstown
Shanahan, Jas. Galberstown
Shanahan, John Galberstown
Shanahan, Kate Galberstown
Shanahan, Michl. Galberstown
Shanahan, Pat Galberstown
Shanahan, Wm. Galberstown
Shea, Michl. Galberstown
Spillane, Jerry Galberstown
Spillane, John Galberstown
Brien, James Glebe of Maxforth
Cahill, John Glebe of Maxforth
Long, JOhn Glebe of Maxforth
Maguire, John Glebe of Maxforth
Molumby, Denis Glebe of Maxforth
Bourke, Thomas Grague
Bourke, Thos. Grague
Boylson, Joseph Grague
Boylson, Wm. Grague
Brennan, Pat Grague
Butler, John Grague
Cahill, James Grague
Cahill, Pat Grague
Coldbrack, John Grague
Cormack, Edmd. Grague
Cormack, Val Grague
Cormack, Val Grague
Creed, John Grague
Dwyer, John Grague
Dwyer, John Grague
Fanning, John Grague
Fanning, Wm. Grague
Flanigan, Edmd. Grague
Flanigan, Thomas Grague
Flanigan, Thos. Grague
Fogarty, Andrew Grague
Fogarty, James Grague
Fogarty, Michl. Grague
Grady, Thos. Grague
Grady, Thos. Grague
Hayes, Pat Grague
Hickey, John Grague
Hogan, Patt Grague
Kearney, James Grague
Keeshan, John Grague
Kirwan, James Grague
Kirwan, John, Matt & Wm Grague
Kirwan, Matt Grague
Long, Edmd. Grague
Long, Edmd. & Jas. ? Grague
Magrath, John Grague
Magrath, Thomas Grague
Maher, Judy Grague
Maher, Thomas Grague
Maher, Thomas Grague
Meany, Michl. Grague
Moloney, Patt / O'Brien, John Grague
Nolan, Wm Grague
O'Brien, John Grague
Purcell, Lanty Grague
Purcell, Larry Grague
Purcell, Larry Grague
Purcell, Larry Grague
Ryan, Edmd. Grague
Ryan, James Grague
Ryan, Michl. Grague
Ryan, Patt Grague
Ryan, Wm. Grague
Scott, John Grague
Skehan or Shehan, Pat Grague
Tyrrell, Martin Grague
Tyrrell, Thos. Grague
Bohan, Daniel Kilnoe
Delahunty, John Kilnoe
Delahunty, Thos. Kilnoe
Fanning, Patt Kilnoe
Fogarty, Wm. Kilnoe
Hunt, Jhn Kilnoe
Hunt, Patt Kilnoe
Maher, Michl. Kilnoe
Molumby, Thos. Kilnoe
Ryan, Hanora Kilnoe
Baker, Wm. Knockroe
Brien, John Knockroe
Britton, Pat Knockroe
Cavanagh, Thomas Knockroe
Cormack, Hanah Knockroe
Cummins, James Knockroe
Houlehan, Mary Knockroe
Kennedy, James Knockroe
Kirwan, Thomas (Esq) Knockroe
Lahey, Mary & Michael Knockroe
Lahey, Thomas Knockroe
Maher, Daniel Knockroe
Molloy, John Knockroe
Molloy, Mary Knockroe
Molloy, Pat Knockroe
Nolan, John Knockroe
Ryan, Mary Knockroe
Ryan, Michl. Knockroe
Ryan, Norris Knockroe
Shanahan, Judy Knockroe
Smyth, Michl Knockroe
Brennan, John Lisnahoosta
Cleary, Larry Lisnahoosta
Dwyer, Richd. Lisnahoosta
Fell ?, John Lisnahoosta
Gorman, James Lisnahoosta
Magrath, Patt Lisnahoosta
Mahan ?, James Lisnahoosta
Maher, Richd. Lisnahoosta
Maher, Thos. Lisnahoosta
Plunkit, Matt (Esq) Lisnahoosta
Purcell, John Lisnahoosta
Ryan, Danl. Lisnahoosta
Ryan, James Lisnahoosta
Ryan, John (2 listed together) Lisnahoosta
Ryan, Mary Lisnahoosta
Ryan, Mary Lisnahoosta
Tobin, Michl. Lisnahoosta
Toohey, Philip Lisnahoosta
Barry, John Maxforth
Brien, James Maxforth
Brien, Thomas Maxforth
Broderick, Joseph Maxforth
Cahill, John Maxforth
Cahill, John Maxforth
Cooke, Laurence Maxforth
Corbett, Michl. Maxforth
Fanning, Patt Maxforth
Farrell, Margt. Maxforth
Flanigan, Patt Maxforth
Foley, Wm. (Esq) Maxforth
Gleeson, Pat Maxforth
Heffernan, Larry Maxforth
Kennedy, Andy Maxforth
Lamphier, Vernon (Esq) Maxforth
Lulcahy, Owen Maxforth
Magrath, Thos. Maxforth
Maher, Darby Maxforth
Maher, Michl. Maxforth
Maher, Thomas Maxforth
Marc, Allain Maxforth
Marc, Wm. Maxforth
Meara, Wm. Maxforth
Molumby, Denis Maxforth
Molumby, Denis Maxforth
Molumby, Ellen Maxforth
Molumby, Ellen Maxforth
Molumby, John Maxforth
Molumby, Thos. Maxforth
Morris, John Maxforth
Shaw, Ellen Maxforth
Sullivan, Wm & Margt. Maxforth
Cormack, John Newton/Newtown
Dwyer, John Newton/Newtown
Fogarty, Bridget Newton/Newtown
Gleeson, John Newton/Newtown
Gorman, John Newton/Newtown
Gorman, John Newton/Newtown
Hayes, Thomas Newton/Newtown
Hurley, John Newton/Newtown
Langley, John Newton/Newtown
Stokes, John Newton/Newtown
Brien, Michl. Pouldine
Carroll, Pat Pouldine
Cavanagh, John Pouldine
Fanning, Joe Pouldine
Fitzpatrick, Larry Pouldine
Hayes, John Pouldine
Keane, Mary Pouldine
Kennedy, James Pouldine
Kennedy, James Pouldine
Maher, Denis Pouldine
Manning, Edmd. Pouldine
Ryan, James Pouldine
Ryan, Judy Pouldine
Ryan, Thomas Pouldine
Wallace, Richd. Pouldine
Williams, Patt Pouldine
Butler, John Shanbally
Fox ?, Michl. Shanbally
Manning, John Shanbally
Manning, Robt. (Esq) Shanbally
Mason, John Shanbally
Slattery, Biddy Shanbally



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