1654 TO 1657

Maurice Owen of Cashel then being Registrar. (Parish Register Society
Dublin, Vol. IV. 1907.

Contributed by Mary Heaphy

"Barebones'' Parliament, 1653, passed an Act that marriages should take place before a justice of the Peace - a Registrar to be appt in each parish or grouping of parishes made by the J.Ps at their General Sessions. "No other marriage whatsoever within the Commonwealth of England after 29th Sept. 1653 shall be accounted a marriage according to the Laws of England''. This latter clause was repealed in 1656. The Banns were to be published on 3
Lord's Days at the close of the morning Exercises in the Public Meeting Place commonly called the Church or Chapal or if parties so desired it, in the Market Place on 3 Market Days in 3 several weeks between hours of 11 and 2. Entries in present Register the only one known for Co. Tipperary, embrace baronies of Middlethird, Slievardagh, Clanwilliam, Kilnamanagh & Ikerrin. Most of persons mentioned were Catholics as register was civil.


July 5. Thos Keagane of Burnechurch, Middlethird, & Mgt Cugily of same.

July 5. John Ogfield of Cashel & An Meade of same.

July 5. Dermott O Dullany (or Derby Dullany) of Cashel, & Ellen Butler of same.

July 5 Wm. Ryane of Graistowne, Slievardagh, & Catherin Dergane of same.

July 5 Danniell O Mulraine (or Ryan) of Ballytarsny Hackett, Middlethird, & Cath ni Mulraine of Clonolty

July 5 Nicholas Ffemin of Graistowne, Sliveardagh, & Ellen Boorke of same.

July 12. Daniell Kneehy of Graistowne, Sliveardagh, and An Cromwell of Carrigin Sharrie, Middlethird.

July 12 Wm. Trohy of Burntchurch, Middlethird, & Margarett Hoake of same.

July 12 Connor Kenedy of Rathm Carty Middlethird, & Onnor Meagher of same.

July 12 John O Dwane of Carrigeene, Middlethird, & Margarett Rayane of Attikett, Middlethird.

July 30. David Williams of city of Kilkenny, & Ellenor Don of same.

Aug. 9. Thomas Butler Fitz Walter of Knockgraffon, Middlethird, & Ellan Lonergane of same.

Aug. 16. Owen Haly of Ballisichane, Middlethird & Margaret Numolane of Hollycrosse, Eliogarty.

Aug. 16 Daniell Harran of Clonihorpa, Kilnamanagh, & Saragh Ryane of same.

Aug. 16 Laurence O Doonire (or Dounir) of Laffally, C. William, & Mgt Morres (Ryan in Index) of Gowlinbridge in C.W. & M. third.

1654. Aug. 17  Daniell Morresh of Gowlenbridge in C.W. and M.third, and Ellan Brenagh alias Wailsh of same.

Aug. 21 John Rennolds and Mary Craffort, both belonging to Capt. Thomas Sragner.

Aug. 23 Thomas Butler Fitz Pierce of Knockgraffond, Middlethird, and Catherin Poore of same.

Aug. 24. Thomas Pewtry of Clonihorppa, Kilnamanagh, and Ellinor Morgan of same.

Aug. 30 Owen Duaine of Marshellstown, Middlethird ,and Anastace Crackane of same.

Sept. 4 John Lawless of Thurles, Eliogarty, and Margarett Casse of same.

Sept. 6 William O Dwyer of Carrigine, Middlethird, and Elinor Boorke of same.

Sept. 8 John Fogurtie of Cloniharppa, Kilnamanagh, and More ny Coffane of

Sept. 9 Nicholas Carcan of Garrane, Middlethird and Honora Bryen of same.

Sept. 11 Teige O'Dwyer of Garran, Middlethird, and Saragh Meagher of same.

Sept. 11 Roger O Mullony of Moiledrome, Middlethird, and Mary Hyade of Lismortagh. M.third.

Sept. 14 Mahowne O Daverne of Bellagh, Kilnamanagh, and Onnor Dwyer of same.

Sept. 18 Donnogh McHugh of Ballygriffin, Clanwilliam, and Saragh Ryan of Gowlinbridge, Clanwilliam.

Oct. 4 John O Dissane of Ballynry, Middlethird,and Juane ny Mullouny of

Oct. 4 Teige Meagher of Goulinbridge, M. third and C.W., and Ellis Boorke of

Oct. 5 John Jones of Goulinbridge M. third a soldier in Col. Lehunt's
company, and Catherine Godfrey of same.

Oct. 7. Thomas Commin of Cnockgraffond, Middlethird, and Saragh Slatterie of same.

Oct. 17. Teige Incroigh of Cashel and More Landresse of Croghtinibnelie,

Oct. 22 Daniell O Coulie (Conlie in Index) of Cashel and Ellis Brown of same.

Oct. 28 Rogger Dulligintie of Carrintoburbeg, (Rockwell) Middlethird, and Ellis Boorke of same.

Oct. 28 James Dalton of Ballytarsna Hackett, Middlethird, and Ellinor Quane of same.

Oct. 28 Daniell McShane O Gling of Carrigeenenyviegh, Middlethird and
Anstace Stapleton of same.

Oct. 30 William Carran of Cnockgrafford, Middlethird, and Margarett Fitz
Patricke of same.

Nov. 3 Richard Tobin of Grangebegg, Middlethird, and Catherin ny Daniell of Ballytarsna McKeory, M.t.

Nov. 8 Patricke Ullicke [Bourke] of Clanwilliam and Margaret Kinogh of same.

Nov. 13 Daniell Leary of Clanwilliam, and Ellis Boorke of same.

Nov. 14 Daniell Leamy of Myltowne, Kilnamangh, and Uny ny Dwyer of same.

Nov. 15 John Doorty of Brittas, Eliogarty, and Mary Mullor of same.

Nov. 15 John Ryane of Knockgraffond, Middlethird, and Saragh Hanning of
Sanballduff, M.T.

Nov. 18 Richard McWilliam of Boytonrath, Middlethird, and Onnor Ffogurtie of

Nov. 18 Mlaghlen McWilliam of Cari[n]lea, Middlethird, and Juane McWilliam of same.

Nov. 18 Gullughpatricke Lalure of St Patrick's Roche, Middlethird, and Onnor Cantwell of same.

Nov. 19 Philip Kenedy of Borres Ileagh in Territorie of Ileagh, and Ellen ny Morrogh of same.

Nov. 20 John Ryane of Clonihorppa, Kilnamanagh, and Juane ny Dwyer of same.

Nov. 21. John Mihill of Gort McElly, Middlethird, and Margarett Meagher of Rathme Carty, M.T.

Nov. 21 Patricke Hackett of Cnockgraffond, Middlethird, and Cath Prendergast
of Cloghard, Iffa and Offa.

Nov. 21 Hugh McConnor of Ballysichane, Middlethird, and Catherine Cantwell
of same.

Nov. 22 Roger Hiffernamie (Hiffernane in Index) of Dunskeagh, Clanwilliam,
and Mgt. Boorke of same.

Nov. 22 William Stapleton of Ballysichane, Middlethird, and Ellen Grace of
St Patrick's Roche, M.T

Dec. 1 James Hackett of Nodstowne, Middlethird, and Honora Dwyer, Carrigine, Kilnamanagh.

Dec. 4 Danniell Dorochy of Shanbally Duffe, Middlethird, and Margaret Butler of same.

Dec. 15. Connor O' Dwyer of Thurles, Middlethird [?], and Ellan Boorke of
Cashel, Middlethird.

Dec. 20. Thomas Boorke of Knockgraffond, Middlethird, and Elinor Harea of

Jan. 3. William Boorke of Cnockgraffond, Middlethird, and Catherin ny
Daniell of same.

Jan. 12. John Breannagh of Shanballyduffe, Middlethird, and Juane Sortell of

Jan. 16. Phelin O' Huane (Phelim Hoane in Index) of Bellagh, Kilnamanagh,
and Gyles ny Cuna of same.

Jan. 20. Redmond Cantwell of Ballyduagh, Middlethird, and Mary Boyton of
Cashell, Middlethird.

Jan. 20. James Headen of Cashel, Middlethird, and Mary Quirigane of same.

Feb. 7. Theobald Stapleton of Ballysichane, Middlethird, and Anny ny Dermott of Ardmaile, M.T.

Feb. 8. Dermott Dooling (Derby Doding in Index) of Knockgraffon, M.T., and Onnor Bryen of same.

Feb. 14. Thomas Heiffernane of Horeaby, Middlethird, and Jane Mulrae of same.

Feb. 20. Donnogh O' Dwyer of Cullinure, Kilnamanagh, and Mary Butler of
Ballynakill, Ikerrin.

Feb. 21. John O' Donoghane of St. Patricks Roche, Middlethird and Catherine Butler of same.

Feb. 21. John Ryan of Cullihill, Eliogarty and Catherin Boorke of Barenicerry Eliogarty.

Feb. 22. Thomas Young of Clonihorpa, Kilnamanagh, and Juane Ryane of same.

Feb. 24. William Trassy of Goulin, Middlethird and Saragh Gervie of same.

1655. May. 19. Derby Royane (Ryan in Index) of Ardmayle and Juane Neale of same.

May. 19. John Hiffernane of parish of Religmirry, Middlethird, and Catherin Daniell of same.

May. 19. William Mocler of Clearestown, Iffa and Offa, and Ellen ny Daniell of same.

May. 29. Thomas Dwyer, parish of St P. Roche, Middlethird, and Catherin Heny of same.

May. 29. Teige O Donollane of parish of Droin, Eliogarty and Juane Stapelton of same (Drom?).

May 29. Richard McNemarra of parish of Droim, Eliogarty, and Juane Stapleton of same.

May. 29. Donnogh O Dwyer parish of oughterleig, Kilnamanagh, and Giles Duggin of same.

May. 29. John Meary of Ballysichane, Middlethird, and Margaret Dwyer of

June 9. William McGullevartine of Kilfiekill, Clanwilliam, and Phenola Oulane of same.

June 9. Edmond Butler of Cnockgraffond, Middlethird, and Catherine Boorke of same.

June 9. Laurence White of Patrickes Roche, Middlethird, and Ellen Quinnane (Quingane in Index) of same.

June 27. Thomas Stapletone of Knockgraffond, Middlethird, and Catherin Woodlocke of same.

June 28. Thomas Dwyer of parish of Clorigh, Kilnamanagh, and Honnora ny Barratin of same.

July 7. Derby Laffife (Lahiffe in Index), parish of Holycrosse, Eliogarty, and Ellen Laffan of same.

July 7. Richard Kearney, parish of Holycrosse, Eliogarty, and Ellen Deyer of same.

July 11. William Reade of parish of Clonoltie, Kilnamanagh, and Margaret Cussacke of same.

July 14. Teige O Ling of parish of Holycross, Eliogarty, and Juane Reane of same.

July 14. William FFaligh of parish of St John Baptist, Middlethird, and Margarett Kearney of same.

July 15. Edmond Sixpence of parish of Himilis [Emly], Clanwilliam, and Honora ny Ieher of same.

July 27. Teige McRory of parish of Hollycrosse, Eliogarty, and Catherin Commin of same.

July 27. Philip Dempsey of parish of St Patricks Roche, Middlethird, and Sara Dwyer of same.

July 27. Daniell O Hea of Cnockgraffond, Middlethird, and Ellis Meagher of same.

1655. July 29. Thomas Ffaligh of Cnockgraffon, Middlethird, and Margaret Kearney of same.

July 2. Nicholas Cody of parish of Clearstown, Iffa and Offa, and Margarett ni Hugh of same.

July 28. Nicholas FFlemmin of Cnockgraffond, M.third, and Mgt. Ronane of same.

July 28. Edmond Brittin of Cnockgraffon, M.third, and Anstace ni Hasty of same.

July 11. John Connell of Cnockgraffon, M.third, and Cath Carran of same.

July 26. Donnogh Cwony of parish of Sronill, Clanwilliam, and Juane ny Darish of same.

July 4. Daniell Meagher of parish of Holly Crosse, Elyogarty, and Giles Glisane of same.

July 28. Gerrott Fitz Gerald of parish of Quilline, [Cullen] CW. and Mgt Seale of same.

July 28. Thomas Morres of Mokarky, Elyogarty, and Cath Loughlin of same.

July 29. Edmond Cahill of par of Mooretownekirke, M.T., and More ny Nea of same.

July 29. Richard Berran of Tamplenynerry, C.W., and Cath. Hickie of same.

Aug. 4. James Kennedy of par. of St. Pat's. Roche, M.T, and Uny Connily of same.

Aug. 4. Donnogh McDerby of par of Relligmurry MT, and Juane ny Cuane of same.

Aug. 8. Philip FFogurtie of par. of St. P. Roche, M.T, and Mgt. Cleare of same.

Aug. 16. FFrancis O' Daniell of Cnockgraffond, M.T, and Ellen Grace of par. of St. John Baptist M.T.

Aug. 16. Robert Comin of par of Cnockgraffon, M.T., and Juane ny Daniell of same.

Sept. 8. Oliver Sortell (Shortell in index) of Shanballyduff, M.T., and Lewcey Carie of Mogorbane, M.T.

Sept. 19. John McMorrish of Par of St P's Rockes, M.T, and Mgt. Buo of same. 

Sept. 20. James Kenedy and Uny ny Neale of par of St Patrick's Roche M.T.

Sept. 20. James Cahell of par of Dounighmore, Iffa and Offa, and Cath Celly of same.

Sept. 20. Donnogh O Cwony of par of Sronill, C.W., and Uny ny John of same (see July 26th).

Sept. 20. Edmond Kelly of par of Ballynteample, Kilnamanagh, and Uny ny Derby of same.

Sept. 22. Richard Wailsh of par of St. P. Roche, M.T, and Cath ni Daniell of same.

Sept. 29. William Carroll of Ballygriffin, C.W., and Mgt. Trohie of same.

Sept. 29. Loghlin McMahowny, Ballygriffin, CW and Ellen Quingane (Quinigane in Index) of same.

Oct. 6. Thomas Stoake of par. of Killfiekill, C.W, and Ellinor Cowney of same.

Oct. 6. John McGriffe of par of Himily, C.W., and Gyles Dwyer of same.

Oct. 10. Donnogh O Crotty of par of St. J. Baptist, M.T., and Catherin ny Donnogh of same.

Oct. 20. James Ffarrill of par. of Grangestown, M.T., and Ellinor Ffanane of same.

Oct. 24. Connor Moore of par of Mogorbane, M.T., and Juane Phealane of same.

Oct. 27. John O' Donnovane of par. of Cilline [Cullen], C.W., and Uny ny Connor of same.

Oct. 30. Robert Hall and Catherin Sothall, both of par. of St John Baptist, M.T.

Oct. 30. Derby McJohn and Juane ny Teige, both of par. of Ballintample, Kilnamanagh.

Nov. 3. Connor Rirdane (Ryardane in Index) and Rose Villane, both of par. of Ballyntample, M.T.

Nov. 14. Cowne O'Daniell and Catherin Comin, both of par of Cnockgraffond, M.T.

Nov. 27. Connor Dwyer of Kylconell par. and Cath Carran of par. of Grelagh M.T.

Dec. 1. Donogh O Heany and Sara Mulrony, both of par of St P. Roche, M.T.

Jan. 5 Redmond Ruphell (Rushell in Index) and Juane Carroll, both of par of Mockarky, Eliogarty.

Jan. 5. William Dwyer and Catherin Ryan, both of par. of Rillickmurry in C.W. and M.T.

Jan. 26. Mathew Kennedy and Juane Cuirrivane, both of Ardmaile, M.T.

Jan. 29. Richard Donnin (Donuine in Index) and An Kearney both of Rillickmurry, M.T.

Jan. 29. Thomas Hiskie and Margaret Ryane, both of par of St J. Baptist , MT.

Jan. 29. James Boyton and Mary Kearney, both of Cashell.

Jan. 30. John Reyane and Mgt. Merrigan, both of par. of Rellickemurry M.T.

Jan. 30. John Crannow and Mgt. Boyton, both of par of St P. Roche MT.

Feb. 2. Richard Ryane of par. of St P. Roche, and Catherin ny Teige of par. of Tullaghmaine, M.T.

Feb. 2. John Lowane and Gyles ny Hilim, both of par of Boytonrath, M.T.

Feb. 13. Patrick Shortell of par. of St P. Roche and Mgt. Carran of par of Cahir, M.T.

Feb. 13. William FFahy of par. of Ballysichane M.T. and Cath ny Hirrin of same.

Feb. 13. William Ryane and Margarett Dwyer, both of Grenane, C.W.

Feb. 13. Derby O' Dwyer of par. of Clonoltie, and Margarett Carran of par. of Cloghir, K.M.

Feb. 16. Mlaghlen O Dwyer of par of Clonoultie, and Cath ny Gowny of same, K. M.

Mar. 28. William Ryane of Ballymore, and Ellen Neale of same, K.M.

Mar. 18. Dermott O Dwyer (Derby Dwyer in Index) of Bellagh, and Mary Dwyer of same K.M.

Mar. 30. Teige O Heiffernane of Rathm Cartie in par of Tullaghmaine, and Juane Butler of same M.T.

April 11. James Hensy of Cashel, and Ellen Laffan of same.

April 16. Edmond Carran of Ballysickane, and Cath. Cassine of same, M.T.

April 16. William Mergin of Camus, M.T., and Gyles Dwyer of Clonisboe, K.M.

April 16. James Blake of Cashell and Juane Hea of same.

April 25. Thomas Tierny of Cashell and Sara Ffryne of same.

April 3. Redmond Hackett of Holycrosse, Eli, and Ellan ny Egane of Ballysichane, M.T.

May. 6. Therlagh McGrath of Ballymore and Catherin ny Asliname of Clonihorpa, K.M.

May. 8. Edmond Hackett of Nodstowne in par. of Ardmaile, and Cath Comin of same, M.T.

May. 24. Philip Ryane of Clonihorpa and Honora Ryane of same, K.M.

June 26. Connor Meagher of par. of Magorbane, and Juane ny Bryen of same M.T.

July 16. John Donnell of Attykett, and Ellan FFaby of same M.T.

Aug. 6. John Meagher of Boytonrath and Cath Ryan of Ballynry, M.T.

Aug. 26. James Hackett of Galbally, Coshlea, Co. Limk. and Cath Hackett of FFoulcerstowne, Eliogarty

Aug. 27. John Hackett of Ffoulcerstown, Eli, and Catherin Hacket of Galbally, Coshlea, Co. Limk.

Jan. 1. James Grea of Cnockgraffond, and Juane Meagher of Corinlea, M.T.

Jan. 1. William Blunt of Dannanestowne, Co. Cork and Elizabeth Butler of Bansagh C.W.

Jan. 2. Thomas Dwyre of Ardmaile and Onnor Devane of same, M.T.

Jan. 5. John McDermott of Cnockaneniegh, and Cath Hingirdle of Shanballyduffe, M.T.

Jan. 12. Mathew Cuonigh of Griffinstowne, and Slaine McNemarra of same, C.W.

Jan. 13. William Scurlocke of Ballyngronty and Juane Kenedy of same, C.W.

Jan. 14. Teige Mulcroe of Boytonrath, and Mgt. Dooly of Woodinstowne, M.T.

Jan. 16. Morgan Mackan of Darrymore and Cath. Ryane of some, K.M.

Jan. 20. John Brenagh of Shanbally Duffe and Cath. Purcell of same, M.T.

Jan. 20. Richard Ryane Rathkenane, and Mgt. Dwyer of same, K.M.

Jan. 20. Edward Conill of Kylltane [Kilshane] and Mgt. ny Danniell of Bansagh, C.W.

Feb. 1. Thomas Hiffernane of Ballynry, and Gyles Meagher of same, M.T.

Oct. 17. Redmond Magrath of Mallymore, and Ellis Butler of Culinure, K.M.

Nov. 4. Donnogh Ryane of Cashell and Cath. Meehane of same.

Nov. 4. Teige McConnor of Culinure, and Uny Ryane of Clonisbeo, K.M.

Nov. 4. Edmond Magrath of Cashell, and Cath. Donoghie of Croghtinabluolie, M.T.

Nov. 12. Teige Ryane of Dundrome, and Mgt. Ryane of Ballisidie, K.M

Nov. 13. Roger Higgin of Clonoultie, K.M. and Honnora Devane of Ardmaile, M.T.

Nov. 13. Edmond Meagher of Cashell, and Ellan Hackett of same.

Nov. 15. Edmond Wailsh of Clounoultie, and Sara Ryane of same, M.T.

Nov. 25. Donnogh Arra of Ardmayle, and Juane Dooly of same, M.T.

Dec. 21. John FFlood of Clonoultie, K.M. and Juane Boorke of Collaghill, Eliogarty.

Dec. 26. John Hickie of Boytonrath, and Juane Heffernane of same, M.T.

Dec. 31. Thomas Meagher of Cashell, and Mgt. ny Danniell of Barony of M.T.

Mar. 5. Willm Pemerton of Killteynane, troop, An Coogin of town of FFithard, spinster.

Mar. 20. Daniell O Hallurane of Greistowne, Sliev. and Mgt. Lemeasny of same.

Mar. 16. John Henes of par. of Drangane, M.T. and Cath. Bryen of same.

Mar. 16. Derby Dalloghonty of Drangane, and Juan Carroll of same.

Mar. 16. John Shea and Juan Haly of Drangane.

Mar. 16. John Meagher of Priestown, M.T., and Ellis Mahuny of same.

Mar. 16. Willm Cashin of Killahy, Sliev. and ...

Mar. 19. Terlagh O Neale of Drangane, M.T., and Juane Keene of same.

Dec. 4. John Neale of Borreslyagh par. of Thurles, Eli, and Mary Stapletone of Ballyn Cassy, Eli.

Dec. 7. John Rushell of Keylgurtryan, Queens Co., and Gyles Costigane of Rathleisty, Eliogarty.

Dec. 20. Connor Meagher of Roscrea in Eliogurty (?) and Dorroty Gillfoyle of same.

Jan. 10. James Byrne of Curraghtarsny, M.T., and Mgt. St. John of St Johnstown, M.T.

Jan. 12. Daniell Ryan of Kilconnell, M.T., and Mgt. Carran of Curraghtarsny, M.T.

Jan. 21. FFrancis Wyre of Callryne, M.T., and Mgt Dooly of Magorbane, M.T.

Jan. 23. Mathew Ryan of Knockelly, M.T., and Mary Meagher of same.

1657. July 8th John Cahill of Boffannagh, M.T., and Cath Butler of same.

Aug. 7. James Dwygin in Kilmurry in par. of Sallachode, C.W., and Mgt. English of same.

Aug. 10. Derby Bryen of Milltowne, M.T., and Ellinor Hackett of Ardffynane, Iffa and Offa.

Jan. 23. Willm. Ryan of Loghmoe Eli and Gyles McIvoy of same.

Oct. 6. Pierse Mansuell of Monynehuane, [Mullinahone] Sliev. and Cath. Waylsh of same.

Oct. 7. Willm. Dwyn of Corbally in par. of Magowry, M.T, and Cath. Dullany of Magowry.

Oct. 9. Thomas Ffanning of Priestowne, M.T., and Mgt. FFanning of same.

Oct. 14. Robert Cahyll of Clare, and Cath. ny Scully of same in par. of Killteynane.

Oct. 18. Willm. Mores of Mohobuir, Co. Kilk. and Mgt. Phelane of Knockanekitt, Sliev.

Oct. 18. Philip Comyn of Knockelly, M.T., and Cath. Comyn of same.

Oct. 20. James O' Connor of Kilcooly, Sliev., and Onora Dulloghonty of same.

In Index;- "Alexander Lucas and Jone Brown"; but no corresponding entry in Register.

From files at the Library in Thurles)