Marriage Licenses from the Dioceses of Ossory, Ferns & Leighlin

Index to Church of Ireland marriage license bonds giving name of bride and groom and year of marriage. The Dioceses of Ossory, Ferns and Leighlin were united under the administration of one bishop, but each had its own cathedral and dean. Counties or parts thereof included in the united diocese were Kilkenny, Leix, Offaly, Carlow, Wexford and Wicklow." - FHC Library Catalog

    Manuscripts in the Genealogical Office of Ireland. Ms. nos. 612-6l7.

    BARTON, Saunders of Curra*een, Co. Tipp.
    & Joan LOWER of the parish of Kilmogann_?
    (d. of Richard L.) Spin.
    10 June 1751

    BENNETT, James of Carnlin (?), Co. Tipp. - Farmer
    & Sarah JACKSON of Seirkyran (?) Parish, Spin.
    10 Apr 1790

    BENNETT, Samuel of Cilvangree (?) Co. Tipp. - Farmer
    & PROCTOR of Freshford Parish, Spin.
    23 Aug 1783

    BENNETT, Theophilus of Killi**noger
    & Elizabeth PROCTOR (?) of Tubrid in Agh**e Parish, Spin.
    26 J** [in page fold]

    BIDDULPH, Francis of Borrisoleigh, Co. Tipp. - Esq.
    & Mary STEELE of Eirke, Spin.
    31 Dec 1800

    BRADSHAW, William of Cappanagarans, Co. Tipp.
    & Juliana LODGE, Spin.
    10 Feb 1753

    BRANIGAN, Francis of Maylodstown (?), Co Tipp.
    & Elizabeth JACKSON of Ralltigian (?) Parish, wid.
    28 Oct 1778

    BRESBANE, Edward of Co. Tipp. - Shoemaker
    & Honour KILFOYLE of St. Canice's Parish, Spin.
    15 Sep 1783

    BRYAN, George of Gurteen, Co. Tipp
    & Elizabeth BUTLER of Thomastown, Spin.
    29 Jul 1760

    BUTLER, Toby Edmund Mandeville of Co. Tipp.
    & Elizabeth NEVILLE of Burnchurch, Spin.
    29 Oct 1751

    BUTLER, Toby of Drum, Co. Tipp., - Esq.
    & Bridget BUTLER dau. of Edmund B. of Newtown Co. Kilkenny. - Esq.
    29 Oct 1751

    BUTLER, William of Park, Co. Tipp. - Esq.
    & Eleanor PHILLIPS of Phillipsburgh, in Aghmacart Parish, Spin.
    23 Sep 1797

    BUTLER, William of Williamstown, Co. Tipp
    & Ellen BOYD of Inchiholohan, Spin.
    8 Ju? 17?? [in the page fold]

    CARR, William of Roscrea, Co. Tipp. - Esq.
    & Margaret HUMPHRYS of Offerlane Parish, Spin.
    22 Jul 1791

    CARY, James of Templetoohy, Co. Tipp.
    & Rebecca RINGWOOD, of Eirke Parish, Spin.
    14 Jul 1794

    CARROLL, Daniel of Boulebane (?) Co. Tipp
    & Frances DOWLING of Rathdowny, wid.
    17 Apr 1777 (? Blurry)

    CLUTTERBUCK, Thomas of Clonmel - Esq.
    Ann LOWE of Offerlane, Spin.
    2 Oct 1789

    CONSTABLE, John of Beeferstown, Co. Tipp
    & Lydia Evans of St. Mary's
    9 Jul 1772

    COOKE, John of Kilcooley, Co. Tipp. Farmer
    & Mary Colclough of Freshford, Spin.
    19 Feb 180_

    CORKERAN, Hugh
    Modering, Co. Tipp.
    & Sarah LACY of Borris-in-Ossory, Spin.
    15 May 1759

    DEXTER, Robert - Dexterville, Co. Tipp.- Esq.
    & Anne JACOB - Rathdowney,
    27 Dec 1803

    DOBBYN, Richard
    of Roxborough, Co. Tipp.
    & Sarah CANDLER of Kilkenny
    28 Nov 1759

    DOLMAGE, Jacob of Kilcooley, Co. Tipp. - Farmer
    & Mary SUTLIFFE of Freshford, Spin.
    27 Sept 1780

 Source: FHL#0100169
 "Microfilm of handwritten index at the Genealogical Office, Dublin Castle, Ireland.