Dublin Prerogative Marriage Licenses

(also called Marriage Bonds)    
These are Protestant records        

     s=spinster  | w=widow          

Groom Place Occ. Bride   Place Date
ALLEYN, Samuel Golden lodge (?) Esq. Belinda JOHNSTON w Mount Mellick Diocese of Ossory 24 May 1796
BENNETT, George St. James, Dublin Gent Anne CARDEN s Templemore 9 Sep 1707
BIDDULPH, Francis Kilaghy, Kings Co. Gent Mary JACKSON   Ballymackey, Co. Tipperary 7 Apr 1712
BIGGS, Ledger Castle Biggs, Co. Tipperary Esq. Fidelia MEAGHER (of Wm. M. Esq.) s Bleakfield, Queens Co. Dec 1804 or Jan 1805
BLACK, George Kilpatrick, Co. Tipperary Esq. Margt. MACARTHY s Ballintemple __Co. 28 Apr 1788
BLOOMFIELD, George Redwood, Co. Tipperary Esq. Eliz. BAYLY s St. Annes Dublin 05 Aug (?) 1789
BLUMFIELD, John Kiltrise (?) Co Tipp. Esq. Jenny JOCELYN s Kilnarath, Dublin Co (?) 28 Feb 1749
BOWEN, Cole Bowens Court Co. of Cork Esq. Catherine PRITTIE of Henry PRITTIE s County Tipperary Sep 1789
BURCH, Robt. Dublin Mercht. Catherine RYVE of Wm. RYVES of Crohyane, Co. Limerick. s Ballseadden, Co. Tipperary May 1759
BURGESS, John Clonbrogan, Co. Tipperary   Elizabeth LLOYD s Clonmel __ Co. 28 May 1782
BUTLER, Hon. Jas. (?) Caher   Chrisstian MOORE s St. Peter, Drogheda 17 Dec 1739
CARDEN, John Templemore, Co. Tipperary Gent Rebecca MINCHIN s Rosgray, Dublin Co. 14 Jun 1717
CARDEN, John Templemore, Co. Tipperary Esq. Eliz. CRAVEN s __ Co. Dublin 18 Sep 1747
CARDEN, John Cardenstown Co. Tipperary Esq. Elizabeth BOLTON (youngest dau. Of Theophilis, Esq.)     Oct 1789
CARDEN, John Craven Templemore, Co. Tipperary Esq. Mary POMEROY (dau. Of Arthur  P.  M.P. for Kildare) s St. Anne Dublin 26 Jan 1776
CARDEN, John Craven Templemore, Co. Tipperary Bart. Frances WESTENRA (dau. Of Henry of Dom_anck (?) s   14 Feb 1788
CARDEN, Minchin Fishmonie (Fishmoyle) Co. Tipperary Esq. Lucy Lockwood s __ Cashel? 05 Feb 1749
CARDEN, Wm. Templemore, Co. Tipperary Gent Gertrude WARBURTON s Geashill, Kings Co. 10 Jun 1719
CARR, Thomas (Revd.) Aghavoe, Queens Co. Clk. Ane WALL s County Tipperary 21 Oct 1749
CARTER, George Knockander?, Co. Tipperary Gent Mary WORKMAN   Ballyrenan 11 Feb 1638
CECILL, Thos. Dramman__ Co. Tipperary Gent Eliz. _ULEAT s St. Michael, Dublin 15 Oct 1734
CHARLES, John Dublin slator Esther EVANS s Roscrea, Co. Tipperary 27 Aug 1796
CLEARE, Thomas Drangan, Co. Tipperary Esq. Patience STON s Co. Kildare 11 Jul 1696
CLOTTERBOOK, Richard Rathcoole, Co. Tipperary Esq. Mary BURY s St. Micham, Dublin 10 May 1718
COOKE, Edwd. C__ick? Co. Tipperary Esq. Eliz. COX   St. Andrew, Dublin 02 Dec 1708
COOKE, Edwd. Killynan, Co. Tipperary Esq. Abigail GREENE s Kilmacow, Co. Tipperary 13 Jul 1757
COOKE, Robt. Kiltyman, Co. Tipperary Esq. Hannah CUFFE s Dio. Of Ossary 15 Dec 1791
COOTE of COOLE, Chidley Dublin Esq. Ellinor WALDEN s Ardmoyle, Co. Tipperary 16 Feb 1685
COX, John Dublin Mercht. Martha BUTLER s Roscrea, Co. Tipperary 23 Nov 1761
CUFF, Joseph Cuffsborough, Queens Co. Esq. Esther BRISMEAD S Borrisakean, Co. Tipperary 10 May 1754
CUFFE, Joseph Grove, Co. Tipperary Esq. Martha WHEELER (widow of R? & Dau. Of __ BARKER) w of Duntryleague ? Co. Limerick 22 Feb 1724
CUPPAIDGE, John Nenagh, Co. Tipperary Esq. Mary ___? (Otway?) s same as husband 06 Feb 1730
DAVIS, John St. Andrew, Dublin Gent Grace BAGWELL s Clonmell, Co. Tipperary 27 Dec 1746
DELANEY, Solomon Tipperary Clk. Ann BALDWYN s Dublin 6 Feb 1691
DOYLE, John (Rev.)   Archdeacon Ellinor SAUNDERS s Cashell, Co. Tipperary 6 Jul 1754
DROUGHT, John __ Co. Carlow Gent Mary SMITH s Ballingarry (?) Co. tipperary 28 Oct 1741
FLEETWOOD, William   Gent Elizabeth FALKINER s Ballingarry, Co. Tipperary 12 Jul 1782
FONACE of FORACE, Stephen St. Nichls. Without Mercht. Elizth. EVANS s Kille__ote?, Co. Tipperary 18 Apr 1717
GASON, John   Capt. 40 Regt of foot Amy MINCHIN s Nenagh, Co. Tipperary 28 Aug 1781
GASON, Richard Mountlea ? Co. Tipperary Gent Elizth. MATHEWS ? St. Pauls, Dublin 17 May 1737
GIBRON, Wm. Dublin Chandler Sarah ASHTON s Borrisakean, Co. Tipperary 25 Apr 1778
GODFREY, Wm. Killcoleman, Co. Kerry Esq. Elizth. DOWNING s Ardfinane, Co. Tipperary 1 Dec 1730
GODFREY, Wm. Knockgraphon, Co Tipperary Esq. Deborah LOWTHER s Dublin 9 Feb 1677
GOING, Ambrose Ballyphilip, Co. Tipperary Esq. Louisa ENGLISH s St. Annes Dublin 29 Dec 1794
GOING, John (Rev.) Bird Hill, Co. Tipperary (Clerk) Esq. Anne SHIRLEY dau of late Hon. & Rev. W. SHIRLEY s Clontarf (?), Co. Dublin 18 Feb 1789
GOULDING, Wm. of Roscrea, Co. Tipperary Gent Susanna (?) Franck s aforesaid 30 Dec ? 1797
HAMERTON, Michl. Co. Tipperary Esq. Anne TISDALE s St. Peters, Dublin 30 Jan 1787
HAMILTON, Charles Belfast, Co. Antrim Mercht. Catherine MACKAY s Clonmell, Co. Tipperary 16 Dec 1749
HARWOOD, John Dalton Clonmel, Co. Tipperary Clk. Herriet? ARCHDALL s St. Michan, Dublin 16 Mar 1772
HENDY, Wm. Rahoon, Co. Tipperary Gent Deborah NORTH s Bullyburley, Kings Co. 26 May 1755
HERBERT, Nichls. (Rev.) Carrick (?), Co., Tipperary Bach of Laws ? Hon. Martha CUFF s St. Mary, Dublin 5 Apr 1766
HEYDEN, Thos. St. Mary, Co. Tipperary Gent Anne GODDAN s St. Andrew, Dublin 31 Aug 1719
HILL, Stephen Stephens Green, Co. Tipperary Gent Ellen HEALY s New Chapel said County 23 May 1787
HINTON ?, Thos. Carrick, Co. Tipperary Esq. Anne ORMSBY s St. Mary, Dublin m. 28 Feb 1746
HOLMES, Peter M.P. for Banagher Esq. Elizth. PRITTIE s Killmore, Co. Tipperary 8 Feb 1765
JACKSON,George Ballymacky, Co. Tipperary Esq. Mary MINCHIN s Castletown, Kings Co. 27 Apr 1720
JACOB, Mathew Johnstown, Co. Tipperary Esq. Anne WHITE s St Mary, Dublin 15 Jun 1739
JACOB, Samuel Mobarnan, Co. Tipperary Esq. Jane STAPLES s Castledermot, Queens Co. 10 Jan 1785 ?
JEPHSON, John Carrick, Co. Tipperary Esq. Mary or Margt. DERMOTT s St. Mary, Dublin 1 Aug 1748
JEPHSON, John St. Nichls. Without Esq. Frances OSBORNE s Carrig, Co. Tipperary 12 Jun 1706
KEILY, Richard Cappoquin, Co. Waterford Esq. Elizth. BUTLER s Cashel, Co. Tipperary 5 Dec 1785
LANGLEY, Henry Brittas, Co. Tipperary Esq. Sophia TENNISON s St. Andrew, Dublin 24 Dec 1784
LANGLEY, Simon Lichfinnin ?, Co. Tipperary Esq. Martha BRADDELL s Coran, Co. Wexford. Mar. at Prospect Co. Wicklow m. Mar 1789
LEE, Edward Newtown, Co. Waterford Esq. Frances JEPHSON s Carrick, Co. Tipperary 13 Jul 1791
LODGE, Oliver (Rev.) Springhill, Co. Tipperary Clk. Dorcas CROMIE s St. Marys, Dublin 20 Dec 1784
LONG, Richd. Ardmoyle, Co. Tipperary Esq. Elan_?? MOORE s St. Thomas, Dublin 8 Mar 1790
LONGFIELD, Robert of Dublin, M.P. for _ of Donegal Esq. Elizth. O'CALLAGHAN s Shanbally, Co. Tipperary m. Apr 1778
LUCAS, Samuel St. John, Dublin Esq. Hannah ? MINCHIN s Roscrea, Co. Tipperary 1 Jul 1727
LUTHER, Henry Youghal, Co. Cork Esq. Elinor MOORE s Barn, P[arish] of Clonmel, Co. Tipperary 15 Mar 1703
MANSERGH, John Southcote of Greenane, Co. Tipperary Esq. Mar_? MARTIN s Castletown Roache, Dio. Of Cork ? ? 1794
MARA, Thomas Clonmell, Co. Tipperary Esq. Margt. MOORE, dtr. Of late Stephen MOORE of Chancellors __?, Esq s St Marys, Clonmell 15 Feb 1791
MASON, Joseph Knockrow, Co. Limerick Gent Alice LIDWELL s Killoomogue, Co. Tipperary 5 Mar 1754
McCARTHY, Denis Kilshane, Co. Tipperary Gent Christian FRENCH s Killealy, Co. Galway 27 Aug 1743
MINCHIN, Humphrey Ballynakill, Co. Tipperary Esq. Clarinda ?, CUPPAIDGE (dau of Geo. Cuppaidge, Esq. s St. Bridget Dublin 3 Aug 1750
MOORE, Arthur Lisbryan, Co. Tipperary Conl. At Law Frances STONEY s Ballingarry, Co. Tipperary (these places may be reversed) 11 Jul 1791
MOORE, Emanuel Rosse, Co. Cork Bart. Catherine ALCOCK s Clonmel, Co. Tipperary 17 Feb 1707
MOORE, Stephen s&h of Thomas MOORE of Marlfield, Co. Tipperary   Alice MANDE/MAUDE s St. Anne, Dublin 1750
MOORE, Stephen Chesterfield, Co. Tipperary Esq. _alesbur_? MOORE s Barn, sd. Co. 25 Jul 1781
MOORE, Thos. Barn, Co. Tipperary Esq. Charlotte, SPENCER s St Mary, Dublin 12 Mar 1777
MULLET, Richard Kyle, Co. Tipperary Esq. Esther ELLIOTT s Clonmel, said Co. 23 Oct 1781
NEVILLE, Thos. Dublin Esq. Rebecca POWER s Feathard Dio. Of Cashel 6 Jun 1792 or 1793
NORTH, Thurgood Du__ult, Kings Co. farmer Charity FREEMAN s Ballymakee, Co. Tipperary 12 Aug 1746
NORTH, Wm. P_mult, Kings Co. Gent Rachel ANTISELE s Grange, Co. Tipperary 9 Feb 1737
O'CALLAGHAN, Cornelius Shanbally, Co. Tipperary Esq. Frances PONSONBY (dau. Of Hon. John PONSONBY) s St. Mary, Dublin m. 14 Dec 1774
OTWAY, Loftus ---   Anne LOYD s Kilrowan, Co. Tipperary 11 Jul 1752
PARSONS, Samuel Kilgrant, Co. Tipperary farmer Elizth. JACKSON s St. Bridget Dublin 13 Jan 1712
PARSONS, Wm. Cloncen ? Co. Tipperary (s/o Sir Lau. Parsons, Bart.) Esq. Mary CLEAR s   28 Jun 1754
PATTEN, John (Rev.) Clonmel, Co. Tipperary Clk. Margarett COLOILL ? s St. Mary, Dublin 3 Jan 1770
PENNEFATHER, Richd. Clonalty ?, Co. Tipperary Esq. Charity GRAHAM s St. Mary, Drogheda 11 Jan 1722
PENNEFATHER, Thomas Marlow, Co. Tipperary Esq. Mary MOORE s St. Annes Dublin 22 Nov 1783
POE, James Nenagh, Co. Tipperary Esq. Blanch, WALLER s St. John, Limerick m. 4 Aug 1772
PONSONBY, Chambre Brabazon Ashgrove, Co. Kilkenny ? Esq. Mary BARKER s Kilcooly, Co. Tipperary 8 Dec 1758
POWER, Ambrose Clonmel, Co. Tipperary Esq. Rebecca USHER s same 20 Feb 1750
POWER, Richd. Dublin ? Conl. at Law (Esq.) Frances PIGOTT s Clonmel m. Aug 1757
PRITTIE, Henry Kilboy, Co. Tipperary Esq. Catherine BURY? w St. Annes Dublin 24 Dec 1765
PURCELL, Redmond Fethard, Co. Tipperary Gent Elizth. KEARNEY w same 11 Aug 1720
READ, Thos. Monks mile?, Co. Tipperary   Elizth. STOWELE s   15 Nov 1699
REYNOLDS, Hugh Dublin Gent Joanna WATKINS s Lortea ?, Co. Tipperary 31 May 1754
RIALL, Phineas Clonmel, Co. Tipperary   Catherine CALDWELL (dau. Of Chas. Caldwell, Esq.) s St. Mary, Dublin 24 Nov 1768
ROBINSON, Andrew Knockshigonna, Co. Tipperary Esq. Sarah DEVENISH s Ballymore, Dio of Meath 20 Mar 1789
ROLLERTON, Francis Castletown ?, Co. Tipperary Esq. Frances EVERINGHAM s St. Mary, Dublin 5 Jul 1740
RYAN, Edmond Cashel, Co. Tipperary Esq. Bridget JESSOP s St. Thomas, Dublin 11 Dec 1779
SADLEIR, Thos. P of Oskeane (?) Co. Tipperary Esq. Catherine TILSON s St. Pauls, Dublin 29 Aug 1701
SADLIER, Richd. Holy Cross, Co. Tipperary Esq. Abigail MEAGHER s Cordengan, sd. Co. 28 Jan 1788
SANKEY, Jacob Coolmore, Co. Tipperary Esq. Mary Elizth. CALDWELL s St. Mary, Dublin 12 Jan 1769
SMITH, Wm. Lisduff, Co. Tipperary Esq. Rebecca HAWKSHAW s Templederry, Dio. Of Killaloe 27 Feb 1794
SMYTH, John (Rev.) Moyall, Co. Tipperary Clk. Elizth. ARMSTRONG s same 10 Sep 1735
SPENCER, Robert Clonmel, Co. Tipperary Gent Deborah FOR_CUE s St. Nichs. Without, Dub. 9 May 1717
TE_O ?, John Malhussy P. Kilcloon, Meath Gent Mary KENT s Roscrea, Co. Tipperary 8 Sep 1707
TOLER, Daniel Grange, Co. Tipperary Esq. Rebecca MINCHIN s Rathvilly, Co. Carlow 24 Nov 1760
TOLER, Thomas Ballintotty, Co. Tipperary Gent Dorothea WORSOP s Dublin 25 Feb 1683
VAUGHAN, Benj. Temple Iny?, Co. Tipperary Gent Anne WOOLFE s St. Nichs. Without, Dub. 15 Nov 1700
VAUGHAN, Hector Roscrea, Co. Tipperary Esq. Elizth. WEBSTER s Dublin 30 Jul 1685
WALLER, Robt. Newport, Co. Tipp. Baronet Mary BERNARD s Kinnit Dio. Of Killaloe 29 Apr ? 1796
WALSH, John Adams Derrylane, Co. Tipperary Gent Ellinor FRANK w ___ Hill, Kings Co. 14 Dec 1756
WELLINGTON, John Barnane, Co. Tipperary Esq. Elizabeth EYRE s Kilgobbin (?), Co. Dublin 26 Sep 1742
WHITE, John Cappagh P Toona, Co. Tipperary   Catherine MANN s St. Nichs. Without, Dub. 8 Sep 1703
WHITE, Robert Ph. Of ___lesse, Co. Tipperary Gent Rebecca EDKINS s St. Nichs. Without, Dub. 28 Jul 1698
WILKINSON, Joseph Dublin farmer Anne MILL s Borrisakean, Co. Tipperary 14 May 1752
WOODWARD, Charles Kells, Co. Meath Esq. Margaret ELLWOOD w Clonmell, Co. Tipperary 10 Aug 1719

Source: FHL Film #0100167