Directory of Clonmel 1787

Contributed by Sheryl Zenzerovich

attributed to J.E.Grubb Esq. Carrick-on-Suir

From the book "History of Clonmel" by Rev. William P. Burke 1907

Airy Phineas gent. East gate near Clonmel
Bankers, William and Phineas Riall, their hours of attendance from 10 to 2
o'clock.  Their holidays, Christmas Easter and Whitsun holidays only.
Bagwell John Esq., proprietor of the Mills at Marlfield and Corn Merchant
Baldwin James Esq. proprietor of the rape mills near Clonmel
Behilly Thomas, grocer, Main St.
Bell Henry dealer in Spirits, Hawk St.
Boardman Hannah, clothing and worsted manufacturer, Irishtown
Bradford Joseph, cutler, Main St.
Brennock Bartholomew, chandler and soap boiler, Main St.
Brown Catherine, Mercer, Main St.
Bryan Denis, glover hosier, Main St.
Butler John, hardware merchant Main St.
Cantwell Thomas, victualler and tanner, Irishtown
Carey Rev. Richard, free school, Church Lane
Carey William, leather cutter, Main St.
Castell John, Tanner, Main St.
Chaytor Thomas, boarding school, Barrack St.
Close Richard, Linen & Woolen draper & proprietor of bleachgreen, Main St.
Cole George, Attorney-at-law Church Lane
Collett Francis, saddler, Hawke St.
Collett John, grocer and tanner, Main St.
Collett Benjamin, druggist & apothecary, Main St.
Collett Stephen, Sadlier cap & whip maker, Main St.
Collett Robert, Sadlier, Main St.
Collins Edward, printer & wine merchant, Barrack St.
Commin Philip, Merchant dealer in hardware & ironmonger, Main St.
Commin Richard, Woolen draper, Main St.
Constable Robert, Surgeon & apothecary, Barrack St.
Corbett Mary, grocer, Main St.
Craven J., Baker
Crotty John Woolen draper, Irishtown
Daniel James, Clothier, Abbey St.
Daniel John, shoemaker & leather cutter, Main St.
Davis Samuel, Clothier. Main St.
Davis Richard, Clothier, Powerstown near Clonmel
Davis Simon, shoemaker, Hawke St.
Denmead Adam & Henry ironmoners with Smith & Auctioneer, Hawke St.
Dillon Walter, Leather cutter, Main St.
Dudley & Mason, hardware merchants, Main St.
Dudley Johnathan, M.D., Barrack St.
Dudley Robert, miller and corn merchant, Suir Mills
Dumville Henry Soap boiler & Chandlier, Main St.
Dumville, John, Grocer & Spirit Merchant, Watergate St.
Dumville James, Soap boiler and Chandlier, Main St.
Dunn Philip, Coach maker, Hawk St.
Dunn Thomas, turner
Dwyer Edmund, Distiller, Suir Island
Dwyer Edmund, confectioner, Main St.
Dwyer William, dealer in Spirits, Hawk St.
English Edmond, Atty-at-law and Notary Public, Watergate St.
Fell Richard, painter and glazier, Main St.
Fennessy Thomas, Nursery and Seedsman, Irishtown
Fitzpatrick Richard Brewer, Irishtown
Fitzgerald Richard, Grocer Main St.
Flood Michael, Apothecary
Godwin Eliza, Boarding School, Meeting House Lane
Going Stephen, Chandlier, Irishtown
Gordon Thomas, Merchant Brewer Tanner, Suir Island
Gorman William, grocer, Main St.
Green George, M.D.
Gregory Robert, White smith, Irishtown
Grubb Joseph, Merchant and Clothier, Barrack St.
Grubb Samuel, Butter & Corn Merchant Main St.
Grubb John & Joseph, grocers, Main St.
Grubb Thomas & Samuel, Millers & Corn Merchants, Suir Island
Grubb & Beeby, clothiers & merchants, Main St.
Grubb Sarah, Miller & Corn dealer, Anner Mills
Grubb George, Clothier, Hawke St.
Hackett Valentine, Baker Bridge St.
Harris Richard, M.D. Obstitch (?) Professor, Barack St.
Harvey John, Sadler, Hawke St.
Harvey Theophilus, Boot & Shoe Maker Hawk St.
Hayman Rebecca, grocer, Main St.
Hayman Samuel, Atty-at-law & Notary Public, Church Lane
Hayden Thomas, tanner, Irishtown
Hickman Wray, Clothier, Abbey St.
Hill John, Silver smith, Barrack St.
Hines Francis, Pewterer & Brass founder, Main St.
Holliday Mary, Milliner, Main St.
Hope Thomas, Slater, Hawk St.
Howell Edward & John Millers & Corn merchants, Suir Island
Hynes Peter, Boot and Shoe maker, Main St.
Jones Richard Clothier & tanner, Suir Island
Kearney Michael, Ironmonger, Main St.
Kearney Elinor, Grocer, Main St.
Kearney Andrew, baker, Main St.
Kearney Catherine, Grocer, Main St.
Kelly Wm, Linen & Woolen draper, Main St.
Kendrick Joseph, Grocer, Main St.
Kelly John, Spirit Merchant and Port room Main St.
Kennedy Ralph, Sadler & Cap maker, Main St.
Keily Patrick, tanner, Irish town
Keily John, Linen draper, Main St.
Keily Jeremiah, Soap boiler and Chandlier Main St.
Kingdom Wm., Clothier Hawke St.
Leary Ann, Boot & Shoe maker Main St.
Lee Arthur, Surveyor & excise Main St.
Legg John, Boot & Shoe maker Hawke St.
Lester George and Richard, Painters & Glaziers Hawke St.
Lewis Michael, Sadlier & Bridle cutter Main St.
Lloyd Mary, Mercer Main St.
Lonergan Stephen, Grocer Main St.
Lowe Philip, Vinter Bear Inn Main St.
Lord Thomas, Printer Market St.
Lucas Thomas, Surgeon & Apothecary Barrack St.
McCheane Jeremiah, Weigh master & butter merchant quay
McCheane Mary, Grocer Irishtown
McKenna Edmond, Wine Merchant Main St.
Malone James, Woolen draper & tobacco-nist Main St.
Morgan Philip, Gun Maker Main St.
Morton Thomas, distiller Barrack St.
Morton James, Miller & Corn Merchant Bridge
Murphy John, Soap Boiler & tobacconists Main St.
Murphy Bridget, Linen draper haberdasher Main St.
Murphy Thomas, distiller Barrack St.
Murphy Francis, Boot & Shoe maker Main St.
Neagle Patrick, Surgeon Main St.
O'Neill Cornelius, Grocer & linen draper Main St.
Pearson William, Attorney at law Barrack St.
Pedder Benjamin, Clothier & Dyer Main St.
Phelan James, Linen & Woolen draper Main St.
Quin John, hardware Barrack St.
Rigg Samuel, tanner Irishtown
Rivers Richard, Merchant Brewer and tanner Main St.
Rodolphus Rumbold, Auctioneer Church Lane
Ryan Widon & Son, Vinters Globe Inn and livery stables
Ryan Cavan, linen draper Main St.
Ryan Eliza, linen draper Main St.
Sargent Richard, clothier Irishtown
Shaw Thomas, woolen draper timber merchant and postmaster
Shaw Moses, grocer Bridge Lane
Sparrow Simmons, corn merchant Suir Island
Stockdale and Malcolmson, linen drapers and grocers, Main St.
Taylor John, hosier and linen draper Main St.
Taylor Thomas, corn merchant Irishtown
Taylor Samuel, Baker and grocer Main St.
Taylor William, woolen draper and Taylor Irishtown
Thompson William, goldsmith and watchmaker Barrack St.
Thompson John, leather cutter Irishtown
Vaughan John, Staffordshire warehouse Watergate St.
Villers Robert, grocer Main St.
Wallace John, clerk & receiver of customs and excise officer
Wall John, glass & china man Main St.
Walsh Michael grocer Main St.
Walsh Elinor, haberdasher Main St.
Walsh David, white smith Hawk St.
Weston John salt and lime works Raheen near Clonmel
Weston Thomas, attorney at law Watergate St.
White Henry, haberdasher Main St.
White James, haberdasher and merchant Main St.
White Agnes, Tobacconist Irishtown
Whitton Elizabeth, tallow chandler Irishtown
Wilkinson Robert, sadler Main St.
Wood Joseph, merchant Main st.
Wood Josiah, corn merchant Main St.