Newspaper articles

By Mary Heaphy

(1)  A horizontal slab in an old church having an 8 pointed cross with
emblem of passion on either side of the shaft and a skull and cross bones on
the foot. The inscription runs along the base at one side. This is the tomb
of Roger Fogarty - first of Killaghagan and later of Fishmoyne who died

(2) Altar tomb in graveyard.  To memory of Rev. James Purcell, born at
Drominagleigh (Ballycahill) in 1785, and died PP of Clerihan on 9th Dec.
1839. (Also) Rev. Thomas Purcell, his nephew, born in 1814 at Mealiff and
died at Garrynamona (Ballycahill) on 6th Nov. 1840.

(3) Horizontal slab in old church.  "Here lies the body of Rev. James
Fogarty PP of Hospital who departed this life March 14th 1792, aged 47."
Lower down is - "Here lie the bodies of Philip Fogarty, late of
Longfordpass, and Mary Fogarty alias Quinlan his wife, and Charles Fogarty
their son.  Erected 17 Aug. 1786".  Lower in smaller lettering in:- "Erected
by Charles Fogarty of Longfordpass in memory of his father Philip who died

(4) Horizontal slab in old church: - "Here lies the body of Roger Fogarty
who died 8th June 1801 aged 52".

(5) Horizontal sandstone slab with very large crude and uneven lettering.
"Here lieth the body of Miles Bourke and William Bourke and Miles Bourke who
died 1742/3".  (Bourkes of Barracurra).

(6) "Here lies Thomas Purcell of Dovea and his wife Laetitia daughter of
Edw. Shanahan of Rathmoy and their grandsons, Thomas and James by Catherine
and James Miller of Annefield, who erected to their memory this monument in
1810. God rest them. Amen"

(a) Elizabeth Fogarty of Dovea died 1800, aged 61.

(b) Mgt. Fogarty of Liscrea to her brother Michael, who d. 1848; to her
brother Dan d. 1849; to her sister Mary d. 1834.

(7) "Here lies the body of Philip Fogarty of Bouladuff who dept his life 20
Dec 1790, aged 43. Also his father John Fogarty and Ellen Fogarty alias
Shanahan, who died at an advanced age.

(8) Daniel Fogarty died 6th April 1775, aged 84 (all these in old church).
In graveyard is a modern enclosure with Cross announcing it is tomb of
Fogarty family [erected by Fr. McGurk].

(9)    Stone to John Fogarty, Annefield, died 1883.  Also Tim Fogarty of
Fishmoyne died 1827, aged 28: and his brother Pat Fogarty of Inch died 1841
aged 32 or 52: and his brother Tom Fogarty of Fishmoyne died 1841 or 1849
aged 56.