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Kilaldriffe Headstone Inscriptions (partial)
Contributed by Joan Keough

Kilaldriffe cemetry (sometimes known as Killaldry). The name comes from the Irish Cill (Church) Ard Ri (of the High King). Legend states that one of the High Kings of Ireland namely Fiachra Muilleathain is buried here. The cemetry is one of the few in the present day parish of Bansha/Kilmoyler. It is situated in the townland of Toureen.

1. In loving memory of John Fitzgerald, Killuragh Cappamore died 27th November 1966 aged 72 years. His nephew Thomas died 7th November 1957. Erected by his daughter Mary and Son in law John.

2. In loving memory of Matthew O'Brien, Kilmoyler cross, died 25th June 1948. His wife Margaret died 27th May 1976, their grandchild Mary Margaret O'Brien died 12th July 1972.

3. Erected by John O'Brien of Kilmoyler in loving memory of his wife Margaret O'Brien nee Lee who died October 23rd 1908 aged 63 years.

4. In loving memory of John Phelan, Tankerstown 1930 - 1993

5. In loving memory of Bill Fenton Ballydrehid, who died 4th March 1999 aged 77 years.

6. Erected by Edward Dwyer of Ballygurteen in memory of his father Edward Dwyer died May 16th 1846 aged 65 years. Also his mother Mary Dwyer died December 1863 aged 76 years.

7. In loving memory of Laurence O'Dwyer, Toureen who died 4th February 1928. His wife Bridget O'Dwyer died 12th September 1912, their daughter Ellen O'Dwyer died 18th March 1939, their son Patrick died 7th April 1953, their son Daniel O'Dwyer died 6th August 1957, their son Thomas O'Dwyer died 2nd November 1963. Also Patrick (Paddy) Nugent, Toureen died 20th April 1963.

8. In memory of James Nugent, Ballydrehid died 16th October 1948; also his parents, brothers and sisters. Erected by his wife Margaret Nugent.

9. Erected by Laurence O'Conners in memory of his son Richard O'Conners who departed this life February 9th 1816 aged 18 years.

10. Erected by Michael Conrick of Toureen in memory of his wife Catherine Conrick alias Henessy who departed this life November 14th 1814 aged 50 years.

11. To the memory of James Dalton of Tankerstown who departed this life 6th May 1844 aged 46 years. Also his infant child Catherine departed December 1834. Erected by his beloved wife Winifred Dalton alias Noonan.

12. Erected by Jeremiah and Michael Hennessy to the memory of their father John Hennessy of Cappagh who died January 10th 1849 aged 64 years.

13. In loving memory of Edmond Marnane, Kilmoyler died 7th May 1926. His wife Johanna died 9th April 1971.

14. Erected by John Marnane of Cappagh in memory of his father Edmond Marnane who died April 11th 1873 aged 82 years. Also his mother Mary Marnane alias Merrick who died November 5th 1866 aged 52 years. In loving memory of Elizabeth Marnane died 31st October 1980.

15. In loving memory of Jeremiah Brett, Cappauniac died 25th April 1967 aged 72 years.

16. Stone - no inscription.

17. Erected by James ---------------- in memory of his father ----------------------------- who departed this life September 15th 1822 aged 62 years. Also ----------- of his ------------- [illegible]

18. ------------------------------------- January 1779 aged 26 years.

19. Here lies the remains of Thomas O'Brien of Cahir Abbey who departed 4th June 1818 aged 65 years. Also his wife Honora Scanlon who died 26th March 1818 aged 47 years.

20. Here lie the body of Thomas Scanlon of Ballydrehid -------------- [illegible]

21. Illegible

22. Erected by Margaret McGrath in memory of her beloved husband James McGrath of Ballydrehid who died November 21st 1898 aged 60 years.

23. Here lies the body of David Burke of Drangan who departed this life April 20th 1826 aged 44 years. Also the remains of his father Thomas Burke of Ballydrihid who departed this life March 18th 1856 aged -6 years. Also his mother --------- Burke alias Lonergan departed February 8th 1854 aged - years. Erected by his wife Catherine Burke alias Kavanagh.

24. In loving memory of Mrs. Bridget Peters nee Scanlon Ballydrehid died 29th February 1960. Her husband Edmond died 16th February 1962. Their son Christopher Peters died 12th April 1963, their grandson Bartholomew Collins. Also Patrick Peters, N.Y. USA died 24th February 1966.

25. Here lies the body of William Peters of Kilmoyler who departed this life March 14th 1808 aged 46 years. Erected by his wife ----------- Dobbins who departed this life June 23rd 1833 aged 55 years.

26. In loving memory of my parents William Peters, the Oak Kilmoyler died 8th November 1885 aged 60 years. Mary Barry Peters died 8th February 1919 aged 80 years, and of my brothers: Brother Aidan (John) died 27th November 1907 aged 36 years. William died 12th May 1913 aged 40 years. Thomas died 5th November 1929 aged 66 years. Erected by Mary Peters Ryan.

27. Erected by Catherine Peters alias Meagher of Tankardstown in memory of her son Richard Peters who departed this life June 26th 1865 aged 30 years. Also her daughter Catherine Peters died July 1839 aged 16 years.

28. Here lieth the body of Denish Dugan of Cappagh who died March 6th 1779 aged 70 years. Also his wife Ellen Mires who died August ------------ aged ---------. Also John Dugan died December 9th 1899 aged 60 years.

29. Erected by Michael O'Brien of Ballydrehid cross in memory of his daughter Mary Anne O'Brien who died August 9th 1836 aged 7 years.

30. Sacred to the memory of Patrick O'Brien of Ballydrihid cross who died March 26th 1826 aged 58 years. Also his wife Margaret O'Brien alias Kearney died June 22nd 1828 aged 60 years. Also their sons Thomas, William and Patrick O'Brien. Erected by their son Michael O'Brien.

31. Here lies the body of Edmond Keating of Tubrid who departed this life January 29th 1805 aged 85 years. Also his wife and two sons, James and John and two of his granddaughters Eleanor and Margaret. Erected by his son Thomas Keating.

32. Illegible.

33. Here lies the body of Patrick McCarthy of Lisgibbon who departed life October 15th 1797 aged 18 years.

34. In loving memory of Patrick McCarthy, Ballygurteen.

35. Here lieth the body of Thomas Costalo who died '89 aged 19 years. Also his mother -------------- [illegible].

36. On your charity, pray for the soul of Mary Power nee O'Neill late of Australia, who died April 5th 1863 aged 73 years.

37. Erected by Margaret ------------ in memory of her beloved husband William Ha--------------- of Longfield who departed ---------- [illegible]

38. Erected by Mrs. Kate Keating Main St. Bansha. In loving memory of her mother Mrs. Hannah Moroney nee Mackin, Bansha, died February 22nd 1807 aged 67 years. Her grandmother Ellen Mackin, her aunt Mrs. Hanora O'Donnell Knockgraffon and Mrs. K. Behan Knockgraffon.

39. Here lies the body of ----------------[illegible] also his son Patrick of Knockgraffon died February 6th 1822 aged 78 years.

40. Here lieth the body of Mary Tierney -------- wife to ------------- [illegible].

To the right of the cross:

41. Here lies the body of Cornelius Lonergan of Kilfeacle who died April 23rd 1776 aged 48 years. Also his son Daniel Lonergan died April 21st 1809 aged 37 years. Erected by his wife Mary Lonergan alias Moroney.

42. Here lies the body of John O'Donnell of Abbey Athassel who departed this life April 16th 1826 aged 63 years. Also his son Edmond O'Donnell who died December 7th 1826 aged 26 years.

43. Here lies the body of Edmond Kearney of Toureen who departed this life April 12th 1805 aged 52 years. Also his brother William Kearney died February 7th 1808 aged 57 years. Erected by their brother Thomas Kearney of Cashel.

44. Erected by Robert Smithwick of Cahir in memory of his mother Elenor Smithwick alias Kearney died July 24th 1804 aged 60 years. Also his sister Mary Power alias Smithwick died April 5th 1804 aged 25. Also his son John died November 29th 1813 aged 11.

Within the church ruins:

45. In memory of John O'Loughnan of Boytonrath who died March 19th 1878 aged 87 years. His wife Ellen O'Loughnan alias Flood died November 20th 1856 aged 56 years. Their son Patrick died November 13th 1810 aged 23. Timothy died April 15th 1865 aged 37 years and Richard died August 6th 1880 aged 40 years. Also their son Nicholas O'Loughnan died 9th December 1915 aged 84 years. His wife Julia alias Duggan died 23rd March 1915 aged 60 years and their daughter Catherine died 28th August 1907 aged 19 years.

46. In loving memory of John O'Loughnan, Boytonrath New Inn died 22nd May 1954. Patrick O'Loughnan died 10th May 1952, his wife Mary died 29th December 1971, their son Nicholas O'Loughnan died 5th June 1986, his infant son and daughter - Gerard and Joan.

Continuation of right hand side stones:

47. Erected by Patrick Tobin of Lisgibbon in memory of his beloved mother Mary Tobin who died February 1st 1882 aged 50 years. Also Edmond Crowley, Ballycarron died 20th January 1965.

48. In loving memory of Margaret Duggan died 27 May 1958; her father William Duggan late of Ballydrehid died July 1920. Her brother Patrick died October 1955 and his son William died February 1946.

49. In loving memory of Michael Keogh, Ballycarron died 6th December 1965 also his brothers and sisters.

50. Erected by Thomas Brett, Cappauniac in loving memory of his father Patrick Brett who died 10th March 1885 aged 51 years. Also his mother Anne Brett nee Martin who died 11th December 1924 aged 88 years, and his brother Malachy Brett who died 18th February 1890 aged 24 years, also his sisters Mary Brett who died 24th March 1888 aged 19 years. Johanna Brett who died 10th December 1894 aged 21 years. The above Thomas Brett died 17th February 1940, his wife Bridget died 24th January 1960, their daughter Joan died 25th February 1931.

51. Here lies the body of John Brett who departed [illegible]

52. Pray for the deceased parents and other relatives of John Brett Cappauniac and Richard Brett Toureen, also the above John Brett, died 12th January 1984 aged 77 years. Richard Brett died 18th February 1985 aged 69 years. Mary Brett wife of Richard died 5th November 1987.

53. In loving memory of a beloved husband and father, Richard Bourke Knocklofty Clonmel: 31st May 1937 - 14th December 1987.

54. Erected by Mary Quirke of Cappagh in memory of her mother Johanna Bourke nee Flynn who died September 6th 1886 aged 55 years. Her sister Kate Bourke who died September 13th 1889 aged 26 years. Also her father Edmund Bourke who died March 26th 1903 aged 69 years. Richard Bourke Toureen, Cahir died 18th December 1950 aged 63 years and his wife Annie died 19th November 1991 aged 80 years. Also his brother William died March 1963.

55. Here lies the body of Edmond Bourke who died --------------- aged 84 years, also his wife Ellen Bourke -------------[illegible]

56. Here lieth the body of Bryan O'Donnell of Ballydrehid who departed this life May ------------- aged 63 years. Also his wife Honor Donnell alias Cleary who departed life January 15th 1785 aged 59 years.

57. In loving memory of Patrick O'Donnell Ballydrehid died 14th August 1958. His wife Bridget died 29th December 1979 also his nephew Frank O'Donnell died 22nd October 1988.

58. Erected by Margaret Donnell alias Supple to the memory of her husband James Donnell of Kilaldriffe who departed this life June 16th 1810 aged 55 years.

59. Erected by Michael Duggan, Ballydrehid in memory of his father Michael Duggan died May 15th 1876 aged 70 years.

60. Small stone - illegible

61. Small stone - illegible

62. Small stone - illegible

63. Small stone - illegible

64. Here lieth interred the body of Patrick Berrane of Ballydrihid who departed life April 30th 1783 aged 34 years. Also the remains of Margaret Berrane who departed ---------- 27th 1829.

65. In loving memory of Thomas Byron Ballydrehid died 26th January 1951 aged 70 years. His son Christopher died 31st March 1955 aged 43 years. His wife Catherine died 29th December 1972 aged 90.

66. Erected by Matthew Martin Ballydrihid in memory of his father Thomas Martin died August 6th 1878 aged 72 years.

67. Here lies the remains of Laurence Cleary of Brokencastle who departed life November 20th 1802 aged 47 years. Also his wife Norry McMahon alias Cleary departed life March 5th 1793 aged 33 years. Also his daughter Judith Everard alias Cleary who died January 27th 1830 aged - years. And Margaret Hickey alias Cleary who died March 24th 1806 aged 52 years.

68. Here lie ye remains of Elizabeth Jones alias Mahon who departed life April 1st 1787 aged 28 years. Also her son Jno. Died April 15th aged 4 years.

69. Beneath is interred the body of Mary Carroll ---------------[illegible]

70. Erected by Ellen Hogan in memory of her beloved husband Patrick Hogan of Tipperary who died May 20th 1850 aged 42 years. Also her daughter Bridget Hogan who died August 26th 1866 aged 22 years.