Alumni Dublineses (Assorted names)

Contributed by Timothy Boderick

A Register of the Students, Graduates, Professors, and Provosts of Trinity College, In the University of Dublin.

Annesley, Richard, Oct 17, 1834, aged 17; s. of Arthur, Generosus; b. Tipperary
Baker, George Gustavus, Feb. 3, 1777, aged 18; s. of George, Clericus b. Tipperaary; BA 1783
Baker, Hugh, Apr 17, 1722; s. of William, Armiger; b. Tipperary
Baker, Hugh Lefroy, July 4, 1825; aged 17, s. of Hugh, Generosus, b. Tipperary; BA 1830, MA 1847
Baker, Richard,  Oct. 16, 1826, aged 16, s. of William, Privatus; b. Tipperary
Baker, Walter, Sept. 30, 1640, aged 17, 2d s. of Thomas, Generosus, Ballinecallah, Co. Tipperary
Baker, William, Feb. 3, 1777, aged 16; s. of George, Clericus; b. Tipperary, BA 1781, MA 1786
Baker, William,  Oct. 6, 1783, aged 16; s. of  Wiliam, Generosus, b. Tipperary, BA  1788
Baker, William, Jan. 3, 1820, aged 17; s. of  Hugh, Generosus, b. Tipperary, BA 1824, MA 1827
Bourke, Tobias, Jan. 5, 1801, aged 21;  s. of Michael, Lugimaster,  b. Co. Tipperary
Bourke, William, Jan. 2, 1826; aged 21, s. of Thomas, Agricola; b. Tipperary
Burke, John, July 1, 1816, aged 15; s. of Thomas, Generosus, b. Tipperary
Burke, William, Nov. 4, 1793, aged 20; s. of  John, Agricola, b. Co. Tipperary
Cooke, Ambrose, Oct. 11, 1844; aged 16, s. of John, defunctus; b. Co. Tipperary; BA 1850, MA 1862
Cooke, Edward, June 8, 1693; aged 17, s. of Peter; Generosus; b. Co. Tipperary; BA 1699
Cooke, John, Mar. 16, 1777, aged 18; s. of Joseph, Agricola; b. Co. Tipperary; Irish Bar 1785
Cooke, John, William, July 4, 1836, aged 18; RC s. of William, Medicus; b. Tipperary; BA 1841, Irish Bar 1842
Cooke, Peter,  June 3, 1718, aged 18; s. of Joseph, b. near Tipperary, MA 1727
Hunt, Fitzmaurice, Nov. 9, 1840; aged 19, s. of John, Clericus; b. Tipperary; BA 1846, MA 1857
Matthews, Robert, July 6, 1812;  aged 15; s. of John, Musicus, b. Co. Tipperary; BA 1817, MA 1820
Moore, Edward, Sept 24, 1730, aged 16, s. of Edward, Armiger; b. Tipperary, Co. Tipperary; BA 1735, MA 1738
Moore, James, Jan 16, 1729, aged 17, s. of Emanuel, Generosus, b. Salsbury, Co. Tipperary
O'Meara, John, May 7, 1838, aged 20, RC s. of Edmund, Generosus, b. Co. Tipperary, BA 1842
O'Meara, Thomas, July 9, 1773, aged 17, s. of Eltohhead, b. Co Tipperary, BA  1778

    The source is Burtchaell and Sadleir, Alumni Dublinenses, 1935, 904 pages. It can be obtained on interlibrary loan in the USA from the University of Chicago Library. The date is the date of Admission. Age is the age on the next birthday.

A few Latin Terms:
generosus -a -um [of noble birth , noble, well-bred];
defungor -fungi -functus dep. [to perform , discharge, have done with]; '(vita) defungi', [to die]
pragmaticus -a -um [skilled in business];
armiger -gera -gerum [bearing arms]; as subst. , m. or f., [an armor bearer]
agricola -ae m. [farmer].
mercator -oris m. [a merchant , wholesale trader]
causidicus -i m. [an advocate , barrister]
Also Pen. means pensioner and Vern. is Spring.

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