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LAIRD: Not as old as others.....but old Derry people



This menu points to documents in which names Dacre or Scrope appear. These were the King's Wardens of the marches into Scotland. Border families like the Graham's had plenty of experience avoiding these guys. Clan Graham was one of the reiver families on the Anglo-Scot border. Many of these reiver families were relocated to counties in Ulster and/or Connaught.

These documents are kindly provided for publication by Robert Graham who lives at and as such these documents are the copyrighted property of Robert Graham. We hope readers will find these documents helpful.


One can read more about the infamous Lords Dacre and Scrope at , and in the book entitled "Steel Bonnets" and other publications of the day.

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Below please find old maps of the Anglo-Scot border which labels areas where several Reiver families lived for hundreds of years before the union of the crowns.